Do n’t treat cough when you are pregnant, see what type you belong to

Many expectant mothers cough at pregnancy, while holding their stomachs, they dare not cough hard, don’t mention uncomfortable.If you cough too much or too intense, the abdominal pressure increases, which may cause abortion or premature birth.What should pregnant women cough?

Cough is divided into cold, wind heat, pulmonary heat cough, etc., what to eat to relieve cough, there are many knowledge.Here is a method of coughing for Mama, let’s take a look together.

1. Wind and cold, cold, cough

Symptoms of cold cold: nasal congestion flows nose, feel cold, sweatless, spit white sputum, and white tongue coating.Sore all over the body, loss of appetite.

1. Steamed garlic water: Garlic is warm, and has a significant effect on the treatment of cold cough and kidney deficiency cough in the treatment of pregnant women. The method is very simple to take 2 ~ 3 pettae garlic, put it in a bowl, add half a bowl of water, put it in one in one,Steam the bowl in the pot, and then boil the fire and change it to slow fire for 15 minutes.

2. White radish honey: White radish honey has the effect of sweating and cold, cough and phlegm and phlegm.It’s easy to cook. Wash the radish and slice it. Add 30g of honey, 5 white pepper, and 2g of ephedra; steam for 30 minutes in the pot. Take it while hot and rest in bed.

Note: Do not use extremely cold foods while treating cold colds and coughing, such as persimmons, ravioli, field snails, crabs, bitter gourds, raw radish, watermelon, sugar cane, etc.

Second, wind, cold, cold, cough

Symptoms of wind and cold: The nasal congestion flows yellow nose, fevers, sweat, phlegm sticky or yellow, and slightly yellow tongue coating.Head pain, throat redness and pain.

1. Pipa: Pipa is cold, has the effect of moisturizing the lungs and phlegm, which is suitable for pregnant women with wind, hot cough, and yellow sputum, but must control the number.

2. Kumquat rock sugar: Wash the kumquat to pierce a few holes with a toothpick, add water and boil (water should be flooded with kumquat), and then slowly stew and cook.Each time you eat it warmly, it will have a certain effect on the wind and hot cough of pregnant women.

Note: Pregnant women with wind and hot cough are best not to eat hot foods such as lamb, dog meat, longan meat, pepper, silkworm pupa, black bone chicken, litchi and other hot foods.

Third, lung heat, cold, cough

Symptoms of lung heat and cold: fever, yellow sputum, flowing yellow nose, yellow greasy tongue coating, dry throat, dry stool, and yellow urine.

1. Radish pepper: radishes, 5 white pepper, 3 slices of ginger, 1 tablet for Chenpi, decoction for 30 minutes to drink twice a day, which has the effect of qi and cough.

2. Soy milk rock sugar drink: Soybean invasion and grinding juice and boil with rock sugar drink. Drink on an empty stomach every morning to clear the lungs and relieve phlegm, and have a significant effect on the treatment of lung heat cough.

Many pregnant mothers have the experience of coughing and dare not cough. Generally speaking, pregnant women have no impact on the fetus, but if frequent cough may increase the pressure of the abdominal cavity, inducing the possibility of abortion or premature birth.Especially serious ones should go to the hospital as soon as possible to see a doctor.

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