Do n’t go to the funeral after pregnancy after pregnancy. In fact, it is not superstition. There are 4 scientific basis

Do n’t go to the funeral after pregnancy, in fact, it is not superstition. There are 4 scientific basis.

Ms. Li is the only woman at home, and her childhood playmate is not as many as her cousin, so the relationship between the two is very good.But Ms. Li’s cousin was very sad in an accident, but she kept hiding Ms. Li.Ms. Li, who did not know, was very happy every day because no one told her this matter.Moreover, Ms. Li also looked forward to his child who asked his cousin to drink full moon wine after the full moon was born.

Later, after giving birth to a child, Ms. Li learned the news from her mother -in -law’s population. At that time, Ms. Li was crying for several days.Thinking that he could not go to his cousin’s funeral and did not send his cousin’s last side, Ms. Li was very blame.

In fact, whether Ms. Li’s family or her mother -in -law hides the news of Ms. Li, because Ms. Li and 8 months after they were pregnant at the time, many people worried that Ms. Li was not good for the baby in the belly.Don’t tell Ms. Li this news.In fact, it is really not a superstition, but a very reasonable way to not go to the funeral.

First, the mothers of pregnant mothers are prone to huge fluctuations.After pregnancy, the pregnant mother needs to maintain emotional stability, but if you go to the funeral, such as the relationship between Ms. Li and her cousin is very good.The baby in it.

Second, the air does not circulate.There will be a lot of people participating in the funeral, and some people will smoke and drink on the banquet of the funeral. These flavors are not very good for pregnant mothers.

Third, pregnant mothers cannot rest in their hearts.It is easy to cause the pregnant mother to be exhausted by taking a walking station. Generally, when the funeral can take care of the pregnant mother at the funeral, and there are no relatively quiet and comfortable places to let the pregnant mother rest.In addition, pregnant mothers who attend the funeral will inevitably have to entertain with others.

Fourth, the scene is too chaotic.People who attend the funeral are generally very low, and even if the scene is too sad, the scene is out of control. If there are too many people participating in the funeral, it is also easy for pregnant mothers to have some accidents. This is difficult to ensure the safety of pregnant mothers.

Therefore, it is not a superstition for pregnant mothers to participate in the funeral, but very scientific basis.So, if the pregnant mother does not go to the funeral, do you think it is appropriate or not?

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