Diary during pregnancy: What do you need to bring to build a card for pregnancy, sharing the process of building card during pregnancy

The big card process was completed on April 15th. After a few days of laziness, I was at home. Today I can finally share with you my journey of building cards!

In order to accurately express all time points, I turned all my previous check -up records to check it. I have to talk about my coordinates here.The card building process should be almost the same. At least, I hope that I can help the friends who are preparing for pregnancy in advance. Let ’s officially share my card building process.

Suddenly one morning in early February this year, I felt dizzy and hungry. It was really one day. I started to think that I ate too little at night. I was hungry in the morning.With the unique intuition of women, I think I may be pregnant. I happen to have arrived in the future but did not respond. So I observed that after a week of confirmation of menstruation or future, I bought a pregnancy test stick for self -test, showing 3 weeks of pregnancy+ 3 weeks of pregnancy+I went to the hospital for examination the next day.Do n’t think I am embarrassed. For the first time, all processes are aggressive. Since you feel that you should be a maternal and child health hospital, you should go to a comprehensive hospital before you have a cold and fever.It is a gynecological department, and it is obstetrics after the card is built.

The first time I know to build a card

On February 13, the first time I went to the hospital for examination. This time, it was mainly conventional blood tests and urine tests. The main reason is to confirm whether pregnancy (after all, the pregnancy test stick is self -test), the number of days of pregnancy, and the basic health of the body.Ask some physical condition.The test results show that I was about 44 days (this is mainly a bit aggressive, and I didn’t know how to calculate it at that time). The doctor confirmed that I would pay some things after pregnancy. I gave me a "pregnancy.""Love Report and Education Filter", there is a book -building appointment consultation phone (as shown below). The doctor directly asked me to draw time to go to the community service center to build a small card, and then make an appointment to build a large card when it was almost 3 months.Of course, for the first time, I was also aggressive, I couldn’t remember it at all, thinking that there was a phone call anyway, I was consulting in the future.

Although I was still confused about various processes at the time, the Jiading Maternal and Child Health Hospital had a more peace of mind that after the first examination, it was confirmed that the hospital would call the hospital from time to time after pregnancy.When urging the card as soon as possible, you can quickly ask if you ca n’t remember the address phone, or you can ask the phone yourself, so you do n’t have to worry about being dizzy!

Formally go to build a small card

On February 27th, go to the hospital for review. At this time, about 60 days of pregnancy, I thought to build a small card directly after the review.Previously, the nurse of our women’s and children’s health hospital told us that Jianxiao card should bring a wedding certificate, a hukou book, a husband and wife ID card, and all the inspection reports from the Maternal and Child Health Hospital. So we brought all the materials when we went out that day, butI was afraid to make an appointment. After the review, I called the Xiaoye Community Health Service Center. It may be because there were few people during the epidemic. After confirming that I could go directly to work on the day, I and my husband went directly to build a small card.

In fact, the marriage certificate and the hukou book are not needed at all, but all the inspection reports before pregnancy must be brought together, because the community health service center also requires some project inspections. Some repeated examinations, and the doctor will avoid doing it after seeing it.Second inspection, saving money and effort.At that time, I did a blood draw (free HIV testing) and urine testing. Except for the time of the report, I soon came home.The small card is to change the "Shanghai Pregnant Women’s Health Manual" and an electronic magnetic card Jiading District for a unified self -funding card.However, before building a big card, I took the medical records, health manuals, social security cards, and self -funded cards I used to go to the hospital every time.It can only pay at your own expense.

Small cards have time to make an appointment early to build a card, earnestly, early construction and early benefits ~

Formally go to build a big card

We will make an appointment to build a big card the next day after the small card. Doctors and nurses will remind us to make an appointment with the big card in advance before 3 months of pregnancy. Here we remind everyone to make an appointment at 15-30 days in advance.At the end of March, on the 30th, I was almost 90 days pregnant.

This time it is a registered obstetric department.Of course, you can’t avoid a test. Blood routine, urine routine, blood pressure, blood pressure, weight, pelvic measurement, fetal fetal heart, electrocardiogram, etc. The more routine is checked on the day.Appointment to the next checkup, and it is empty.These may not be prepared in detail, but don’t worry about these processes. Basically, you can follow the doctor’s arrangement. The doctor will say clearly, and there are small note standards to be empty.This time I thought I had built a big card. As a result, this time I was registered for the process, basically checked, and then made an appointment for sugar sieves. I paid for it.

On April 15th, an empty stomach inspection in the morning, and the obstetrics to build a card in the afternoon. This day is the day when the big card is officially built.However, it still can’t escape the pain of various processes. In fact, the process is very simple. You don’t have to panic here, just follow the process step by step. In the end, the doctor will post all the reporting reports on a large production checklist. At this time, at this time, at this time, at this timeThe big card is completed, and in the future, it is enough to make an appointment for the birth checkup of the doctor.After the big card is established, the doctor will do a good job of Tang’s screening and rows of deformed screening for the pregnant mother in advance according to personal details. My separate appointment will be at the end of April and early June, and I only hope that the baby will check everything smoothly.

The above is the whole process of my card building. Today, there are a lot of words in the articles. I just hope to help the mother prepare for the pregnant baby.

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