Congratulations!The well -known actress in Hong Kong is pregnant for half a year of pregnant swimwear photos, and the skin is full of white body

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The wife of the second generation of the star Chen Yuchen, the well -known Hong Kong actress Lin Youwei, has been pregnant for half a year, and is about to officially upgrade to a novice mother at the end of the year.

It is understood that when Chen Yuchen and Lin Youwei have been married for 5 years, the couple have been actively creating people after marriage.Until June this year, the two talents publicly publicly announced the success of the people.

Since the news of public pregnancy, Lin Youwei has also attracted much attention from the outside world.From time to time, there are media to report her pregnancy.

Looking at her social media, it can also be found that although it has been pregnant for half a year, Lin Youwei is still quite active.I did not live a deep life in my home, but I frequently went out, and life can be said to be colorful.

Recently, Lin Youwei shared a set of photos of swimming swimming, which caused a lot of heated discussion.It can be seen from the photo that Lin Youwei wore a set of yellow three -point swimsuit, and the pregnant belly was very obvious.

However, it may be because she insists on exercise. Her limbs are still very slender, her face is not fat, and she belongs to the typical type of adults who are not fat.

I saw that she was taking photos in various postures in the pool, and her expression was very relaxed.Lin Youwei was full of figure, and the whole person’s skin was white and bright.I have to sigh: Women in pregnancy are really the most beautiful!

Even Lin Youwei’s husband Chen Yuchen couldn’t help leaving a message under the social media, and praised his wife’s hotness.Therefore, many netizens said: Lin Youwei can be regarded as "the most beautiful pregnant woman."

In fact, since the news of the good news of pregnancy in June this year, in addition to Chen Yuchen and Lin Youwei, they are particularly happy, and there is also a more exciting person, that is, the grandfather, Chen Yuchen’s father, senior Hong Kong artist, and well -known old TVB old old man.Play Bone Shi Xiu.

As we all know, Shi Xiu, as the "evergreen tree" and frozen age male gods in the entertainment industry, is over 70 years old this year, but it looks like it is more than 50 years old!

After learning that her daughter -in -law was pregnant, Shi Xiu was also very happy.I have shared the good news on social media many times, and also took a photo of "intimate" with my daughter -in -law. Of course, "intimate" photos have also caused a lot of controversy.

In the photo, I saw Shi Xiu and her daughter -in -law Lin Youwei’s face with her face, which looked very close.Some netizens even teased: the two looked like couples.

At the pregnancy party in July, when Lin Youwei took the initiative to publicly conceive her daughter, the family took a group photo. Lin Youwei’s head tended to Shi Xiu. There was no inclined to his husband Chen Yuchen. This photo also caused a lot of heated discussions.

Although the outside world rumors have been rumored, Shi Xiu, Lin Youwei and Chen Yuchen have not made any responses for these news.

In fact, in the opinion of the editor, maybe this is just the mode of getting along with their family.It was just that Shi Xiu and his daughter -in -law were too close, but from the side, they also reflected that their family got along very well.

Looking at it now, the Shi Xiu family can be regarded as a performing arts family.His son Chen Yuchen has been in TVB for many years and has filmed a lot of TV series, but he has not won the superior opportunity. He has played some supporting actors.

Daughter -in -law Lin Youwei has been a host in a cable TV in Hong Kong and hosted many programs.Shi Xiu himself hasn’t said it. He is still active on the screen. The performance of "Return" earlier was also impressive.

In the end, I would like to congratulate Lin Youwei and Chen Yuchen again to enter a new stage of life!I hope their babies can be born safely and grow up healthy and happy.

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