Dangerous 3 months before pregnancy?In fact, this month’s fetus is the most vulnerable

Linlin has been pregnant for seven months, and she will participate on time every birth checkup, and the results are normal.

The weather was cold and hot in the past two days, and Linlin’s work was relatively tense these days, and it appeared for runny nose and fever symptoms.Her husband quickly took Lin Lin to the hospital for examination. He thought it was an ordinary cold and fever. I did not expect that the doctor was "deducted" that day: the doctor told Lin Lin that she suffered from the type A flu.Because it is seven months of pregnancy, the fetus is unstable, so be careful that it is necessary to stay in the hospital for isolation.

Mother said that Lin Lin’s situation was also very anxious. She told Lin Lin to cooperate with the doctor for treatment. Don’t care about it. This month, the baby is the most prone to accidents. Pay attention to the safety of the fetus.

Obviously it is the most dangerous of 3 months before pregnancy. How can I have a stable fetus for 7 months?Lin Lin asked the doctor without understanding, is the fetus really fragile at 7 months of pregnancy?

7 months of pregnancy is the "perinatal period", this stage is critical

After 28 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant women have entered the perinatal period. The so -called perinity period refers to a special period for pregnant women around the production process. Generally, it refers to this period of one week after the 28th week of pregnancy.

There is an old saying in the folk: seven living and eight do not live, not to say that 7 months of premature birth is easy to live, and 8 months of premature birth is not easy to live. Instead, when you enter July pregnancy and enter the third trimester, the fetus may face the threat of premature birth.

At this time, once there are high -risk factors, such as abortion, premature history, merging various internal medicine diseases during this pregnancy, and the age of pregnant women, they need to be tightly monitored in the hospital.Rescue measures make the safety of mother and child the greatest guarantee.

Pregnant mothers in some factors in life, such as excessive activity, are prone to premature birth.If there are abnormal symptoms of redness and regular contraction, persistent lower abdominal pain, lower back soreness, and vaginal warm water flowing out, you should go to the hospital for examination in time.

After 7 months of pregnancy, pregnant mothers should pay more attention to pregnancy care

After 28 weeks, the development of each part of the fetus was further mature and perfect, the morphological characteristics were obvious, the sound image map performance was clearer, and the malformations were relatively easy to expose. At this time, it was the best time to screen the fetus.Re -evaluate the growth of the fetus and the location of the fetus, and early detection of limited growth of the fetal palace, which is convenient for nutritional therapy in the palace.Therefore, if the fetal growth is not satisfactory during pregnancy, it is usually 28 to 32 weeks of pregnancy, and a B -ultrasound will be done.

In addition, pregnant mothers should pay attention to the following things:

1. Pregnant mothers should have more frequent birth checkups. It is best to go every two weeks to pay attention to the condition of the fetus and understand the movement of the fetus. In this way, if there are some problems, you can also protect and treat it in time.

2. It is difficult to manipulate accurately when driving.In addition, pregnancy makes the sensitive nerve response of the pregnant woman’s body a little dull, prone to accidents, and the lower abdomen will easily cause miscarriage or premature birth due to stimulation.

3. During this period, due to the bulky body, pregnant mothers often like to lean against the soft sofa for a long time, which makes the muscle tissue of the whole body nervous and oppressed, causing muscle atrophy, causing muscle painStatus, muscle ligaments are damaged, which is not conducive to childbirth.

4. Do not squat often for too long housework, which can easily cause poor blood circulation in the lower limbs, cause or aggravate the edema of the lower limbs, and it is easy to fall when you get up, causing premature birth.

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