Different ages, the chance of pregnancy is very big, learn about it, avoid missing the best childbirth age

Is the most concerned between the newlywed couples?

This needs to understand the best age of women. Once you miss it, it is likely to lead to difficulty in conception and cause pressure and burden on themselves and families.

The incidence of infertility is about 15%, and the factors of men and women account for half.Therefore, in family life, it cannot be blindly attributed to the man or the woman.Under normal circumstances, the monthly pregnancy rate of couples with normal fertility is 20%to 25%, the half -year pregnancy rate is 75%, and the 1 year of pregnancy rate is 85%.The fertility of women 35, 38, and 40 is 50%, 25%, and 5%of women’s fertility.

Understanding the chance of pregnancy in all ages can help increase the chance of conception in their 20s, 30s, and in their 40s and later.During the palace period, all the eggs of the female fetus had completed the first reduction and division, so she had all the egg cells in her life at birth. Her birthday was the "production date" of all her eggs.Like food, eggs have a shelf life.The 20 -year "Factory" and 35 years of "Factory" have different egg quality. The 45 -year -old egg of "Factory" is basically and over the shelf life.

From birth, women have 1 million to 2 million eggs. Until the first menstrual period, the number of egg cells will be reduced to 300,000.A woman ovulated 500 times between the age of 12 and 52. Excluding unhealthy eggs, the rest is some eggs that can really make her pregnancy.What is worse is that human reproduction efficiency is not high.In your menstrual cycle, the chance of only one week is very conducive to conception. God knows that few of us can spend a full week every month and keep applauding love in the name of having children.If you can understand your chances of conception at each stage, you may not be able to help you make full use of this time.

Less than 20 years old

Theoretically, women’s menstrual tide enters the stage of maturity and can become pregnant and give birth to children.

In the old society, girls began to marry children in life around 13 to 15 years old.However, adolescent girls have not yet matured, and children are not suitable.

From a physiological perspective, women at this time are easy to get pregnant, they are born fast and smooth, postpartum recovery is fast, and there are fewer birth defects.This age is really like a tree on the tree, and it falls down when it is cooked.

However, women in this age are often not mature enough. They may not have completed their studies and have no stable jobs. It is not appropriate to have children so early.

20 to 24 years old

This is the best window for children!Dr. Allen Copipman said: "When a woman is 21 years old, 90 % of eggs are normal on chromosomes, which helps to obtain a healthy baby." Therefore, women’s fertility is 24 years old.Time reaches its peak.

If women under 25 are trying once a month, 96 % of pregnancy will be conceived in the year.If the man is less than 25 years old, the chance of pregnancy will be reduced to 92 %.That’s because many fertility problems between young couples are in men.If you have more than one year of conception, you can try to seek help from experts.

25 to 29 years old

From 25 to 29 years old, trying for a year, 86 % of the opportunity to conceive.The chance of miscarriage is 10 %, which is only a little higher than when he is in his 20s.The incidence of Tang’s syndrome is about 1/1200.

30 to 34 years old

At this age, the chance of conception is still high.The success rate of the couple for one year is as high as 86 %.The only major change is that by the age of 30, the chance of miscarriage increases to 20 %.The risk of Tang’s syndrome is about 1/952.

If you have not been pregnant for 9 months, it is recommended to consult an obstetrician and gynecologist or a junior health doctor.Dr. Copipman said: "In this way, doctors can find out the reason and solve the problem as soon as possible, because the fertility rate will decrease faster after the age of 35."

35 to 39 years old

Some people say that the age of 35 is a woman’s hurdle. After 35 years old, the woman quickly aging.This is because the woman ushered in a turning point at the stage of "May 7", that is, "Yangming pulse decline".

In general, the yang is declining. During the heyday, the body began to slowly go downhill.Modern medicine believes that after 35 years of age, ovarian function has begun to decrease and reduced sex hormone secretion, which will cause people to aging easily.

The fertility experts of women and infant reproductives and infant breeding centers, and Associate Professor Kelly Paggidas, an associate professor at Brown University School of Medicine, said: "At this age, especially before the age of 37, the hope of pregnancy is relatively large."At the age of 35, most women had 15 % to 20 % of the opportunity to get pregnant within a given month.This may mean 78 % of the chances of conception in a year.

But the age of 35 seems to be a rapid fertility rate.The risk of Tang’s syndrome or abnormal pregnancy. "After 35 -year -old women were pregnant, the abortion rate was 25%, and the risk of Tang’s syndrome became approximately 1/378.

About 30 % of the 35 -year -old women may take one year or longer to get pregnant.If you still can’t get pregnant after 6 months, please find an expert for testing.Internal fertilization is a auxiliary reproductive technology with smaller invasion, which may be useful, but in vitro fertilization may also be an excellent treatment option.

40 to 44 years old

As the age increases, the quality and quantity of eggs will decrease.At this stage, it will face some challenges, making it more difficult for conception and pregnancy.

Dr. Copipman said: "By the age of 40, 90 % of a woman’s eggs were abnormal chromosomes." At present, the help of reproductive technology is becoming more and more common.EssenceSome reports say that as the age increases, endometrial problems have also increased.The endometrium becomes thinner, and the blood supply decreases with age, which makes it difficult for the eggs to implant.

The menstrual cycle close to menstruation will be shortened.(Menopausal is usually between 40 and 60 years old.) "This means that as the cycle is shortened, ovulation is generally shortened to about 9 days before the cycle."","

At this age, the experience of natural conception is to try every day before and after ovulation.A symptom close to ovulation is an increase in transparent cervical mucus.Ovulation prediction reagents are also helpful.If you have more than 3 months of conception, please seek medical treatment immediately.

For women over 40 years old, the success rate of conservative treatment with artificial insemination is low.The best choice is in vitro fertilization.If a 42 -year -old woman places five embryos, the chance of pregnancy will be 10 % to 20 %.

45 years old and over

At the age of 45, women’s pregnancy is not more than 3 % or 4 %.It does not mean that it is impossible to conceive naturally, but it is generally necessary to auxiliary reproductive technology, and in vitro fertilization is the most common.

From 46 to 50, Dr. Copipman said: "The remaining egg chromosomes are more likely to be abnormal, so it is important to screen before in vitro." The success rate is 0 % to 1 %.

How to improve fertility rates at various stages

No matter how old you are, you can increase the chance of getting pregnant every month by calculating the exact time of your ovulation.

"Ovulation usually occurs 14 days before the next menstruation, no matter how long your menstrual cycle is," said Dr. Bay.For example, if you have a 34 -day menstrual cycle, you ovulate around the 20th day; women with a menstrual cycle for 26 days will ovulation on the 12th day.No matter what day your ovulation period is, it is planned to try it within five days before ovulation and two days after ovulation.

Dr. Boer said: "When you start secreting a clear and slippery cervical mucus, you know that you are close to ovulation. This mucus starts from 1 to 4 days before the eggs are discharged." Another good predictive factorIt is an ovulation tool."When it shows that you are preparing to ovulate, try it in the next two days to catch up with the window period of conception. You have 24 to 36 hours to get this incident and make it in the best window period," Bye -byDr. Er explained.

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