Different pregnancy reactions in pregnancy are worthy of reference and reference for pregnant mothers

I am a Baoma, who lived in a real life in real life. Although I do n’t have a job, I have a mobile phone. Picking up a mobile phone to make money and paying debts is my only formal job. Today I will share with you my personal experience.Well, speaking of the reaction of everyone’s pregnancy during pregnancy is different, not to mention that there are three babies, how much courage is it, although I am also equivalent to those who have come from the ghost gate, now I am two times. NowadaysI accidentally conceived the third child. Although the country has opened a three -child policy, the high expenses of the preparation during pregnancy and my third child child can be counted as the medical insurance for the fourth child fertility., All the checkup and fertility costs have become the cost of paying for their own expenses, so now I regret that I have been married to find a second marriage husband.It is very, no one can help me. I have no mother -in -law to help bring the baby. I ca n’t expect how much I can help me. Many people admire my courage.The courage to come, in fact, I don’t have any courage, but when I am pregnant, I can only take a step and take it one step. In fact, I have to go to the hospital or have a flow of people.I believe that there is no painless abortion. Although my family and husband also persuaded me to do it, I can’t afford it, but I insist on giving birth to the child. I admit that I do n’t have a job.90

The rear hind legs, but China has entered the point where the population ages are aging. At present, the country has also opened a three -child policy and gives some preferential policies and education allowances in order to increase the fertility rate of the population.It is only a hundred dollars in a hundred dollars. Although this preferential policy is simply a nine cattle, even if the cost of the entire pregnancy inspection during pregnancy is simply, even if you add the childcare of childcare, and the country from the kindergarten and the primary school to the junior high school.The child’s entire life education is still only a state of Ji Niu Yimo. After all, the kindergarten tuition fee is about 1500 yuan per month. If you do not report other interest training courses, it is basically the price. This is only the first month’s tuition fee.It has contained the child’s school uniform and food fees. In the second month, it is about 750 yuan more than about 800. Generally, it does not exceed 800.

Occasionally, there will be more than a dozen dollars of teaching and auxiliary materials to invest. For example, the kindergarten’s unified album lottery handmade handmade materials are made of teaching and auxiliary investment costs. In the futureMy educational expenses of Dabao’s son now, the response to the pregnancy during pregnancy is different. When the son of Huai Dabao’s son is not very obvious, and there are not many disgusting nausea.It feels that there is basically no pregnancy, but when I got off the plane when I went to Chongqing during the two months of pregnancy, I got off the plane and took a taxi. The air in the car was not very hot.I ca n’t spit it out, and when I was reverse, I vomited again after getting off the plane and then I did n’t vomit much. I was just nausea and vomiting.In severe, but there is no feeling of appetizing or not. In the second trimester of pregnancy, the pregnancy diabetes and umbilical umbilical were found. Although Dabao’s son also had the symptoms of examination of the umbilicus before birth, it was good.After birth after birth, there are only pediatric jaundice, but the mother and child are still safe. The second child is not the same.There is no instructions for the umbilical umbilical instructions on the super order.Preventing the elderly, the daughter is the loved man of his father’s previous life.I don’t have any formal job. Don’t say that my parents’ pension problems. I am very difficult to support myself. I have to rely on my parents to help to maintain my life state. Otherwise, I can hardly raise myself.Born, I also had a lot of experience with Dabao. I bought milk powder without it and found that the condition of jaundice was not born, and I found that there was a high cost of jaundice and the heating box.All the costs are expensive. When the two treasures are born, the medical insurance reports the fertility and hospitalization fee of 2,000 yuan. It is okay to pay only more than 3,000 points.The third child is counted as a fourth child and cannot receive the permit permit.Especially women with two marriage and three marriages, but this is not exactly the case. Whether you can report the account depends on whether the other party has had a child before. If the other party has two fertility before divorceHe belongs to divorce and I belong to a child before the marriage and marriage, so after remarried, the second child could not report the medical insurance. Only one child can be reported to medical insurance!The second child we gave birth suddenly became a fourth child when filling in the form. Obviously I only gave birth to three children, and his child had nothing to do with me and did not call my mother.He is delivered at the end of the elderly, and each of the children I give birth to his father must call his father. He can expect that the child who is born can be expected to give him the end of the elderly.Yes, my husband and ex -wife have a mother, and I am not even more expected to have her stepmother. Why does her appearance rely on my three -child number of my child to make my child change from a third child to a four -child newspaper.If you ca n’t get the cost of medical insurance, you must pay at your own expense. After the medical expenses have given birth to a child, after the child is waiting for the child, I will rely on my husband to come back. Why is it because he makes me feel so wronged? To be honest, I am the marriage of the money.Every time I take a step, I do n’t want to suffer a loss every time I take a calculation and do n’t be afraid of other people’s jokes, because no one can suffer the pain of another person, and I no longer believe that love will be sunny.Believe in love, because in real life, many people are all losing the money and the money. The money is very good, so I chose the marriage of the money, because the pressure of money and the family’s pressure is great.I promised to marry him, not because of love. We did n’t have love to introduce the knowledge at home, so we had to flash marriage and flickering.Nowadays, the reaction during pregnancy during pregnancy is also more serious than the first two babies. I am nausea and nausea without appetite during early pregnancy. I especially want to eat spicy foods like pickled pepper phoenix claws or pickled bamboo shoots.I have never appeared in the two children in front of both children, but pregnant women can not eat more for pickles or bamboo shoots or bamboo shoots, so I don’t dare to eat more.I ca n’t open my stomach and have no appetite and appetite. When it comes to fruit pregnant, I especially like to eat strawberries, because I still remember that I buy strawberries every time I buy more than three or four kg.For three to four days, the family members helped me share a little bit, because I bought the family who bought the strawberries I bought, and I couldn’t say that I would not give my parents and grandmother or a guest at home.Relatives and friends eat one. When they are pregnant with a second child, they also like to eat strawberries but they like it when they are not pregnant, but they may buy pomegranate because pomegranate is cheaper than strawberries. I remember I bought 10 at one time.The pomegranate of three kilograms of pomegranate is full of a large clinical pocket pocket to come home to eat. The pomegranate is earlier than the strawberry listing. The Mid -Autumn Festival has passed when the strawberry is listed.Seeing the season, maybe strawberries and some are not yet mature. Still growing in the farmer’s land, there is no bright red mature coat in the farmer’s land.Strawberry is not mature yet. September and October are the days of the Mid -Autumn Festival. Although I can’t remember the date, I just remember the about the date, but I am not confused.Season,It is also the season when I eat strawberries. Based on the season of strawberries in December, it is only one or two months away from the Mid -Autumn Festival in December and October in December.When I was pregnant for three pregnancy, I like to eat horseshoe. Although strawberries also eat it, I do n’t want to eat it when I buy it. It may be a bit of a reason for no appetite.Horseshoe is also cheaper than strawberries, but this year the difference between horseshoe and pomegranate is not large. It has not been washed six kilograms of the mud horseshoe, and washed seven or eight kilograms of horseshoe.It is not fixed, that is, one price a day. Sometimes supermarket activities will be cheaper to do special prices, but it is about a price, which is between 6.9-9.9. Generally, 7.9 or 8.9 is the normal price.If the horseshoe is also sweet, can I also say that I like to eat sweetly, but I usually like to eat sweet and sweet things. I may like to eat sweetness according to the usual dietary habits.If this is the case, the strawberry sour pomegranate sweet horseshoe is also sweet.As a result, the son was a daughter, and the three -child response was estimated to be a daughter, but my husband wanted a son. I did n’t care about the same children and daughters.My surname is good, because his ex -wife was also a daughter, and the children we gave birth to after remarriage, my daughter, so seeing my son, he wanted to have a daughter without him, because he felt that his family had only one son.Both sisters on it are also children who marry out. They also have the surname of others. He has no brothers. If there is a brother, the child born to the brother is their incense, and their family will not break the generation.The incense, because there is no brother, he is particularly like a son, so I think he always wants to let me be killed, but I didn’t get it. Because it was painful, I had to hurt me once.I chose the child to be born. I do n’t consider the problem of heavy economic pressure at home. I only consider that my body has to hurt once. I have a pain of abortion or abortion.How can I do the flow of people?It hurts to hurt my body in the morning pain and pain!There are various reactions of three babies of having three babies. As for giving birth to boys and girls, it is not important, but the various reactions of pregnancy and having a third child still make me a bit unbearable. Just like I will calm down nowIt is also because I will also search for the response measures during pregnancy during pregnancy. For example, I can not take medicine now. I can take something fast or what medicine is that pregnant women can take fast and effective foods or things.Because of this, I gave me the sharing I was experiencing a reference for the maternal treasure mother. I also hope that when I am uncomfortable during pregnancy, I can also provide me with the sharing of my pregnant mothers.The pain caused by the uncomfortable and the right medicine measures and treatment methods of the right medicine and the treatment method!After all, I dare not go to the hospital to see a doctor. As soon as the small clinic is afraid of the pregnant woman, I dare not give you an injection to let you go to the hospital. The regular hospital dare not see it.Postering medicine, the cost of checking from beginning to end is too high. Ordinary people can’t afford it at all.A series of examinations such as heart and other checks must be performed after the doctor can give you an injection and prescribing medicine. This set of complete inspections will not spend 500 yuan.A problem that can be solved by about 100 yuan!

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