Do I need to do a marriage check?Ignoring the marriage inspection, you may have to bear 3 risks

Once, marriage inspection must be done.

The "Regulations on Marriage Registration Management" implemented on February 1, 1994 and the "Maternal and Baby Health Care Law" implemented on June 1, 1995 stipulated that the parties applying for marriage registration should submit a pre -marital health check certificate during marriage registration.

By 2003, the system of mandatory marriage inspection system was over, and now people can get married without marriage.

Since then, a family ethics drama with dog blood and passion has been born:

Wedding check, do you do or do it?

Don’t do it, buried a mines.If you have any problems in the future, even if you caught the child, who do you rely on?

Do it, check if there is a problem, and get married?

As a person over, Sister Miao wants to say to those who have not married, they must have a marriage inspection.Because you do n’t have a marriage check, you will never know what kind of residue is your pillow!

Xiaoling is 26 years old. She just entered the marriage hall, and she has a happy expectation for future life.Before marriage, Xiaoling had a pre -marital examination, and everything showed normal.But Xiaoling’s husband did not do it. Xiaoling didn’t think so much at the time, and did not force him, thinking that the marriage inspection was nothing more than checking the fertility.

One day after marriage, Xiaoling packed the documents at home and found a hospital test sheet with his name -HIV detection.Seeing "negative" on it, I picked up my mobile phone online inquiries, my hands were trembling.It wasn’t until the discovery of negative representatives that Xiaoling was relieved.

"If you really love her, want to marry her and live for a lifetime, how can you care about the trivial matter of marriage inspection?"

The marriage examination is the first step in the marriage hall of men and women. It ignores these inspections and may launch "mines" for future life.

Ignoring the marriage inspection will bear 3 risks

1. Increase the birth rate of defects

In 2017, the Maternal and Child Health Center of the my country Disease Control and Prevention Center released a research report showing that my country’s marriage check rate is low, and the incidence of defects in newborn births has increased.During the mandatory marriage checkup, the national marriage check rate can reach 60.9%, but the marriage check rate after the cancellation of the mandatory marriage inspection has dropped to 2.6%, but the incidence of defects has continued to rise, reaching 14.9%by 2010, an increase of 70.9%by 70.9%Intersection

There are at least 900,000 defects born in my country each year, and experts point out that in fact, 70%of birth defects can be prevented by marriage inspections.

2. Concealing sexually transmitted diseases

Some people know that they have diseases, but in order to marry the other half, they are unwilling to get a marriage inspection.For example, common sexually transmitted diseases syphilis, although rarely detected in the marriage examination, the incidence of syphilis during pregnancy has increased. This situation not only affects the spouse, but also endangers the next generation of health.

Zhang Beichuan, a member of the former HIV Expert Committee of the Ministry of Health, said in an interview that because there was no marriage inspection, one party concealed the fact that the other party had AIDS, and eventually it was not uncommon to transmit to the spouse after marriage.

3. Parents infect their children infection

If you are pregnant without a marriage, you may also bring some infectious diseases you do n’t know to the next generation, such as hepatitis B virus is common.Many people think that they are usually good, there is no need to do a marriage check, and the next generation is unfortunately infected and regrets.

Qingdao Daily reported that in 2004, Mr. Hou and his wife were detected to suffer from hepatitis B, and the son of the just -full moon was diagnosed with hepatitis B virus carriers, and they regretted not performing a marriage test.If a marriage examination was conducted at the time, he could avoid fetal infection by taking hepatitis B immunoglobulin while he was pregnant.

It can be seen how important marriage checks are.For those who have not yet done a marriage inspection, it is relatively unfamiliar with the marriage inspection items. Some people think that ordinary medical examinations are the same as marriage inspections. In fact, it is not.

Marriage check, check these 4 aspects:

The first is infectious disease examination.The blood test in the general medical examination is the blood routine, and the infectious disease cannot be found.The marriage examination requires other common infectious diseases, such as syphilis, AIDS, hepatitis B, etc.

The second is the inspection of the raw ZHI organs.Checking whether the ZHI organs have deformities or diseases, they can be discovered through marriage inspections for no fertility or suspension of fertility.

The next step is to screen genetic diseases.In order to ensure the health of the next generation, there will be a screening of the genetic diseases of both parties in the marriage examination, such as G6PD deficiency, thalane, etc., Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan and other places are high -incidence areas of thalassemia in the Mediterranean.

The last project of the marriage check is to ask the medical history.Understand whether the two sides have a history of the past, whether the two parties are close relatives, etc., especially the infectious diseases, genetic diseases, and mental illness that will affect fertility.

Before the marriage check, you must also pay attention to the following things:

When choosing the date of the marriage check, women should avoid menstrual periods. It is best to conduct a marriage check three days after menstruation;

Before the marriage inspection, it is necessary to suspend sexual life for 3-7 days, which can avoid affecting semen and vaginal secretions;

The day before the marriage check should be light, do not stay up late, do not smoke and drink. On the day of the wedding examination, it needs an empty stomach.

There are free marriage checks in many places now. You can consult the documents and marriage check processes you need to carry in advance, or you can also choose a hospital wedding check package.For the next generation of health, the newlywed couple should not refuse the marriage inspection.

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