Do Dr. Liu say that I am pregnant, can I continue to raise pets?

There are many families who have raised pets for many years before preparing for pregnancy. These small animals are accompanied by their families, but the older generation often says that pregnancy cannot be raised. The bowworm or parasites on pets will be infected with pregnant women.Affect fetal health.

So, do you have to usher in a baby and your baby?The answer is not needed!Just pay attention to details, scientific breeding.

Cats are the only hosts that can be discharged from the body in vitro. Because the toxoplasma is a parasite in the cell, and only the cats who are infected with the toxoplasma infection will only pass the stool eggs in the first two weeks of infection, so as long as it is not exposed to contactCats’ feces will not have the risk of infection.

If your cats have always been raised indoors and eating cat food, it is impossible for you to suddenly infection with bow -shaped worms during your pregnancy.

After preparing for pregnancy, the task of shoveling and cutting nails will be handed over to the prospective father to take responsibility. The expectant mother can still stun cats at will.

Reminder: Since raw food and soil may contain bow -shaped hormone eggs, it is recommended that expectant mothers try not to eat raw cold foods such as sashimi, and do not engage in the work of the soil to avoid infection of Toxoplasma.

Unless you eat dog meat raw, dog raising dogs will not infected toxoplasma.

However, dogs raising dogs during pregnancy are more important about dog hygiene problems, especially oral hygiene.

However, it is difficult to develop a dog’s habit of brushing your teeth. You can usually touch the dog’s lips with your hands, then touch its teeth, and then brush it with your teeth. Choose the dog’s favorite toothpaste to increase the enthusiasm of the dog, Choose a soft hair toothbrush for babies.Generally, the dog will accept it slowly through the adaptation of 1-2 weeks.

Of course, these things are better to do.

It looks round, and the furry hamsters are also raised by many families, because hamsters cannot regularly perform vaccine deworming like dogs and cats like dogs and cats, and regularly check the bacteria in the body, so they need to pay more attention during the breeding process.

During the pregnancy, expectant mothers must regularly do various bacteria examinations, especially bowworms and giant worms. The indicators are normal and the problem is not big.Moreover, it is best to see a long view in the process of raising hamsters in expectant mothers instead of playing hamsters.

Finally, the family must regularly clean up the hamster and mouse cage and place the mouse cage in a ventilated place.Don’t get in touch with these things.When dealing with mouse cages and feces, you should avoid direct contact, and wash your hands as soon as possible after cleaning before you can contact the pregnant woman.

In short, the family who prepare for pregnancy does not need to send the pets directly. As long as you usually come into contact with cautious, do not hurt, do not touch the feces, you can get your pets with baby to get along peacefully.

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