Do not want children’s husbands and wives, especially women, be sure to think about the results that may occur.

I have persuaded those young couples who do not want children, especially women who do not want their children, and must consider it.(Story sharing from netizens)

My husband and I are free to fall in love and get married in their 30s.

Both of us have a restless heart. They always want to do something. They don’t want to work for others in this life. After a discussion, we resigned and opened a snack shop.

He said that he had thought about the world of the two, and I watched my parents busy for their children in my life. I felt too tired, and happened to have such an idea.

In this way, the two of us determined that we only enjoyed the two -person world in this life, and we would not have children in our lives!

We both put all their energy on our careers, opened a store, bought the goods in the early days, and then processed and sold again. After years of hard work, we opened another shop!

With the steady rise of our careers, our wealth is constantly accumulating, with our own house and our own car.

As he was getting older, when he was just 40 years old, he said with a joke: "Otherwise, we will have a child."

I said, "Isn’t this good now?" He didn’t mention it afterwards, we still spend the world of two people as usual.

Until the age of 48, he said that he wanted a child very much. If I disagree, I could only break up.

But my age is too big. Coupled with the hard work in the past few years, it may be tired. The possibility of natural conception is basically gone. The most important thing is that I do n’t want to have a child.agree.

In this way, we divorced.In terms of money, he did not treat me at a loss, and he should give me all when you broke up.We are a peaceful breakup.

Soon, he got married, and the second year of marriage gave birth to a fat boy.

Sometimes I was thinking that if a few years earlier, he proposed to be a child, and his attitude was firm, maybe I agreed.

The above is a story sharing from netizens!

Personal feelings: People will change. Now the idea does not mean 10 years later, 20 years later, but the current ideas and practices will affect the living conditions of 10 years, even 20 years later

There are also a few couples around me. When I was young, I planned to have a two -person world in my life, but there were few insistence on the end. Many of them gave birth to children from the age of forty.Essence

The only couple heard that they tried their best to want their children, but in the end, they didn’t want to go. Now it is more than 50, and the last two have given up, and it is natural.

From the perspective of fertility, men’s advantages are obviously greater than women.Women’s golden fertility age is so old for more than 20 years.If you miss it, you may really regret it for a lifetime.

Therefore, for a child, we must think about it, think about it, use the bottom line of thinking, think about what the worst result is, can it be acceptable, and then work hard.

Happy life!

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