Confinement center expert: What baby to eat during pregnancy is big, dark and bright

Every pregnant woman hopes that the baby born in the future will be a beautiful BB.Especially a pair of watery big eyes babies are more lovely.But I don’t know what to eat to make the baby grow more beautiful.What baby’s eyes are big and dark and bright?

The size of the baby’s eyes is generally inherited, and what pregnant women eat are digested and absorbed by the intestine. Don’t think about anything.

Although the size of the baby’s eyes cannot be changed by diet, you can eat more foods rich in vitamin A, such as animal liver, egg yolk, milk, cod liver oil, carrot, apple, tomato, green vegetables and dried fruits.Make your baby’s eyes healthy.

What foods to eat can make the child’s eyes dark and bright

(1) Oil fish

Pregnant women should eat more oily fish, such as sardines and catfish.This is because oily fish is rich in a element DHA that constitutes nerve membranes, which can help fetal vision development.

(2) Foods containing carotene and green leafy vegetables

Pregnant women should eat more foods containing carotene and green leafy vegetables during pregnancy to prevent vitamin A, B, and E deficiency.Especially in the early pregnancy, the pregnancy response is severe, the duration is relatively long, and the severe affects eating. Therefore, we must pay attention to the supplement of vitamins and trace elements to ensure the healthy development of the fetus.

(3) Pay attention to calcium supplement, the fetus is not easy to be close to

Calcium is not only very important for the health of pregnant women, but also an important element for protecting the healthy development of the fetus.Medical found that the baby born in a pregnant woman with calcium deficiency was 3 times that of the baby who was born with a shortage of calcium without calcium.Therefore, enough calcium during pregnancy is very necessary for black foods such as kelp, seaweed, hair vegetables, black fungus, black sesame seeds, etc., which are rich in calcium, and the content of calcium per 100 grams is greater than 300 mg.In addition, milk and soybean products are also ideal choices for calcium supplements. 500 ml of milk contain about 500 mg of calcium.

(4) Wolfberry

Lycium barbarum is a good food for clearing the liver and eyes. It has the effect of clearing the liver and eyesight, which is beneficial to the eyes. Wolfberry is rich in carotene, as well as vitamin A, B1, B2, C, calcium, iron, etc. It is a nutritional product of the eyes.

What foods to eat for pregnancy can make the baby beautiful

1. Eye -raising food:

If a baby has a pair of bright eyes, it will look particularly smart and very cute. I believe that many parents want their babies to have big eyes, so it is recommended that pregnant mothers can eat more foods rich in vitamin A. General vitamin A generally A general vitamin A.Rich foods include animal liver, milk and cod liver oil, carrots, etc. The fruit is mainly apple’s vitamin A with high content.Among them, the vitamin A content of chicken liver is the most, and carrots can promote the increase of hemoglobin and increase the blood concentration.Eating these foods for pregnant mothers will help the baby’s eyes and vision in the future.

2, hair care food:

Let the baby have a black hair.Many times the hair quality is inherited, especially curly hair and straight hair have a certain genetic impact.But if you want to make up for the lack, pregnant mothers need to eat more foods containing vitamin B.For example, milk, soybean products, laver, black sesame and other foods, these foods can help the baby have a black and beautiful hair from an early age, not only thick, dark but also shiny.In addition, pregnant mothers can also prevent hair loss during pregnancy and improve the hair quality of pregnant mothers.

3. Skin food:

Let your baby have tender skin.The so -called white cover is ugly. If the baby looks white and tender, it will look cute anyway.If the skin’s skin is not very white, then pregnant mothers can eat some vitamin C food during pregnancy, because vitamin C can effectively inhibit the formation of melanin and avoid the precipitation of melanin. In this way, the baby’s skin will be white in the future.Bai tender.Generally, there are many rich foods with vitamin C. The more common are tomatoes, oranges, apples, grapes and green vegetables, etc. At this time, apples can play its role, that is, using its vitamin and apple acid, which can increase the baby’s hemoglobinIn the future, the baby’s skin is red, red and tender.And it also has a good blood supplement function for pregnant mothers who are anemia during pregnancy.

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