Constipation during pregnancy, what about hemorrhoids?Give you a move and easily solve it

During pregnancy, constipation of constipation has plagued the majority of pregnant mothers. During this special period, the diet and exercise of pregnant women have been restricted. How can we solve these embarrassing problems healthily and easily?First of all, let’s talk about the problem of easily solving constipation.Every morning, I get up in the morning to drink honey and water. What should I do if I usually eat more coarse food?

Treatment of constipation secret recipes: Put papaya, bananas, milk together, then squeeze into juice, and drink a drink before going to bed every night.If the pregnant mother’s constipation is serious, you can also eat the remaining fibers together, and insisting on drinking for about 3 days will have a good effect.

Banana is a good product for laxative intestines; papaya, known as the "beauty queen" is rich in protein, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Among them, unique papaya enzymes can help digestion and prevent constipation. In addition, it can also balance pregnant women.The physiological metabolism balance of hormones during pregnancy, reducing the production of dark spots and stains in the face, moisturizing and beauty, and a certain breast enhancement effect.There is no fixed time limit for eating this secret recipe. At any time, you can put a banana, a small piece of papaya, and a bag of 250 ml of milk in the juicer. At a moment, this beauty and detoxification product is completed.Experts remind that you should not drink too much at a time, 1-2 cups per day; for people with poor stomachs and often having stomachs, it is not suitable.

Small recipe for hemorrhoids: mung bean glutinous rice pig intestines

60 grams of mung beans, 30 grams of glutinous rice, 300 grams of pork large intestine.Wash the large intestine of the pig, soak the mung beans and glutinous rice for half an hour, and then irrigate the mung bean and glutinous rice in the large intestine of the pig in the large intestine. Tighten the lines at both ends of the intestine. Put the water in the casserole for about 2 hours.Once the next day, it is 1 course of even 7 to 8.

Efficacy to nourish qi, clear heat and detoxify, and stop diarrhea.Suitable for damp heat, blood in the stool, early hemorrhoids, prolapse and other symptoms.

Sanlou Shi Vegetable

Take 250 grams of loofah, winter melon, and watermelon.Peel the loofah and winter melon; remove the green clothes of the outer layer of watermelon and cut the middle layer of white skin into slices.Put the three in the water and push out.Put the appropriate amount of salt, sesame oil and monosodium glutamate, and eat it as vegetables.

荸 kiwi juice

10 to 15 个 个, 4 kiwi, peel, cut into small pieces, add 1000 ml of water, put in rock sugar, and make juice.Drink 1000 ml a day.

Tip: Patients with hemorrhoids should have light diet and can often eat foods with heat -clearing and detoxifying effects; eat more vegetables and fruits to keep stools smooth.

Prevent daily life of hemorrhoids:

1. Three diets must be eaten for breakfast normally, avoid fasting, and eat more foods containing more cellulose, such as brown rice, malt, whole wheat bread, milk, and fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, try to stimulate spicy food as much as possible,Drink less carbonated drinks.Apple puree (peeling, crushing, mixed with juice and juice)+kiwi (peeling)+banana+celery leaves (with boiling water, chopped), mix these foods and eat it to effectively prevent constipation.

2. Add more water to drink at least 1000ml of water per day.If the water in the body is insufficient, the feces will be dry and hard. It is difficult to transport the intestine. The stool will increase the hemorrhoids, and it is easy to scratch mucosal bleeding when the anus.

3. Do not endure to the toilet to defecate when you do n’t have the intention of defecating.Because the feces have accumulated in the body for a long time, the water in it is absorbed by the intestine, which not only causes difficult bowel movements, but also affects appetite.After getting up in the morning, drinking a cup of cold water or milk can stimulate the colorectal motility.

4. Promote blood circulation every morning and evening to perform anal lifting exercises every morning and evening. 30 times each time, it will help the blood circulation of the perianal tissue and avoid the occurrence of hemorrhoids.

5. In full sleep, try to avoid long -standing and sedentary activities as much as possible.In addition, sufficient sleep, happy mood, and relief of mental stress are a good way to reduce constipation.

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