Do I have to resign as a test tube baby?How can I get pregnant?

It is not easy to have children; for female friends on the test tube road, it takes more time and energy.However, many husbands and wives who are anxious to ask their children are facing the problems of mortgages, car loans, and the elderly for the elderly on both sides, and their work is not easy.Some families may be old because of their age, poor ovarian function, or poor semen quality. It may take more than two times to be a test tube baby.

To this end, many women are worried that the treatment time of IVF has conflicts with their actual work and time of life. It is difficult for them to take care of work and treatment, and even want to resign for pregnancy.

Do you want to resign?Let’s listen to what Dr. Joho Qiongxiu said!

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After listening to Dr. Luo Qiongxiu’s suggestion, do you know what to do?

So, how much time and energy will we take for test tubes?Today, I compiled a complete schedule for the test tube baby time schedule for you. You can reasonably arrange the time according to the therapeutic progress of the IVF, so that you can get pregnant and get pregnant!

Generally, an IVF cycle includes pre -test tube examination → archives → lowered → promotion → egg retrieval → transplant → pregnancy testing for several stages. The specific time is as follows:

1. Preliminary inspection and archives of test tube

Both husbands and wives must do a full set of inspections, which can be basically completed for 1 day.3-7 days after the man’s empty stomach and ejaculation, you can complete all the examinations at the hospital once.The woman’s inspection needs to be arranged twice: 2-4 days of menstruation and non-menstrual period.Both inspections need to be empty.

When building a file, you need to bring your ID card and a marriage certificate for registration and review, which takes less than half a day.

2. Turning up and ovulation -promoting stage

About 1 month.Different treatment plans are formulated according to the specific situation of each couple.The conventional scheme is that the woman starts to use the medicine on the 21st day of the luteal period, that is, the menstrual period, which makes the internal gonad hormone at a low level. The menstrual period is about 8 days of medication. On the 3-7 days of menstruation, the muscle injection of follicle development is started.After 3 days, B -ultrasound monitor the development of follicles and regulate the dosage.

During the promotion period, women need to go to the hospital to monitor the size of follicles, which takes about half a day at a time.

3. Egg removal, essence, embryo body cultivation

For about 10 days in the application of follicle development drugs, regularly review the B -ultrasound and hormones, adjust the dosage of the drug, and inject HCG when the follicle grows to the required large hour, and arranges egg retrieval surgery 36 hours after that.

At this time, the vaginal dome puncture can be taken out of the eggs under B -ultrasound. The analgesic needle is injected half an hour before the operation. The surgical damage is small, and it is completed in 20 minutes.Egg take is fast and does not affect work, but you need to observe the symptoms of egg retrieval. If you have any discomfort, please seek medical treatment immediately.

When women take eggs, men take sperm.Put the essence of eggs in a special medium, and in vitro fertilization, the training results are generally notified for about 3 days.

4. Transplantation stage

If fresh embryo transplantation can be performed, doctors will perform embryo transplantation on the 3rd day or 5th day after the egg retripping. The fertilized eggs that meet the requirements are prepared to be transplanted, and the remaining high -quality embryos can be frozen and stored.

During transplantation, the doctor uses a very fine embryo transplantation pipe. The best embryo is moved into the mother’s uterus through the cervix. According to the age, embryo quality and the ending of the previous IVF, the number of embryos is decided. Usually transplantation 1-2 embryos.After transplantation, you can return for half an hour and continue to support the treatment.

5, luteal support

Due to the use of a excitement/antagonist and ovulation -promoting drug, and the loss of follicle particles caused by egg retrieval, women usually have lack of luteal function in the egg retrieval cycle./support.If there is no pregnancy, stop sugar ketone, wait for menstruation.If you are pregnant, continue to apply progesterone according to the situation.

6. Determination of pregnancy

The serum HCG is determined about 14 days after embryo transplantation to determine whether it is pregnancy.After 28 days after the embryo transplants, the vaginal ultrasound examination is determined to determine whether there is an intrauterine pregnancy and whether there is a fetal heart.

If it is not successful, the next transplant can be performed after 1-2 months.

There is no need to resign as a test tube.IVF is generally treated for outpatient treatment and do not need to be hospitalized.Under normal circumstances, it takes about 2-3 months from the examination to the treatment of treatment. The number of women in the hospital in the treatment is more than 8 to 10 times in the treatment.Due to personal physical differences, doctors will formulate different solutions, so it is difficult to determine the specific time arrangement in advance, and the leave is inevitable.However, the treatment during the cycle does not affect normal work. Even if you need to retract the blood drawing test to do the B -ultrasound, it can usually be completed in one morning.

After IVF transplants, they can also work normally.It is important to maintain a good attitude. The state of relaxing is conducive to the bed and growth of the embryo. For female friends who work, work can relax more than staying at home.As long as you should avoid heavy physical work in work and life, you can maintain appropriate activities.There is no need to rest for a long time to avoid thrombosis.

Therefore, it is not necessary to resign to be a test tube baby.It is recommended that female friends are not too busy to work, try not to resign and prepare for pregnancy, put aside the pressure of money.Success rate.

Modern social life is under great pressure. Many women in the workplace delay the best age of childbearing for their careers. I want to be a IVF, but they are worried that they cannot take care of work and treatment.

In fact, the schedule time of the test tube cycle is relatively fixed. Each time the clinic is retracted, the doctor will arrange the next time to retract. As long as you understand the precautions before the test tube baby, arrange the time, we can fully take into account work and test tube treatment.

Therefore, female friends who have fertility needs, do not delay time because of these concerns. To know that time is passing, there must be opportunities for giving birth to children. Don’t wait until you are old, you ca n’t give birth, and finally leave it!

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