Discovering pregnant?Congratulations!During the early pregnancy, you must do these tests first

Give birth like a game, like a game

Throughout pregnancy, you need to pass the form of a checkup

Layer -in

But do you know

Early pregnancy examination is actually a very important link

For the health of you and your baby

Early inspections must be paid attention to!


So in the face of various questions in the production inspection

Xiaobian will share a wave of early pregnancy examination knowledge for mothers

Let’s take a look together ~

Is the early pregnancy test paper accurate?

I have to say: In fact, the accuracy of urinary pregnancy test is about 40 %, and in most cases, only urinary pregnancy tests can not help whether the book is normal or abnormal.

Early pregnancy test strips cannot explain everything

When there are two shallow bars discovered

Can’t intuitively and accurately find out if you are pregnant,

At this time, you should go to the hospital for an early pregnancy examination


01 Why do you need early pregnancy examination?

Early pregnancy examinations are mainly to understand the basic health of the mother and determine whether the pregnant women have not found diseases before; to understand whether the development of the fetus is good;

02 Early pregnancy checkup importance

1. Determine whether women are pregnant

Early pregnancy examination can judge whether women are pregnant through blood HCG examination and B -ultrasound examination.B -ultrasound can also exclude the existence of abnormal pregnancy and preliminary judgment of pregnancy abnormalities.For women who do not want children, they can grasp the abortion time in time and terminate pregnancy as soon as possible; for women who want to continue childbirth, they can better be available and protect the fetus.

2. Timely eliminate hidden dangers of women’s bodies

Early pregnancy examination can ensure the accuracy of the examination, accurately detect the promoter gonadotropin in women, in order to accurately determine the pregnancy situation, timely eliminate some potential dangers in women’s body, and prevent accidents.

3. Understand women’s health status

Through early pregnancy examination, you can understand whether women suffer from gynecological diseases and whether they will affect the development of the fetus. Early diagnosis can prevent fetal malformation or premature birth.

When early pregnancy symptoms occur

Go to the hospital for inspection in time

So what are there any inspection items ~

Blood HCG

Determine whether women are pregnant by measuring HCG value in women’s blood.

The blood test HCG time is earlier than the urine test. Generally speaking, the blood test can be checked one to two days after the menopause.The best time for blood tests is the 8th to 10th after the husband and wife.Because the HCG value in the blood is high at this time, the detection is more accurate.

And the blood HCG not only tests the pregnancy, but also helps the abnormal pregnancy situation of part of the prompt, such as ectopic pregnancy.

Germone examination

The content of progesterone after pregnancy continues to increase with the increase of the gestational week. If the progesterone content is lower than the normal value and the test value is lower than the previous detection value, there may be abortion and embryo stopping.This inspection is essential.

B -ultrasound

The main purpose of B -ultrasound in early pregnancy is to determine living and intrauterine pregnancy.

In general, 40 days of pregnancy, most of them can see the fetal heart buds through B -ultrasound, determine the intrauterine pregnancy, eliminate ectopic pregnancy and nourishing cell diseases, estimate the pregnancy age, and eliminate the pelvic mass or uterine abnormalities.

Due to the physical condition of each mother

It is different from the development of the baby

Number of inspection and time

There will be different

Be sure to follow the doctor’s advice on time and check on time!

Dr. Chen warmly reminds expectant mothers to do the work of early pregnancy inspection, it can evaluate the health status well and find out the risks that may exist. Only by discovering the cause and then avoiding these factors as much as possible can the entire pregnancy process be even more pregnantSafe, healthy babies.

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