Deng Chao took his wife and children to watch his daughter’s performance. Sun Yan’s lower abdomen was accused of 3 babies.

Deng Chao took his wife and children to watch his daughter’s performance. Sun Yan’s lower abdomen was accused of 3 babies.

As we all know, Sun Yan and Deng Chao formed fate because of a play, and the two finally decided to get married after 5 years of dating.After marriage, two very cute children were also born, and from time to time, a family of four will often come out to play. The picture can be said to be very warm.And we also know that Deng Chao and Sun Yan, as two very good actors, have been busy with work in recent years, and rarely see the picture of the same frame.

On the day of June 16th, some netizens took Deng Chao to take Sun Yan and his son to watch his daughter’s performance. During the period, Deng Chao also took a flower beam and waited for his daughter to come out. It can be said that he was a very careful father.Deng Chao loved his daughter very much.And this time, the most striking is Sun Yan’s dress. On that day, Sun Yan wore a white loose shirt, with a hat on the top of his head, a pink bag in his hand, and a nanny with her.The son also looked very fast, just like a "little adult".

After seeing Sun Yan’s dress, many netizens said that "it seems to be pregnant" and "how big the stomach is so big in a few days."Looking at Deng Chao’s status, not only did he not accompany Sun Yan, he did not take the initiative to hold hands when he walked. Such a move also attracted a lot of heated discussion among netizens.We also know that Sun Li and Deng Chao are famous in the entertainment industry, and they usually show love from time to time, which can be said to be very enviable.

In this trip, we rarely see the scene of Sun Yan and Deng Chao in the same frame. Most of them are the state of Sun Yan and the babysitter in the same frame. For this reason, it has also attracted many netizens.Husbands and wives look so strange now.In fact, it is normal for netizens to have such speculation. After all, when they were in the same frame, it was also Sun Yan pulled Deng Chao’s arm, and Deng Chao held his son’s hand.

It is understood that the family trip was to see the performance of her daughter Xiaohua. Deng Chao took the flower beam and waited for her to cheer her up.Although Deng Chao’s move brought a small controversy, it is not difficult to see that Deng Chao is still very concerned about his children.In addition to work, the Sun Yan family will also play with the children to enjoy the beautiful parent -child time.

In fact, in the opinion of the editor, as a father, Deng Chao is likely to do good after -to -after -to -work after his wife and children, so he will neglect his care for Sun Yan. After all, it is also the father of the two children.EssenceAs an onlooker, we still have to look at this matter rationally. After all, the relationship between them has always been the object of envy.

I believe everyone knows that Deng Chao and Sun Yan, a star couple, associated because of a TV series. At that time, they were all newcomers.Time flies, and they have performed a number of classic works together, and their feelings are constantly heating up.In the end, five years later, they held a grand wedding in 2011 and held a grand wedding.

Now they are already a well -known couple, not only the couples of the entertainment industry, but also a happy and sweet family.In the ups and downs of entertainment, they proved the power of true love with action and became a model of love in the minds of the public, and we also hope that the Deng Chao and Sun Yan family can live happily together.

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