Come to "Aunt Aunt", it will be clean and 7 days to clean in 3 days. Which is healthier?

Different women’s menstrual cycles are different, and the number of menstruation each time is different.So someone was confused and came to the "Auntie". It was clean and 7 days old. Which is healthier?Let’s talk about this topic today.

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Women’s menstruation usually lasts 3-5 days, but some will be shorter, such as 2-3 days, and some will grow, such as 6-7 days, can be normal.Therefore, menstruation lasts for 2-7 days, and it is considered normal, healthy, and no more healthy.

What needs to be reminded here is that

Although menstruation can be normal for a few days or few days, it may not be normal when it is specific to a woman, 3 days or 7 days, it may not be normal.

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How do you understand this?

For a specific woman, the number of menstruation per month should be relatively regular. For example, each month lasts 3 days, and sometimes it may change from 3 days to 4 days, which is still normal.However, if it was about 3 days of law, but it became 6 or 7 days, it would be important to be paid attention to it, and to find a reliable gynecologist in time to investigate.

Usually tangled menstrual bleeding for 3 days or 7 days. Which one is healthier, it may be that it is normal to tangle bleeding, which does not affect health.

Generally speaking, the amount of menstruation of women’s menstruation is 30-40 ml. Of course, there are individual differences in this amount. After all, different women’s menstruation continues.In addition, in addition to blood in menstruation, there are other tissues, mucus, etc., so the total number seems to be more than the actual blood loss.

How to count more menstrual bleeding?

Menstrual bleeding is large. There is a related professional term: Heavy Menstrual Bleeding (HMB), which refers to bleeding during menstruation too much or bleeding for too long.

Regarding the major bleeding period, although there are many theoretical definitions, from a practical perspective, as long as the menstrual blood loss is too large, it affects daily activities, emotions, social, and quality of life.

Each woman feels different about the amount of bleeding, such as the same amount of bleeding, some feel normal, but some will feel that the menstrual period is severe.Therefore, for yourself, as long as you feel that menstrual bleeding becomes unusual, or the duration of bleeding has been significantly longer, or both are available, you can find reliable doctors to seek professional help.

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If the amount of blood loss during menstruation, such as more than 80 ml of blood loss, it will cause the iron level in the body to decrease and increase the risk of iron deficiency anemia.Anemia can make it easy to get fatigue, feel weak, shortness of breath and even chest pain.

Therefore, if the following phenomenon occurs, it is prompted that there may be heavy bleeding during menstrual periods, which should be paid attention and seek professional help in time: menstrual bleeding lasts more than 7-8 days.The blood clots with a diameter of more than 2.5 cm appear in the menstrual blood.The menstrual volume is large and requires a sanitary napkin every hour.Most of the evening get up to change to sanitary napkins.The amount of menstrual blood is large, leaking on clothes or bed.Because menstrual bleeding is too much, it affects daily life. For example, it is impossible to continue daily exercise and cannot go to work normally.

Menstruation can reveal a lot of health information, so almost every woman pays attention to their own menstrual conditions.However, sometimes the direction of attention may bring unnecessary anxiety or worry.

Therefore, we need to understand and pay attention to our menstruation, understand our own menstrual laws, and discover changes in time. For example, the following problems can help us scientific records and understand our menstrual conditions:

The date of menstruation starts and end, you can understand your conventional menstrual bleeding duration.

What is the amount of menstrual bleeding each time? Is it more or less or less or basically similar between different months?How long is the frequency of changing sanitary napkins during menstruation.Is there a large blood clot in menstruation?

In this menstrual cycle, except for menstrual bleeding, whether there are bleeding in other days.

Is there any dysmenorrhea, whether the dysmenorrhea is aggravated or relieved.

When the rule of menstruation changes, pay attention to whether there are changes in all aspects such as emotions and mental states.

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In addition to the menstrual bleeding just mentioned, you can find a doctor in time. The following situations must also be paid attention to. If you have no pregnancy, menopause has been discontinued for more than 90 days.The regular menstrual cycle became irregular.The menstrual cycle is shorter than 21 days or longer than 35 days.There are bleeding from the days outside the menstrual period.Dysmenorrhea is severe.After using the cotton strip, he suddenly fever and feel uncomfortable.

Regarding the abnormalities of menstrual bleeding, menstrual rules, and menstruation, I will share here today. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. Please also share it with more people to read and understand and benefit more women.

I am Shanshan, follow me, care for myself scientifically, and be a better mother.

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