Defeating "Sister who breaks the wind" is actually this contraceptive advertisement that has been removed from the shelves

The direction of the early publicity of "The Sister of the Wind" is to see how female celebrities break their age anxiety and show mature charm.As a woman’s authorized medicine, the advertisements of You Siming’s plugged in it are full of fantasies for women’s mean and lightness, reflecting the advertiser’s attitude towards women: sexual objects+men’s servicemen.

Recently, "Sister of the Wind and Wind" fire, and there is a plug -in advertisement in the show.

A enchanting woman (representing "Little Three") sitting next to the man, sitting on the opposite side is a dignified woman (symbolizing "original match").

"Primary Three" provoked the "original match" and said: "Can I play games, watch videos, and tell jokes, can you?!"

"Original" thrown out a box of You Siming and asked, "Can you?"

"Primary Three" disappeared and turned into a man’s mobile phone.Leave a line of words on the screen: effective contraception, intimacy.

After reading it, I just felt puzzled.The logic of advertising agents is probably like this:

Women who eat You Siming all have boyfriends and husbands. Should there be a sense of substitution for the topic of "Wife playing Primary Three"?Since it is a women’s supplies, let’s boast you -although the charming and cheap goods outside are wonderful, the wife of your charm can also provide no set of sexual services!Don’t be afraid of being green, you can firmly tie men’s hearts!It really makes people laugh.

At first glance on the online wind review, it really was a large -scale turning scene.


Is contraceptive that it is convenient for boys to not wear suits?

Many people have some misunderstandings about contraceptives.As a girl who is accustomed to taking You Siming, whenever I share it with others, everyone will always care about the place and say, "Oh, don’t take medicine, it’s not good for your body."

In Douban’s women’s group, there are often discussions such as "boyfriend asked me to take medicine", "If you don’t want to wear a set and talk about it, break up early".

Is contraceptive really to facilitate the invention of boys without wearing a suit?

of course not.

First of all, short -acting contraceptives are not "hurting".

There are many types of contraceptives, including short -acting contraceptives (take one tablet a day), long -acting contraceptive pills (one month in one month), and emergency contraceptives (you know the name, you can take it as a remedy afterwards).At present, the short -acting contraceptives on the world are small doses of estrogen hormone combination preparations. After being absorbed, a hormone state similar to "pregnancy" will be produced. Follicular development will be suppressed (that is, the ovarian is in a "rest" state), therebyTo achieve contraceptive purposes.

From the current medical evidence, long -term short -acting contraceptives according to the conventional dose without contraindications will not affect the body.

You Siming in the advertisement belongs to the third -generation short -acting contraceptive pill. After three generations of improvement, there will be no major side effects.According to many users, they even feel that menstruation is more regular, dysmenorrhea, and the skin becomes better.

And everyone said that "eating contraceptives is not good for your body" mainly refers to emergency contraceptives.Because its hormone content is too high, it does have short -term side effects and should not be used as a regular contraceptive method.Therefore, whether wearing a set or taking medicine, you must prepare in advance instead of remedying it afterwards, because the cost of doing so will really be much higher.

Second, contraceptives are women’s empowerment products.

Compared with other contraceptive methods, contraceptives are one of the best.According to the data on the China Website of World contraceptive day, short-acting contraceptives can reach 91%-99%.In contrast, the effective rate of male condoms is only 82%-98%.

In some developed countries, more than 40%of women use it as a conventional contraceptive option, and some parents will also allow their daughters who enter adolescents to take medicine.Therefore, taking the initiative to take medicine is not a price drop at all, but to protect your own manifestation.

However, although contraceptives can be contraceptive and high rate of success, it is not possible to block sexually transmitted diseases like condoms.Therefore, I suggest that if you can use a short -acting contraceptive pill to contraception with a stable partner that can be trusted; if you enjoy sexual life with non -long -term partners, then it is recommended to wear a set (or take medicine+Wear) to protect yourself.

No matter what method you plan to adopt contraception, you must communicate in advance.In the process of communication, boys must respect the feelings of girls.Making medicine is not to shake the pot, so that the medicine is only called to satisfy her desire and not consider her feelings.


Why did You Siming ads angered the girls and was checked off?

In a resistance, the original advertisement has been removed from Mango TV.

Since You Siming is so good, why is the advertisement being scolded to get off the shelves, and women claim to never buy it again?

Because in this advertisement, women have no sexual autonomy, and some are just slavery developed by men and women for thousands of years.

A slave woman will think that men’s needs are of course above themselves -he wants, I give it, isn’t sex?It is natural to enjoy sexual life or something, and sex is just a tool to maintain feelings.

● You Siming Advertising Fragment

A slave woman, when a man ignores himself, will review where he does not do well -it looks like Huang Fan Po?It’s not fun to move on the bed?Didn’t pay attention to his feelings?All changes are born of him.

● You Siming Advertising Fragment

A slave woman will feel that the man is derailed because of the existence of fox essence -her husband is not wrong, even if it is really wrong, he does not suffer.The prodigal son did not change his head, and when he returned to his arms, he was still his own baby.As for the small waves outside, she had to tear her mouth, and she had to tell millions of people that she was a cheap woman who seduced her man.

● You Siming Advertising Fragment

The above is exactly the values that advertisements try to instill us.

However, the advertising agency team obviously also raised stones and smashed their feet.Because the girls who may buy You Siming will basically pay for the values in this advertisement.On the contrary, most of them have been well educated and have their own value judgment. They believe that sex is to pleasure themselves, not a group of "wave girls" for men.

Obviously cutting in from many angles can attract them to buy, such as: the perspective of female sexual liberation, the perspective of safe and scientific contraception, and the perspective of a happy date with the sun …Fight for a man who is still cheating, and the perspective of "tearing" by another woman.The exposed values of the values are lagging behind the attitude of women. I believe that all female audiences with normal thinking can see that Baiyan will not help turning to the sky.


The correct posture of contraceptive pill ads, understand?

Do you seem to seem nausea ads?Of course there are, and there are many.

In 2017, the Korean girl idol Yura took a contraceptive pill advertisement, and said the advertisement: "No matter who meets who and what kind of love with that person, I have to choose it myself."

● Advertising fully shows women’s autonomy, and the interaction of handsome men and women also looks very eye -catching.

● However, the attention of many media is still "Yura is not afraid of destroying the image?"

Xue Kaiqi’s 2017 Eye Yue (You Siming’s Sisters’ Products) advertisements, the copywriting is also OK: "Without expectations, you can pursue his love at will." The highlight of the girl’s own choice, not how her man is, not how her man, how does her man?Sample.

● Sister with a bright smile, who doesn’t like to watch?

In 2019, it is also Youyue Advertising, which is carried out around the "sense of security".The advertisement is: "In fact, you can’t just rely on others to do your own place to do your own." Encourage women to independently and take responsibility for themselves, and it is also OK.

● "Do you want your shoes, or do you want children? Choose, master it!"

Why do we still have a lot of advertisements, including You Siming this time, and turn over the car with sex, and it is really worth pondering.The problem may be in Bayer’s understanding of the mainland market, or it may also be controlled by advertisers for women’s values.Although the reasons are complicated, they fully reflect their attitude towards women: sexual objects+men’s servers.

In 2020, there is such an advertisement that runs on the street, and it is naturally our misfortune.

However, as a woman and consumers, with judgment and autonomy, it is also great luck to take the initiative to choose not to pay for the values behind the advertisement.

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