Deepen myopia due to excessive sweets!There are so many dangers of long -term high sugar diet …

“Eating sweets can deepen myopia?Intersection


The factors that lead to myopia disease are many aspects

And intake of excessive sweets

It is one of the factors of nutritional disorders

Eat too much sugar or eat partially

Can lead to the lack of vitamin B1

As a result


There is another "sin" for eating sugar

Eat sugar and destroy your child from various aspects

As early as 2019

Printed by the General Office of the National Health and Health Commission

"Health Oral Action Plan (2019-2025)"


To carry out special operations of "reducing sugar"

"Primary and secondary schools and child care institutions restrict the sales of high -sugar beverages and snacks, and reduce sugar -containing beverages and high -sugar food supply. Teach health food selection and healthy cooking skills to residents, and encourage enterprises to carry out" low sugar "or" sugar -free "production, Improve consumers’ ability to correctly read food nutrition labels to add sugar. "

Crime of counting sugar,

One finger is also unclear,

For children, "sugar addiction",

It can really destroy the body from head to toe.


Bacteria in the mouth can ferment sugar and food residues to form plaque.In particular, sugar -containing carbonated drinks have a certain degree of acidity. Drinking for a long time will erode the teeth and increase the risk of dental caries.

Destroy the heart

A large amount of sugar can affect the flora in the intestine, and then increase the level of triglyceride, which can increase the risk of heart disease and stroke in the human body.Conversely, children drinking one less serving of sugary drinks per week can improve heart health and reduce the risk of heart disease in the future.


Taking the opening Weibo hot search as an example, excessive sugar intake may also increase the chance of the occurrence of myopia or increase the degree of myopia.Because of too much sugar, the blood sugar increases, and the osmotic pressure of the body fluid is reduced accordingly, causing the water in the eyeball to penetrate into the crystal body, causing the crystal deformation, the refractiveness increases, and the myopia is increased.

Be destroyed

The more sweet food, the more vigorous the sebaceous gland is secreted, and the acne is induced.Sugar needs B vitamins when metabolism in the human body.There are many sugar food intake, and the B vitamins consume a lot of vitamins, which has become one of the factors of acne aggravation.


Too much sugar intake will increase the risk of overweight and obesity.Sugar can be converted into fat, and a high -sugar diet is a risk factor that directly causes diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Cause of malnutrition

Eating more sugar not only causes obesity, but also cause malnutrition.Because eating too much sugar will affect children’s appetite, then other nutrients will inevitably be reduced, leading to lack of protein, vitamins, and minerals in the body, which can easily cause nutritional imbalance.

Be wary, accidentally exceeds the standard

Sugar must not be eaten at all

But how much can I eat every day?

WHO clearly proposed to improve health

Daily free sugar should be reduced to 5% of total energy demand

The conversion is not more than 25 grams per day

Indicate: lying sugar (defined it as sugar in China) refers to sugar and syrup added to food during food production and preparation.Common ones include white sugar, brown sugar, corn syrup, high fruit sugar corn syrup, honey, honey, concentrated fruit juice and glucose.

How much is 25 grams?

Eat 6 square meters of sugar … it will exceed the standard

(4.5 grams of square sugar)

Do you think it looks quite a lot?

But it’s really easy to eat it

Contrast the child’s daily diet

See if he often eats too much

For these obvious sugar foods

Many parents have paid attention

And control your child’s intake situation

But there are many foods secretly added a lot of sugar

Can be said to be noticed

A break with breakfast is too much to sugar!

This also reminds parents that they must be alert to sugar in processing food.They will appear in food packaging in the name of sucrose, glucose, fructose, malt syrup, glucose, fructose syrup, etc., which must reduce children’s intake.

Sugar reduction, in fact, you can quit addicted like this

Faced with such a severe situation, if you want to help your child healthy diet and protect your body, you can change your dietary habits through the following methods.

Learn to understand food label

1. Pay more attention to low sugar or sugar -free foods

National standard "GB28050-2011 Pre-packaged Food Nutrition Labels" stipulates:

● Add sugar content per 100 grams or 100 ml of food to be less than 5 grams of "low sugar food";

● Below 0.5 grams can be marked with "no sugar" or "sugar -free".

It is worth noting that although some foods are labeled "sugar -free", they still contain malt paste and other substances, and parents are not recommended to buy them.

2. The more the sugar ranking in the ingredient table, the lower the sugar content

The "General Rules" stipulates that various ingredients should be arranged one by one in the order of decreasing amount, so when you cannot understand the specific sugar content of the food through the nutritional composition table, you can compare the sugar in the same product.The lower the sugar content, the lower the sugar content.

Three meals a day should be eaten on time

Once a person can’t stand the hunger, it is difficult to treat food with a calm attitude. At this time, he often wants to eat high -sugar and high -calorie foods such as cakes, chocolates, and so on.Essence

Therefore, be sure to ensure that your child eats on time, eat well, and naturally eat less sugary food when you are full.

Eat protein

Only when the nutrients in the body are sufficient, we no longer need additional energy. If the child feels hungry and unbearable, we can first give him food such as eggs rich in high -quality protein, which can effectively reduce the desire for sweets.

Do you have any good way to help reducing sugar?

Welcome to share!

From: Capital Education

Source: National Healthy Lifestyle Action

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