Destructive love, girlfriend is not responsible for pregnancy?Qi Peixin apologized to each other and fans

Nandu News Reporter Liu Ping’an Recently, the ex -girlfriend of "Chen Qing Ling" Jin Ling Ling Pei Xin broke the news that the man was derailed during love, his girlfriend was not responsible, and he had about 3P.WeChat dialogue record of "real hammer".In this regard, Qi Peixin suddenly posted a response on Monday night and acknowledged that he was an overwhelming party. "He caused harm to both parties, and I sincerely apologize here!" He also said that the experience of the two had been excessively solved.So far, I urge everyone not to disturb the life of the woman; he also apologize to the fans, promising to "grow hard" in the future.Suspected of "Chen Qing Ling" Jin Ling’s ex -girlfriend of Qi Peixin broke the news that Qi Peixin was derailed during love, and his girlfriend was not responsible for pregnancy.Qi Peixin sent Weibo to apologize.

The original text of Qi Peixin was as follows: "In this relationship, due to my reasons, it caused harm to both parties. Here I apologize! I will deal with everything, bear the corresponding responsibilities, and reflect on it.

Until now, our experience has been excessively solved, and both sides hope that everything can be here.Therefore, I also urge everyone not to disturb her life, stop without guessing, and reduce unnecessary harm.

Here, I also expressed deep apology to fans who have always supported me: I’m sorry!Sorry for your love and expectations.In the future, I will work hard to grow and be a better myself."

Under Qi Peixin’s apology on Weibo, some netizens commented that "don’t be too chaotic for a young age and private life", and many fans also responded to "knowing the mistakes to improve Mu Da", but this "tolerance" and protecting calves are protecting the calves.The attitude also made many people even scared, "Is there still forgive business for this year?"

It is not easy for the actors to be in their heads, so after being well -known to the audience, they still have to be cleaned up and cherish.In the era when netizens are "Holmes" and breaking news channels, artists should correct their words and deeds, and make an example of an idol.

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