Do you get sick after using a condom?Is the condom really safe?Two side effects, men and women should understand

Ms. Liu, Xi’an, Shaanxi, is 27 years old. She said that she had previously bought a box of well -known condoms in a convenience store.

But shortly after use, there was a sense of discomfort. I found that mold vaginitis was found in the hospital for examination.

Later, the local municipal supervision bureau involved in the investigation, and the results showed that the convenience stores involved did not record the sales condom.In other words, this box of condoms are indeed fake!

Whether Ms. Liu was infected with inflammation because of the use of fake condoms? We do not know, but how can it be worthy of consumers to protect their rights and accountability.

In fact, it is nothing new for condoms.

In December 2017, the Shanxi Yuncheng Police seized a group of nearly 2 million fake brand -name condoms hidden in 6 dens, with a case value of more than 5 million yuan.

In November 2018, the Zhejiang Cangnan Police cracked a large -scale production and sales of fake condoms, and seized more than 500,000 boxes of finished products and semi -finished fake condoms, including Durex, Okamoto, Jezbang and other brands. The total amount involved in the case was nearly near50 million yuan.

… …

The cost of counterfeiting condoms is low, and the price of pretending to be well -known brands is considerable and profits. So how do these fake condoms make?

According to media disclosure, the standardized production process requires that the production environment is safe and sterile, and the production environment of the "fake condom" has become a dirty production workshop.Soak in it, and then put them in a coating machine full of oil.

The condom does not undergo any disinfection, and it is stacked on the ground at will, which makes people shudder.

What is even more terrible is that many "fake condoms" even reached the real point of fake chaos, and they can’t distinguish them carefully.

The counterfeit condoms from the dirty and messy production workshop have not been disinfected. Once these counterfeit condoms are used, the quality may not be discounted by the quality of the contraceptive, and the effect of preventing sexually transmitted diseases is not good.Knittering can also induce gynecological diseases such as cervicitis and vaginitis.

So how do we usually distinguish between the true and false of the condom?You can distinguish it through "Three Watch, One Hear and One Dad".At first glance: Look at the outer packaging material and technology, the genuine outer plastic film is packaged, smooth and smooth, and the packaging is fine; while the outer packaging of counterfeit products is rough, loose, and the edges are not neat.Two look: See whether the identification text, patterns, and manuals on the packaging meet national norms, and text, symbols, digital pictures, etc. should be accurate and clear; third look: see if the medical device registration certificate number, product bar code, production license number, etc. are complete;A smell: The smell of the condom with the nose, the regular condom is generally no special pungent smell, and the fake and shoddy condoms may have a pungent smell.One dozen: dial the anti -counterfeiting phone on the packaging in time. If the phone cannot be turned on, it may be counterfeit products.

Of course, the most insurance method is recommended to choose the official direct store to buy.

Even with regular condom contraception, it is not 100%safe. At present, no contraceptive method is 100%effective contraception.

However, the contraceptive rate of condoms can reach 98%, which is significantly higher than that of emergency contraceptives (about 80%), in vitro exclusion contraceptives (about 78%), and safe period contraception (about 76%) and other contraceptive methods.It is slightly lower than oral short -acting contraceptive pills (about 99%of continuous medication), ligation (equal to 100%).

Moreover, the correct use of qualified condoms can effectively reduce the infection rate of hepatitis B virus and AIDS in the process of sex.

Although condoms are the "king of cost -effectiveness" for men and women’s contraceptives, there may be these two "side effects" in incorrect use of condoms.Allergens

The condoms on the market are mostly made of natural rubber and polyurethane materials. However, natural rubber is likely to have allergies. Once women have allergies, there will be itching and burning in private parts.Symptoms such as edema, men will have symptoms such as redness, tingling, and ulceration of the skin.Risk of accidental pregnancy

The condom does not mean that it will not be pregnant. According to statistics, more than half of the people are used in incorrect use of condoms, resulting in the reduction of contraceptive success to 70%, increasing the risk of accidental pregnancy.

In gender life, condoms can indeed have the effect of contraceptives. Safety is higher than that of contraceptives, but long -term use of condoms in women may cause the body to harm the following hazards.

1. It is easy to cause gynecological inflammation

Long -term use of condoms may make foreign material enter and stay in women’s vagina. It is more likely to be seen by gynecological diseases such as vaginitis and cervicitis. Therefore, remember to clean it in time after using condoms.

2. Affects the balance of vaginal system

After the oil on the surface of the condom enters the female vagina, it cannot be excreted in time. It may break the balance of the female vaginal system and affect physical health.

3. Easy to cause cervical erosion

The condoms will continue to rub the cervix in the cervical cervix during the popping, causing cervical oral damage, and the cervical injury is difficult to repair itself. In the long run, cervical erosion may cause cervical erosion.

4. Easy to allergies

Most of the condoms contain rubber ingredients. Some women are allergic to rubber and may have allergic reactions during use. Such a person is best to use a condom without using it or less.

5. Evil bacterial infection

Most of the condoms are added with fat. After these oils enter the vagina, they will remain in the vagina and continue to adsorb bacteria, resulting in the vagina more vulnerable to bacterial infection.

Constitution is a common way for men and women in daily life, but we must be alert to buying counterfeit condom products.In addition, the regular condom does not guarantee 100%contraception. Improper use may cause problems such as allergies and accidental pregnancy. Women may have a lot of harm for a long time. It is recommended to pay attention to avoiding risks.

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