Do not let anesthesia back in postpartum back pain

In the outpatient clinic, patients who have postpartum waist pain, especially mothers after childbirth analgesia or after caesarean section, and most mothers think that their low back pain is caused by anesthesia anesthesia.In fact, this is wrong to the anesthesiologist.

Judging from our many years of clinical diagnosis and treatment experience, although there are many reasons why these mothers have caused back pain, they are mainly two major causes. One is lumbar muscle strain, and the other is lumbar disc herniation.

Lumbar muscle strain is the most common

During October’s birth, especially in the late pregnancy, the expectant mother’s abdomen should hold a few pounds of babies every day. After a long time, it will cause lumbar muscle strain.In addition, mothers often hold their children and feed their children after giving birth, which will aggravate lumbar muscle strain and lead to low back pain.Coincidentally, anesthesia doctors often puncture and injections on the back of the mother’s waist, so some mothers think that their low back pain is caused by anesthesia anesthesia.In fact, in most cases, it is really not the fault of anesthesiologists, but because of long -term waist tiredness.

The ligament is relaxed and prone to lumbar disc herniation

During the pregnancy, due to the increase in progesterone, it can cause the relaxation of the body ligament. When the pregnant woman is bent over, it can easily lead to lumbar disc herniation and cause back pain.This kind of low back pain is accompanied by leg pain and radiation pain to a certain part of the leg.This kind of low back pain is not caused by anesthesia anesthesia anesthesia, but also related to long -term bending damage.

How to avoid and reduce low back pain after delivery?There are usually several aspects that need attention:

1. Avoid sitting for a long time, put a cushion on the back of the waist when sitting;

2. When holding the child, hold your waist, or sit back on, and take a rest for a while at the same time to avoid bending and lift heavy objects;

3. Frequent exercises tight waist;

4. Pain in the pain in the lumbosacral area hot or physiotherapy;

5. Avoid the waist cold;

6. When the pain is severe, you can take the pain to relieve pain in orally.

To achieve the above points, it can usually avoid or reduce low back pain and gradually achieve cure.If low back pain must not be relieved, and even leg pain, it is recommended to go to the spine surgery clinic or orthopedic dedication to see the doctor at the spine disease to see if it is caused by other reasons to obtain timely and accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Text/Du Mingkui (Beijing Electric Power Hospital)

Source: Beijing Youth Daily

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