Do not ignore the hazards of the end during pregnancy

Kunming Information Port · Kunming Daily reporter Cai Xiaolei’s teeth and pregnancy, the two seem to be not much related.In fact, Xu Biao, the dean and professor of the Yunnan Provincial Stomatological Hospital (Affiliated to the School of Stomatology at Kunming Medical University), reminded the women to prepare for pregnant women. Before preparing to conceive their children, in addition to checking their physical health, they must go to a regular hospital to check the dentist.In particular, the potential harm caused by the end of the end (wisdom teeth) to pregnancy.

Severe toothache or death of pregnant women

"Toothache is not a disease, it is a life pain." This is a proverb, but in the perspective of the dentist, toothache can really cause patients to die.Among them, the end of the end is inflamed, which will cause systemic shock in severe cases, causing patients to die.

End with the end, which is called "wisdom teeth" in stomatology, also known as obstructing tooth, and third grinding teeth. It is the latest teeth in human mouth.Xu Biao said that with the evolution of food and the evolution of human evolution, human jaw bones no longer need strong chewing power and gradually become smaller.The size of the teeth and teeth often have insufficient space between the teeth, thereby forming a dislocation of wisdom teeth and germination, and inflammation of the soft tissue around the crown, which is often said by the people often said.

A pregnant woman affects eating and brushing her teeth because of her endless inflammation.Toothache is terrible. In desperation, she can only go to the hospital for help. The available medication will cause the baby to be affected in the belly. If the adults do not use the medicine, the oral doctor will be in a dilemma …Such a scene will happen.Xu Biao reminded not to underestimate a small end of the teeth. If you do not look at the dentist during pregnancy, the correct treatment will exclude hidden dangers, which may bring serious harm to pregnant women and children.

When the end is the most severe inflammation, it may cause pregnant women and children to die.Xu Biao introduced that wisdom tooth periacitis is a local inflammation. If it is not treated in time, further deterioration may cause oral and maxillofacial honeycomb tissue inflammation, resulting in pregnant women’s mouths and facial swelling and pain.Furthermore will cause a systemic shock. If the rescue is not timely, it will cause pregnant women and children to die.

Toothache during pregnancy is generally only physical therapy

During pregnancy, it is not suitable for taking drugs, especially for three months of pregnancy, but if the end is inflamed?Xu Biao reminded that no matter what the situation is, after the end of the dental inflammation, you should go to a regular dental hospital for examination and treatment in time, and avoid suffering from pain and taking medicine randomly.

Two months after pregnancy, Ms. Song’s end of her end suddenly swollen and pain.The severe pain made her sleep all night.In desperation, she could only go to the hospital for help. The doctor from the Yunnan Stomatological Hospital told her that the pre -pregnancy examination ignored the end of the examination. Generally, the babies of Huaibao should remove the end of the safety hazard.Today, toothache can not be used after pregnancy. It can only be used for physical therapy. By cleaning the gums, infiltrating with salt water, and applying ice packs, reducing teeth pain.After the pregnancy is over, consider surgical removal.Xu Biao said that, according to the patient’s condition, once the condition is serious and endangers the safety of pregnant women’s life, only surgery and drug treatment can be selected.

In addition, some patients eat some antibiotics when they are inflamed at the end, causing antibodies in the body.When you go to the hospital for treatment, the drugs used by doctors cannot effectively eliminate inflammation and pain, and it will also cause trouble for treatment.Xu Biao suggested that in order to avoid the adverse effects of dental diseases and diagnosis and treatment on the fetus during pregnancy, potential hidden dangers should be excluded before pregnancy.In addition, the good habit of brushing your teeth correctly after meals and rinsing mouthwash is often used after meals.If you have dental diseases during pregnancy, you should treat the dentist aspect as soon as possible.

Not all end tooth must be pulled out

So is it necessary to remove all end teeth?Not that.Xu Biao believes that according to the different personal circumstances, the end of the end must be removed and can be retained.

Li Xiaohui, 24 years old, has an end. It was inflamed and hurt once.When medical treatment, the doctor suggested to remove it; relatives and friends at home believe that the head of the head will damage the nerves, and he will be in dilemma for a while: not removing, fearing that the end of the teeth will be inflamed again, and the severe pain will seriously affect daily life and work.Nerves, causing bad effects.

In three cases, the end of the end does not need to be removed.Xu Biao said that the endless end of the teeth does not need to be managed. It only has one tooth root, which does not affect the chewing of the teeth, and it will not be inflamed, so it does not need to care about it.It will not affect the teeth next to it, and the position is very positive. This endless teeth do not need to be removed; the end of the ends that will not be inflamed or do not often inflammation do not need to care about it.

Conversely, it is often inflamed; in the state of leaning and horizontal state, it will cause loosening the teeth next to the side; the end of the teeth that often bite the meat or grind the cheeks should be removed.In addition, in the process of orthodontic teeth, dental doctors will also remove the end of the teeth according to the patient’s different situations.

Generally, the permanent teeth and end teeth will not grow again, which will affect people’s life, and patients should choose cautiously.Before the tooth extraction, the patient should go to a regular dental hospital for a film inspection, judge the situation of the teeth and roots, and reduce the risk of tooth extraction.

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