Do you choose to cure or not to treat toothache during pregnancy?



Many women have oral problems, oral odor, gum swelling and pain, etc. during pregnancy, these seriously affect their daily life, and even sleepy and eating.In view of the particularity of pregnancy, doctors often take conservative treatment.

Why is it susceptible to oral diseases during pregnancy?

After pregnancy, the increase in hormones in expectant mothers will cause gum congestion, swelling, and inflammation, so it is important to take care of oral health during pregnancy.So, what oral diseases are susceptible during pregnancy?

What oral diseases are susceptible during pregnancy?



Pregnancy itself does not cause gingivitis, but during pregnancy, as the estrogen and progesterone increases during pregnancy, the gums are more sensitive to stimulation and prone to infection;) Nothing will cause obvious symptoms of oral discomfort, but gingival inflammation and swelling will occur after pregnancy.Therefore, before pregnancy, local stimulus factors such as plaque and dental stones should be removed early.



After women’s pregnancy, the level of estrogen and progesterone in the body is very high, which will affect the oral environment. Usually mild inflammation in the oral cavity may develop into severe severe during pregnancy.During this period, many expectant mothers were worried that medication would hurt the fetus. Even if it was painful, she insisted that she would not be treated, which eventually led to severe oral diseases.

In fact, pregnant women suffer from oral diseases. Generally, doctors will consider that pregnant women give appropriate symptomatic treatment.4 to 7 months of pregnancy is a relatively safe period. During this time, pregnant women will not affect the development of the fetus.


Dental caries

Most people think that "tooth decay during pregnancy", even if the tooth decay does not care about it.In fact, this is a wrong concept, and pregnancy may not necessarily cavitation.Due to changes in the physiological and living habits of expectant mothers, and neglecting oral care, it is easy to cavities.

Some expectant mothers have a fierce pregnancy response, and they will vomit when they brush their teeth, which will stop or abandon brushing their teeth, which will cause gastric acid to stay. In addition, they usually like to eat acidic foods, which will significantly reduce the pH value of the saliva in the mouth, which will easily cause pregnancy during pregnancy.Tooth decay.


The root and crown that did not deal with before pregnancy

If there are residual roots or crown before pregnancy, it is not treated in time. After pregnancy, it is easy to cause gum swelling and pain due to inflammation around it.Therefore, if there are residual crowns, residual roots, or rhizome treatment before pregnancy, the teeth that have obviously have root lesions should be treated early, or tooth extraction or supplementing to avoid pain during pregnancy.


Smart teeth adorable

Some expectant mothers do not grow completely, which may cause surrounding gingival inflammation and increase the chance of dental disease.After the wisdom teeth are born, because most of the wisdom teeth are not positive, and at the innermost, brushing is not easy to brush, and food residues are easy to accumulate, causing inflammation.

How to do oral care during pregnancy?


Brush your teeth correctly, use your dental floss

The best number and time of scientific brushing is "three, three, three".It is brushed 3 times a day, 3 minutes after meals, and 3 minutes for each brushing.When brushing your teeth, you can choose toothpaste according to your own situation. If you brush your teeth during pregnancy, you can cause nausea and vomiting, you can use mouthwash.

When the mouth appears strange, you can clean the tongue coating by the way after brushing, and completely remove the food remaining on the tongue, which will help eliminate the odor in the mouth, and restore the tongue taste buds to the correct feeling of taste, instead of right to right to right right.The more food tastes, the heavier.

If you are worried that the teeth are not cleaned, or there are places that are not easy to brush, you can also use dental floss or dental floss.Dental floss can not only effectively remove the food residue debris of the gap between the teeth, but also clear the plaque and soft dirt in the teeth.


Drink plenty of water to rinse

Pregnant women can often rinse their mouths, remove the bad smell in the mouth, drink more warm water to remove the odor in the mouth, and pay attention to oral hygiene before and after diet, so that the unpleasant tone can now be avoided.


Avoid eating spicy and cold foods

In order to take into account the changes and hobbies of pregnant women, all kinds of sour, sweet, bitter and spicy foods can be consumed during pregnancy, but they should avoid eating too spicy foods to avoid causing stomach and stomach.Some expectant mothers eat too much spicy or too cold, not fresh food, which can cause severe diarrhea, and severe cases can also cause premature birth.


Check the teeth regularly

Check your teeth before pregnancy.If it is during pregnancy, there is still a last resort when you have to extract your teeth, and you choose to be carried out between 3 months and 7 months of pregnancy, because the first three crescent extraction of pregnancy can easily induce abortion and aggravate pregnancy. In the later periodCooperate, and if a more severe lesion occurs, it adversely affects the health of the mother’s fetus.

If you have stomatal inflammatory and oral inflammation, vitamin B2 should be fully ingested; gum bleeding and eating more foods rich in vitamin C.


Usually you can do up and down teeth movements

This will not only enhance the solidness of the teeth, but also increase the amount of saliva secretion, which has a sterilization and teeth effect.

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