Do you have a baby dream?It turns out that everyone’s baby dreams are almost the same!


At the same time, there is a second child now, and I told me this morning that I had a dream in the evening to play in a park, and many trees were full of peaches on the trees.Beautiful, it is very sweet to eat. The colleagues are discussing, saying that the second child must be a girl, and now he can double the children.

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So why do you have a baby dream?

The dream of fetal dreams is actually the dream of pregnant mothers. It is only because the dreaming people are more special, and they have nothing to do.It, just a ordinary dream …

But is the dream of fetal dreams accurately?Fetal dreams are also dreams. Dreams do not have such a powerful predictive effect. The gender of the baby, and even the baby’s past and present life, these things are not a dream that can convey decisions.

Netizen Cat: One day in January 2013, my husband told me that he dreamed that a little fat man was sitting on the ground and crying, calling his father and dad, and he hurried to hold the little fat man in the past.In February 2013, I used two pregnancy test sticks to test an apple seed into my belly.In November 2013, I gave birth to a thin little boy. One month later, he blowed himself up and successfully transformed into a crying little fat man. His father hugged him into the sky and loved him.

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Netizen Xiao Jingzhu: I dreamed of walking with my husband. A woman riding a motorcycle passed through and then dropped a female baby.EssenceEssenceI said that sending the police station, my husband had to take home, saying that it was too cute to raise himself.It didn’t take long to find pregnancy, and gave birth to a female baby, hahahahaha

Netizen Meng’er: One night after I got a marriage certificate, I dreamed of a clear day after the marriage certificate. I thought about what to eat for lunch. If you don’t eat bean cottage stewed vegetables, so I went to the ground with a basket.In the food field, a handful of beans was picked up, two potatoes, and the place came out of the place, and a red melon was found. After finding the landlord for a long time, the landlord gave the money to others.I woke up the next day and called my mother to say dreams. My mother said that you might be pregnant, and it was a boy. I was very surprised at the time. I quickly bought the test strip. The result was pregnancy, and then I gave birth to a boy!


Netizens are scattered: I also dreamed of snakes when I was pregnant. It was winter, but I dreamed that I was lying in a bed with a mat. It was very thick, and the big snake climbed on me. I was frightened and wanted to hide. I wanted to hide., But at the time, it seemed that I felt that I should not be afraid of it, and then gone.EssenceI found that I was pregnant in a few days.

Netizens rain: When I was pregnant, I dreamed of all kinds of puppies, skewers, and licking me around me. For some time, I said that my child was not very good. My mother dreamed of a sick dog …

Netizens’ small shirts: Dreaming about the black snake many times, and dreamed of having a boy, but now he was born, it is a boy.

Netizen Xiaoying: Dreaming of the huge black loach is taller than people and a bit like snake.I also chased him.Given a male treasure

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Netizen meals: A child dreams of the black snake chasing me and running, can be exhausted all night, the birth son; the second child dreamed of a very beautiful flower, an aunt asked me to help her pick the flowers, I promised to pick a big pick,Holding the flowers, the aunt is gone after picking it up. I was very happy to hold the flowers, but it was a daughter

Seeing the fetal dreams made by netizens very strong, and some friends said that they dreamed of dragons, dreaming of animals that have never been seen. Have you ever made a baby dream when you are pregnant?Is your fetal dream accurate?Welcome everyone to share together.

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