Do not use the symptoms of colds to use the medicine by yourself. Pay attention to the ingredients of the drug.

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Perhaps, adults had a cold and took medicine. In fact, they had to do work for hard work. Later, they slowly evolved into a "medicine and dependence" thinking.Thinking of the media, I once asked me, I hope I recommend a child’s cold medicine and say a big brand!Go to CCTV!I said that only those who can go to CCTV advertisements can only prove that the money of his family does not mean true science.

Recently, there were rushing drugs to be taken to the hospital.The most common thing is that heating medicine and cold medicine are taken together.A screenshot was circulated yesterday as follows:

The "cold medicine" that ordinary people say usually refer to "compound cold medicine". Simply put, a pill contains a variety of drugs (ingredients), which can be used for multiple symptoms such as fever, throat, nasal congestion, coughing, sputum, etc.It is very powerful, and behind the powerful is that even if there is no relevant symptoms, there are no different drugs at the same time.

Sometimes, I do n’t want to understand that the Chinese people shouted “the medicine is three -point poison”, while choosing “compound cold medicine”, and even when he can heal, he still took the initiative to take more drug components.

It may be that the marketing of cold medicine for decades is really good!The merchant guides the people to pursue full -time efficiency, and to promote the name and efficacy of the product. The patient does not understand the true meaning of "compound". He believes that he only takes "a pill" and "a drug", and it is not to understand the names of different commodities.The ingredients and proportion are different … Patients seek good intentions, superimposed (at the same time) take different drugs. The dose of certain drugs is too much, and the body temperature is too low, or the convulsions occur, and the liver loss occurs …

I oppose any unnecessary drug use!If you do not affect daily life, you can actually do not do the symptomatic care.As long as it is not seriously affecting sleep and diet, there is generally no need to take medicine.Once you severely affect sleep and diet, you need to take medication. Which symptoms can be used for and which symptoms can be used.

It is necessary to know, no matter which disease, in most cases, we are nursing and medication for symptoms.The purpose of all the care or medication we do is to make the human body feel more comfortable and let the disease go in a good direction!

Finally remind you [Symptoms of cold fever, please avoid medication without help]:

Do not use antiviral drugs;

No antibiotics are not required without clearing bacterial infections;

It is not recommended to use compound cold drugs;

Infants and young children do not recommend oral hyperthyroidism (pseudo ephedrine and oxygen adrenaline);

Under 6 years old is not recommended to use antitussive drugs;

In addition, for the symptoms of nasal congestion and runny nose caused by a virus cold (non -allergen), the commonly used second -generation antihistamine drugs actually have no great help.

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