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Bamboo shoots, also known as bamboo meat, bamboo tires, and bamboo buds, are the prototype of bamboo poles, cold, sweet, and return to the stomach and lung meridians.Bamboo shoots are all available throughout the year, and the taste of spring bamboo shoots and winter bamboo shoots is the best.

The history of Chinese bamboo shoots has a long history.As early as the Book of Songs, people recorded the story of collecting bamboo shoots and Xinpu to dedicate to the ancestors of the gods in the spring.Su Dongpo wrote that "it is better to eat meatless, unable to live without bamboo. No meat is thin, no bamboo is vulgar."Li Yu, the gourmet god of food in the Qing Dynasty, evaluated the bamboo shoots as "the first product of the fresh to the beautiful, the first product in the vegetable and food".Teacher Zheng Banqiao also wrote that "Jiangnan fresh bamboo shoots take advantage of catfish and cook the spring breeze in early March."

Bamboo shoots are better with thick meat, tenderness, and white color. It can be fried, boiled, crooked, and stewed with vegetarian vegetarian, dried bamboo shoots, and canned bamboo shoots. The flavor is different and delicious.

Effect of bamboo shoots

From nutrition analysis, bamboo shoots are rich in protein and calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene, vitamin B1, B2, C, etc.Each 100g of fresh bamboo shoots contains about 2.6g of protein, 5g of carbohydrates, 0.9g of cellulose, 9mg of calcium, 64 mg of phosphorus, 0.5mg of iron, and a variety of vitamins and carotene content.Moreover, the protein of bamboo shoots is superior, and the essential lysine, dusterine, soure acid, phenylalanine, and glutamic acid, which occupy important position during protein metabolism, and cusume that maintains protein configuration.Pinine has a certain content, which can be described as excellent "health" vegetables.

Taboo of bamboo shoots

Although the bamboo shoots are delicious, it is because bamboo shoots are rich in inductance substances such as crude fiber, oxalic acid and tannic acid. If you eat too much, it is easy to damage gastrointestinal mucosa. Digestiveness, abdominal distension, and anti -acidity are uncomfortable.The elderly, children and first -cured people, those with allergies, those with gastrointestinal diseases, liver cirrhosis, stroke, cardiovascular disease patients cautiously eat.

The role of bamboo shoots

Assisting digestion: Bamboo shoots have the functions of appetizing, promoting digestion, and enhancing appetite, and can be used for supplementary food for indigestion.

Holly hypoglycemic lipids and anti -cancer: Bamboo shoots are rich in plant fiber, which helps reduce excess fat in the body, eliminate phlegm and stasis, and can be used to improve hypertension, hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia and other diseases, and for gastrointestinal cancer and influxBreast cancer has a certain prevention and relief effect.

Strengthening immunity: Bamboo shoots are rich in plant protein, vitamins and trace elements, which will help enhance human immune function and improve disease prevention and disease.

Taboo of bamboo shoots

There are many types of bamboo shoots.For the most common vacuum packaging bamboo shoots in supermarkets, the most common is winter bamboo shoots and spring bamboo shoots. These bags of winter bamboo shoots and bamboo shoots are basically bamboo bamboo shoots, but the excavation time is different.The spring bamboo shoots are crisp.Winter bamboo shoots are thick and short. The color is usually white or yellow, and it is very soft to pinch, and even squeezed it. Winter bamboo shoots have soft and glutinous melody and meat.Be sure to use winter mushrooms and winter bamboo shoots; spring bamboo shoots are slender, much smaller than winter bamboo shoots, and it is more tough and more crispy and beautiful.(Liu Hui compiled)

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