Do you continue to work after pregnancy or resign home?Such a pregnant mother is still not working

Many women choose to resign at home after pregnancy. It seems that such women are always enviable. At least they do n’t have to squeeze buses and subways for work every day.What.

Some pregnant mothers even wait for the child to be born, and they started the housewife directly, away from the disturbance of the workplace.If it is you, you will choose to continue working after pregnancy, or resign home?

@: I have no reaction in the process of pregnancy, and I have no symptoms such as colds and fever, so I have always insisted on going to work.My colleagues were pregnant at the same time, my body has always been weak, and my daily pregnancy is also very good. I have no energy to work at all. I finally resigned.

I believe that many people can’t understand it, thinking that it is a manifestation of not going to work after pregnancy.In fact, only those who are pregnant know how hard pregnancy is.Some pregnant mothers will have a relatively serious pregnancy reaction. If they ca n’t eat, they will spit out even drinking.

Other pregnant mothers have poor physical condition and possibility of threatened abortion at any time, so doctors recommend rest in bed.These situations cannot continue to work because of physical reasons. Of course, some pregnant mothers are very good in family conditions. They just want to be comfortable and comfortable, so they choose to resign and go home.

@Nuo Nuo Mommy: Since my first child, I have never went out to work again. My mother -in -law said that I had to give birth to the child as long as I gave birth, and she was responsible for the rest.

Such a pregnant mother’s family conditions are relatively superior, and even if they do not go out, they have no economic burden.But for most families, there are still many places that need to be used. The child’s milk powder money, diapers, daily necessities, education funds, etc. are not small expenses.If you have stress, consider it carefully.

In addition to physical, family and other factors, there are some pregnant mothers who are willing to go to work and listen to what they say:

@: For more than a month when she is in my home, the whole person is going crazy. It is better to go to work.I am better than myself at home. I have nothing to do, thinking about it all day, and feels depressed.

@孕: Although I was working hard to work, I was still very happy.Because you can exercise your body on your way to get off work, so as not to let yourself grow meat all day long.And the company gave birth insurance, wouldn’t it give up this benefit if he resigned.

In fact, how do pregnant mothers choose, or according to their own circumstances, if there is no special reason in the body, you can choose to continue working, but if you need to keep your fetus or physical discomfort, pay more attention to rest.

Pregnant mothers, whether they work or not after pregnancy to judge the body and psychological factors!If you have any questions, leave a message to tell us ~

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