Demystifying skin itching during pregnancy

Itching of skin is a very common symptom, and most of them are "scratching".If itching of the skin appears during pregnancy, it is not as simple as "scratching". Today, the obstetric experts will talk to you about itching of the skin.The causes of skin itching during pregnancy are different, and the countermeasures are different.

01 Born due to pregnancy

About one month after pregnancy to production, due to the increase in hormone levels, pregnant women not only change their bodies, but also appear particularly sensitive to the skin. It is prone to rash and itching.


Pay attention to the skin care during pregnancy, and try to wear cotton clothing as much as possible to avoid rubbing static electricity in chemical fiber clothes to form a stimulation of the skin.In addition, it is recommended not to be too hot in bathing water. Do not take too long in the bathing time. Apply a moisturizing cream in time after washing.Do not wait until the skin is dry and tight to moisturize. Frequent moisturizing can keep the skin comfortable.

02 Born due to climate

In different seasons, there will be different skin problems, such as humid and hot climate in summer, more sweating, and prone to eczema or skin folliculitis; in winter, the skin secretion is reduced, the skin is easy to dry, and even skin tortoise will even occur in severe cases.Cracking, causing winter eczema or fatty eczema, these symptoms may occur in any part of the body.


Pregnant women should pay attention to the care and maintenance methods of different skin types in different seasons. Take more baths in summer and moisturize in autumn. Pay attention to hydrating and freezing in winter and spring.

03 Due to bile acid and blood sugar abnormalities

If it is unbearable to pregnant women, it is uneasy, and they cannot sleep at night. Some will even grab the skin to temporarily relieve itching, and even severe symptoms such as skin purulent infection.


If the above situation occurs, you need to go to the doctor in time to test the blood, especially the blood sugar and total bile acid indicators.If the skin is itchy, the pregnancy diabetes or intrapatic stasis during pregnancy or pregnancy, the pregnant mother will be highly vigilant!High blood glucose or high bile acid can cause the fetus to be hypoxic or even poorly healed.At this time, hypoglycemic, sugar control treatment and bile reduction treatment need to be performed. It is also necessary to regularly monitor blood sugar levels or bile acid levels. Among themEssence

04 Due to pathogenic bacteria infection

If the itching of a pregnant woman occurs between the seams of the fingers and the toes, or the skin with small blisters, even the "map or copper -like" spots appear on the hips, thighs, etc., pay attention to whether there are infections with pathogens such as fungi and bacteria.


Pregnant women have the above symptoms, and they must go to the dermatologist for specialist diagnosis and treatment in time.Many pregnant women are worried that drug treatment will affect the baby. In fact, local antifungal drugs belong to Class B drugs. Short -term use will not cause adverse effects on the fetus.

05 Caused by food, medicines and daily necessities

Many pregnant mothers eat some foods, such as chili, ginger, raw garlic and other spicy stimulating foods; or contact certain types of daily necessities, such as cosmetics, skin itching and rash will appear in a short time.


It is not recommended to dye hair and perm during pregnancy. Cosmetics can choose special cosmetics during pregnancy.Pay attention to avoid food that is easy to be allergic, and the intake of seafood should also be appropriate, because seafood can increase itching of the skin; avoid or eat spicy and irritating foods such as peppers, ginger, raw garlic, etc.;Under the guidance, try to use medicine or no new drugs; avoid contact with irritating gases or chemicals.When the symptoms are mild, you can also use a semi -dry cold towel for cold compress to relieve itching and discomfort in the skin.Itching of the whole body can take dehydration agents for short -term advice, such as oral pole slices, 3 times a day, 4 mg each time; can also take B vitamins and vitamin C at the same time at the same addition.Calcium glucose is also performed under the guidance of a doctor or intravenous.

Pregnant mothers can initially judge which skin itching in the above classification, and dealt with it in time or come to the hospital for treatment in time.

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