Do you dream during pregnancy? Dreaming of these congratulations on being a female baby

Although it is the same age when boys and women are all, whenever pregnant women are about to produce, we will still be curious about the gender of children.Today, Xiaobian analyzes this topic from the perspective of Feng Shui theory, and analyzes from the dream of Feng Shui from pregnant women. Everyone must not know that some dreams are foreshadowing the gender of the child!

Boys and girls always show them through some phenomenon, and the dream of fetal dreams is one of them.Some dreams indicate to have a boy and some dreams indicate that there are girls. Today, I will introduce to you what pregnant women will have girls.

Pregnant women dream of those animals will have girls

(1) Dreaming of a carp means that he will have a superb, beautiful, and wise daughter in the future.

(2) Pregnant women see the butterfly or butterflies dancing in their dreams, indicating that they have a daughter.

(3) Dreaming of pigeons will have a daughter in the future, dreaming of sparrows into the house or falling into the arms, most of them suggest that they will give birth to ordinary daughters.

(4) Dreaming of women during pregnancy suggest that she will have a beautiful daughter.

(5) Dreaming of the dragon tail during pregnancy, touching the dragon tail or holding the dragon body during pregnancy, it is a sign of giving birth to a beautiful daughter.

(6) Dreaming of a tiger into the house or hugging his dream, saying that he will have a smart daughter in the future.

(7) Dreaming of cows, docile cows, and ox without horn suggest that you want to have a daughter.

(8) When a pregnant woman dreams of a flower snake or a small snake, she hints that she will have a girl.

What kind of fruit will pregnant women dream of girls?

(1) Pregnant women dreaming of strawberries or tomatoes suggesting that she has a daughter.

(2) Dreaming of apples or getting cherries in a dream suggests that a beautiful daughter will have beautiful in the future

Pregnant women dream of which plants will give birth to girls

(1) If a pregnant woman dreams of plum blossoms, it implies that she has a daughter. If she accepts flowers or stands in the flowers in the blooming flowers in the dream, it implies that she will have a beautiful and lovely daughter in the future.

(2) The expectant mother dreamed that she would touch the willow tree, indicating that she would have a daughter.

What natural phenomena of pregnant women will have girls

(1) Dreaming that the moon enters the arms, indicating that she wants to have a daughter; if the moon in the dream is big and round, it means that the birth of the daughter will be versatile.

(2) Pregnant women dreamed that the waters, rivers, reservoirs, or the sea, which hinted that she was going to have a daughter.

(3) Dreaming of the vast field or flat ground implies that you want to have a daughter.

(4) Dreaming of Shuangcai Xia, implied that in the future, she has a daughter with a double -looking and blessed daughter.

Which gold and silver jewelery will have girls in pregnant women who dream?

(1) Getting gold jewelry or gold ring in the dream, indicating that she is going to have a beautiful daughter.

(2) Get cosmetics in the dream, indicating that a daughter who has a good appearance should be born.

(3) Dreaming of gems or holding doubles in your hand, implying that having a daughter.

What kind of food will pregnant women dream of giving birth to a girl

(1) Dreaming of cabbage implies a daughter.

(2) Dreaming of a small and long -sized people with a lot of sidelines, the chance of having a daughter is very high.

Affects the feng shui factors of boys and women

Although the times are different, men and women are the same. Having said that, even since ancient times, there is no concept of gender discrimination, but everyone has biased for everyone to have a boy and girl.Some people like girls, some people like boys, so how to solve it? Let me decrypt the factors of boys and feng shui.

1. Environmental factors

The environment is an important part of Feng Shui, which is usually called "the overall situation" in science.The changes in the environment have caused the proportion of boys and women.Chinese traditional science believes that the evil spirits around the house will affect the gender of the fetus. Therefore, choosing your own house in the place where the water is upper water.

According to reports, a foreign study also shows that the smoke produced by air pollution, burning sugarcane, and toxic substances used in agricultural production can cause the number of boys to be born.Because sperm carrying Y chromosomes is very sensitive to chemicals in the atmosphere, and its mortality is also high.According to satellite monitoring data, the more areas with burning sugarcane, the more the birth of the baby boy is declining.

2. Factors

The living room includes office.Chinese traditional science believes that if one year before pregnancy, the bedroom of men and women is on the east of the entire house, and the bed is also placed on the East and West, and the probability of giving birth to a boy will greatly increase.The same is true of the office. If the woman’s office is east, and the office chair is sitting east, the probability of having a boy will greatly increase.

3. Sleeping factors

The album reminds friends that traditional positioning requires: men and women sleep on the bed, they need to be carried out in accordance with the "men’s left and female", otherwise if they do not sleep and conceive at this position more than one year, the probability of giving birth to a girl will increase greatly.

4. Polycinity factor

Traditional Chinese numerology believes that acid and alkali will "choose" fetal gender.That is to say, women’s usual eating habits are related to the gender of future generations.Not only the pH of eating habits, but more importantly, the pH of women has become an important "barrier" for boys and women.Because the sperm that is finally combined with the egg is also different because of the different pH, it affects the gender of the fetus.

5, time factor

Chinese traditional science believes that women’s pregnancy is related to the gender of the fetus in any season; even when conceived is more related to giving birth to boys and women.This is what our ancestors realized thousands of years ago.It wasn’t until last century that West did not study and recognize this: German researchers tracked the birth records of the birth of 1946 to 1995 at the end of the last century, and compared the local temperature changes.

It was discovered that the local babies were the most birth month from April to June, and October was the month when male and female were born.Further analysis shows that the environmental temperature of the a month before the fertilized eggs, that is, the temperature of the environment where boys and girls are in the occurrence of sexual behavior, are an important factor affecting the baby’s gender.High -temperature environment is easy to create male babies, and low -temperature environments are easy to create female babies.

The reason why the temperature affects the sex of the baby is that the assumption of the researcher is that high temperature will affect the sperm X chromosomes and make it difficult for female babies to be born; low temperature will affect sperm Y chromosomes, so that male babies are not easy to birth.Chinese traditional science also believes that if it is a "full moon night" and at the time, the probability of a baby baby will greatly increase.

6. Emotional factors

The emotions of both men and women are related to the gender of the next generation. This is also the discussion of our ancestors as early as thousands of years ago.If men are too stressful to work, they often have girls; women are under pressure and often give birth to girls.This issue did not recognize the West in the last century.A Russian scientific research team conducted a study entitled "Gender Selection of Children before pregnancy" and published a dissertation. It concluded that the child’s gender depends to a large extent on whether the mood of the couple in the concerted time is consistent with whether they are in harmony.

A very important factor: if both two sons want a girl, it can be said that at this stage, it is basically those sperm with a female combination to pass the antigen network, and those sperm carrying the male combination are healthy even if they are physically healthy, it is also healthy, it is also healthy, it is also healthy, and it is also healthy, and it is also healthy.Can’t pass the antigen net.On the contrary, if the couple want boys at the moment they are pregnant, they are likely to have a boy after 10 months.

This mechanism also determines that the husband and wife have to be arranged in the same room, so that both sides can form a favorable factor in carrying a male group or a female group chromosome group.Women’s mentality also has a great impact on men, which also affects the level ofrogens.Therefore, both the gender parents of the children in the future are responsible, and they are the same.

In the end, in fact, there are too many requirements for boys and women, and there should be too many requirements for children’s gender.Everything is good. The so -called palms are meat. Why care about the difference between boys and girls.During pregnancy, we should pay more attention to the health of children, the health of pregnant women, and then think about it from the perspective of Feng Shui to bring good luck to pregnant women and fetuses!

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