Do n’t take medicine first during pregnancy. Try these methods to let your body temperature be reduced

According to investigations, nearly 2%of children in my country have congenital malformations when they are born, some problems are relatively small, there is no big impact on children, and some of them are serious, such as heart malformations or Tang’s syndrome.The cause of malformations in the fetus, in addition to chromosomal abnormalities, is also related to the habit of mother, so mothers should pay great attention to their bodies during pregnancy, especially between 1 and 3 months of pregnancy.This period is caused by this period, so the mothers cannot be ignored in the early pregnancy.

Folic acid

At the second week of pregnancy, the fetus’s brain began to develop. 3 to 6 weeks was an important period for the development of the central nervous of the fetus. At this time, his brain cell proliferation was easily affected by teratogenic factors.As a kind of water -soluble vitamin, folic acid is an important substance involved in protein and nucleic acid synthesis. If the mother’s body lacks folic acid and affects the synthesis of these two substances, it is likely to cause the fetal brain or neural tube development.Pay attention to supplement folic acid.

Far away from tobacco and alcohol

After pregnancy, my mother has to stay away from tobacco and alcohol.If the mother is exposed to tobacco and alcohol, the nicotine in alcohol and cigarettes will be passed to the fetus through the mother’s body, causing the fetus to develop slowly, the nervous system of the fetus is affected, and the optic nerve development is inaccurate.EssenceTherefore, I hope that mothers can do not smoke and drink during pregnancy. In addition, people who stay away from smoking and drinking, especially those who love smoking, will be more harmful if the mother sucks second -hand smoke.

Don’t take medicine

During pregnancy, mothers should not take drugs, so after pregnancy, mothers should always pay attention to their bodies, do not let yourself be sick, especially do not let you have a fever.If the mother has a high body temperature and the duration is too long, it may cause the fetal nervous system to be damaged and increase the risk of abortion.If the mother has a careless fever, the temperature can take a bath or wipe the body for cooling with warm water. The fever is also possible. If the above methods are used, there is no fever.

Don’t make up

After learning that she was pregnant, my mother had to stop makeup.Because cosmetics contain heavy metals such as lead and mercury, it will be passed to the fetus through the capillaries and blood on the skin, which will adversely affect the fetus, which will even cause fetal abortion.If my mother wants to make up for at least the first three months of pregnancy, and choose a natural and healthy special cosmetics during pregnancy.

The health of the fetus should be the most concerned of the mother, so the mother must pay attention to the above things.

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