Dermatologists revealed that pharmacies have a kind of face rubbing their faces, 16 -day light color spots, but unfortunately few people know

Her name is Chen Xiao, from Yangzhou, Jiangsu, is the charming woman with a charming face and a more charming figure.

After graduating from college, she entered a large energy group in the south.

Soon, there were more than a dozen suitors around Chen Xiao.In the end, Zhang Zhili, a 32 -year -old department manager, held the beauty.

The two were happy, and Zhang Zhili regarded Chen Xiao as the treasure in the palm of the palm. Both housework rushed to work, and often shopping together after get off work every day.

Two years later, Chen Xiao gave birth to a fat son.At this time, Zhang Zhili loves her … Zhang Zhili is also promoted to deputy general manager because of his efforts. He was very busy, and he was even busy after promoting.EssenceFriends reminded Chen Xiao to stare at her husband, Chen Xiao smiled faintly: "You can rest assured that even if men all over the world are derailed, Zhili will not be derailed." 99%of the women who say this sentence will be beatenof.Chen Xiao was not lucky, and could not be 1%of that exception.One day of the weekend, Chen Xiao broke his husband to pack his husband’s briefcase, and found a box of open condoms that had been opened.Chen Xiao’s sky collapsed!Chen Xiao quarreled with Zhang Zhili.Zhang Zhili knelt down and said that he was wrong: "I have a relationship with a KTV lady. It is purely because of her appearance.Because she is no longer as white and beautiful as a few years ago, it is more scars that have been brought by years. Dark yellow, and the pigment eye can be visible.

After that, Chen Xiao had a long heart.

Chen Xiao took all the deposits in cash and deposited an account of a reliable relative.Of course, she will not treat herself at a loss, start to take time to maintain herself, let herself back to the appearance of before marriage, and regain confidence!

Because she understands that even if she divorces in the future, a beautiful woman who is well -maintained is not worried that there is no good man chasing!

A month later ~

When Chen Xiao appeared in front of us again, some of our friends were stunned!

Everyone couldn’t help asking: How did she do not see it for a month, and her skin became the same as a few years ago?Did you go to do medical beauty?

Seeing that everyone was asking, she said the reason: there is no high cost to do medical beauty, because of a university classmate, he has developed a skin care essence with years of professional knowledge and research and development experience.Just apply it every night, the skin is white and tender, and the color spots are diluted. If you are dissatisfied, you can find him to retreat. It is quite reliable!After the friends experienced this essence in person, all of them were fair and tender, rosy, and younger.If everyone wants to change the skin condition like them, then today we will unveil the method of wiping this face together:

What kind of face -to -face method is to start with its founder?

His name is Meng Hui, a Hunan native. After graduating from 211 university, because of his excellent grades, the school proposed to let him stay in the school as a biological teacher.Meng Hui was happy to get up and return to his hometown, share this good news with his mother, and reward this mother who has worked hard.

During the four years of college, because of the extremely inconvenient transportation at the time, when he was outside, he saw his mother again, and Meng Hui felt particularly uncomfortable.

Because her mother changed a lot in these four years, she became old, and the wrinkles and spots on her face were visible to the naked eye.

Seeing that his mother is getting older, as a son, he cannot always accompany him. Meng Hui is deeply full of self -blame …

After thinking about it, Meng Hui decided to use his knowledge and experience to develop a convenient, safe and effective face -wipe essence for his mother.

After using the handle, the mother changed very much. The villagers were amazed when they saw it. The mother was also proud and proud for her son.

02 The effect is so good?

Meng Hui said that the essence can easily disintegrate pigment without injections and beauty!

Thanks to the ingredients known as the "spots"!(Medical code: C60)

Because Fullene composition won the "Nobel" Chemical Award in 1996!

As the number one enemy of melanin and skin oxidation, it has been favored by major stars and medical staff in recent years!And in recent years, many medical scholars have confirmed that it has great effects on clearing free radicals, deep whitening spots, and antioxidant.Later, Meng Hui further launched a research and found that Fullene can penetrate the root cause of absorbing black spots, drive away melanin, brighten the light spots, fast and reliable!In addition, it is not affected by ultraviolet rays, light, and heat, and continues to antioxidant for 48 hours!Also known as the proper "antioxidant power"!According to the research report data, the antioxidant effect of dertrene is 50 times the SOD, 100 times the coenzyme Q10, 170 times of VC, and 200 times the plant polypeptide!Even Li Jiaqi, a live broadcast master who is accustomed to all kinds of skin care products, all call it for it, known as "antioxidant ability super cow component"!Those who have been used said that after using the bleal of Fullene, the stains were significantly faded, and the dullness and yellow gas were swept away. The effect of light spots was very good.03 Even the stubborn freckles can fade the espressone too incredible!

However, although Fullene’s light skin rejuvenation effect is good, its expensive value also has to make many brands on the market stop!Due to the extremely scarce raw materials, Meng Hui visited many factories. The answers obtained were: In the early days of the development of Fullene, the price per gram was as high as $ 50,000. Such an expensive raw material. If you want to develop a cheap finished product, you mustReduce the content of pellane.But skin care products developed in this way not only have little effect, but also seriously disappoint everyone’s trust. This does not meet Meng Hui’s original intention.Fortunately, after several turns, Meng Hui met this one with the advantages of Fullene ingredients: Guangzhou Pat Micro Skin Care Listed Companies!As soon as the two sides were shot, the research and development of Fullene Essence was finally on track!Company address: Meng Hui, No. 5 Xinbei Road, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, Meng Hui decided to use congenital advantages such as raw materials and technology to develop a light spotted essence with three major protection of "affordable price, convenient use, and fast results"!And with the help of Guangzhou Bavi, he united the R & D professor of R & D professor Liang Muli, and Liu Ruixue, deputy director of Bavi, joined the team to jointly develop.Considering that the sources of the spot are on the bottom of the skin, the light spot cannot only be "superficial kung fu". After two years of hard work, the R & D team has successfully developed five -dimensional penetration technology.It is like a "skin elevator", which allows pellane to penetrate from layer of the epidermis. Each layer goes through the stubborn pigment there, and inhibit pigmentation in the muscle bottom.The most surprising thing is that Meng Hui found that the penhene was blessed by the original five-dimensional technology, and the additional gold reinstatement was matched with large-name royal ingredients such as nicotinamide, antibody glycopide, and ninth peptide-1.Can greatly improve the efficiency of skin rejuvenation!Meng Hui didn’t use it for a long time. The dull redness and rough and dark circles on her face disappeared, her skin became fair and smooth, and the whole person had a lot of spirit.Finally, I have a hard work. After more than 1,000 days and nights of R & D, hundreds of repeated experiments, this one: not only can penetrate the muscle bottom spots, but also whiten the skin, and tighten the firming FullerEssence of Essence, I finally met with you: whitening, light spot, antioxidant · skin rejuvenation [VCC esprene essence]

What will happen when it uses on the face?Before the listing, the R & D team demonstrated the "rice net spot" experiment on the spot, dripping iodine and pellane essence into the rice, and the test results were unexpected.Rice net spot experiment

Use rice to simulate skin cells, drip iodine to simulate melanin.After encountering Fullene Essence, the black and naked eyes were visible to the fading, and the skin was brightened and white!Oh my god!We see rice "whitewashed", showing how powerful its spots are!IntersectionIntersectionIt is indeed "the power of technology, the example of domestic makeup."After the face, slowly massage until absorbed. After a period of time, I couldn’t see that I was a person who had been over. The skin was white and tender, and the yellow gas on the face swept away!Intersection↓↓↓ Thanks to the girlfriend’s recommendation of this essence, this effect is once in vain!Originally dark yellow and rough skin became smooth muscles, and the face became white.The pregnancy spots for pregnancy are hardly seen now!Proper skin care artifacts, really like it!

↓↓↓ Wow!Even the stubborn freckles faded away, and after a while, the whole person was better.Day 1: The skin becomes moist; Day 7: The skin becomes white and brighter, and the pigment begins to dilute; Day 28: The skin is white and tender several degrees, and the whole person seems to have changed a piece of skin!↓↓↓ Put a touch of every day, the stains on the face really fade slowly, and the wrinkles are less. Now the skin is tender and tender.Friends thought they had made a laser, and the effect was full. This time, I was not busy!No one expected that the effect was so praised. The stains on the face were visible to the naked eye, the price was very cheap, the skin became white and beautiful, and all persistence was worthy of it!IntersectionThe more severe the skin problem, the more obvious the absorption!People who have used it are very satisfied!● About 2 weeks … The stains on the face have faded, and the original dark yellow complexion is a bit white; ● After more than 1 month ….. The stains are really significantly reduced; ●Until about 3 months, the stains have been completely invisible, and the skin is much white; ● After a period of time, the pigmentation really has no rebound, the skin is clean and not wrinkled!Due to the dark yellowness of each person, different types of stains: freckles, pregnancy spots, elderly spots, melasma, and so on.Therefore, Meng Hui has established a professional skincare consultant team. Now consulting Meng Hui’s skin care consultant can enjoy the following 5 heavy benefits:

1. Skin care consultants to answer your skin questions for free;

2. Meng Hui gave everyone a 50 yuan cash coupon;

3. Add the top 20, you can get 6+1 trial installation;

4. Order the first 50 places, give an additional face massage instrument;

5. SF free shipping, support goods to payment and 7 days without reason to return the goods; after listing, how do people who have used it?As soon as this product was launched, it attracted the love of major stars and medical staff. For example, our famous actor Bao Wenjing was its "top iron powder"."The effect of whitening and light spots is great. One day, you can renew your skin in 16 days."

There is also Tan Jiangping, the former deputy dean of the Tenth People’s Hospital of Shanghai, also praised the strength of the VCC essence!

Direct call: "It is approved by the Pharmaceutical Supervision Bureau. The product focuses on the two functions of whitening and light spots."

The product is like this ▼ Apply it once a night, the color spots will become lighter!Perseverance will become more and more obvious.Use light -absorbing and non -translucent antioxidant packaging, sterile and constant temperature!It can effectively prevent air pollution, which is equivalent to → for each bottle of small freckle essence, the timely stop button is pressed.In terms of skin feel, it has achieved ceiling.After the face was cold, it was absorbed quickly when it was smeared gently. The skin became moist and tender, and it would not be greasy and heavy.Put it and apply it ~ While the stains on the face gradually fade, it can also make the face more delicate and shiny!IntersectionWhy not do it … Sisters with black dots, dark yellow rough, and sensitive fine lines on their faces look at it: just apply it before going to bed to improve skin problems such as rough skin, dryness, darkness, and patterns.Let the skin restore youthful glory!The spots are diluted, the skin is tender and smooth, white and bright, moist and luster, the yellow gas is swept away ~

At the same time, in order to improve the efficiency of blemishes, Meng Hui arranged a professional skin care consultant, and also prepared for the new customer exclusive 5 heavy benefits and others!

1. Skin care consultants to answer your skin questions for free;

2. Meng Hui gave everyone a 50 yuan cash coupon;

3. Add the top 20, you can get 6+1 trial installation;

4. Order the first 50 places, give an additional face massage instrument;

5. SF free shipping, support goods to payment and 7 days without reason to return the goods; Is Fullene essence so good and reliable?Everyone can rest assured, Meng Hui promised everyone: Genuine guarantee, one fake is ten!This VCC Fullene Essence is also responsible for production by Guangzhou Bavi, first -class workshops, first -class R & D equipment.The quality of quality has achieved international standards!There is no doubt!In addition, as early as the listing, the team sent it to the Drug Administration to test its whitening and spots.Obtaining the "Whitening Freckle Freckle Certificate" (National Makeup Special Character G20202625) must know that it is more difficult to obtain the freckle whitening syndrome of the drug supervision bureau than the research and development process.

In addition, it also sent to authoritative testing agencies to conduct whitening and spots and safety problems!It is clearly confirmed to its excellent whitening, spots, and safety detection!Not only is it effective, the upper face is not irritating, gentle and safe.These types of people will have unexpected surprises!

“Office worker, entrepreneur”

"Long -term radiation by computer, mobile phone and other blue light, often staying up late to work overtime and lack of sleep"

This can cause the skin to be rapidly dark yellow, secrete melanin in large quantities, and the emergence of wrinkles, which affects the lack of self -confidence in social and work exchanges.

With VCC essence in just 2 months, the skin is white and smooth, the face value cannot be divided into the team, and the love career is double harvest!


Ms. Lin, with uneven skin tone, uneven skin tone, and colorful pigment, the spots were used for 18 days, and the skin really became better.

The face of "的 的" has become cleaner, the skin looks white and bright, and the pores are narrowed!

Fan -exclusive welfare beauty experts said: This is a skin care black technology that is popular all over the world, and many stars are rushing to experience.It has also been recognized and loved by hundreds of thousands of female friends. Sisters in need can scan the code to consult Meng Hui’s skin care consultant!

Meng Hui’s ideas are particularly simple: do a good job of products and continue to carry forward the VCC Fullene Essence, which is high -quality and beautiful, and benefit more people because of domestic goods!

Now Meng Hui specially provides you with preferential preferential adopters and special preferential gift boxes with limited benefits.

1. Skin care consultants to answer your skin questions for free;

2. Meng Hui gave everyone a 50 yuan cash coupon;

3. Add the top 20, you can get 6+1 trial installation;

4. Order the first 50 places, give an additional face massage instrument;

5. SF free shipping, support goods to payment and 7 days without reason to return the goods; PS: Sisters who want to lighten the stains, brighten the skin color, and keep you young, it is recommended to store a few more boxes, apply it every day, press one and press it every dayEssenceThere is a box at home, you can no longer be afraid of the kitchen oil fume, go out and go shopping, full of confidence to go forward.Written at the end: The essence of life is to see through life, but still loves life; I hope that in the future beautiful time, there are you and me ~ We are the best self, continue to glow, fever!

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