Do you know the rights and interests of women during pregnancy?Today, a pregnant and beautiful rabbit doctor takes you one -time secret …

Hello everyone, I am a maternal and beautiful rabbit doctor.Let’s talk today. What rights can pregnant women enjoy in China?During the pregnancy, pregnant women will not only change great physical changes, but also encounter many difficulties in their lives.However, as a mother, pregnant women also enjoy a lot of privileges, not only the help given by ordinary people, but also the support provided by the state.These privileges can not only protect the rights and interests of pregnant women, but also bring a lot of convenience in their lives.However, many pregnant women do not understand these rights.Let’s take a look at it together.

· First, some pregnancy examinations are free.During the pregnancy of expectant mothers, multiple pregnancy examinations are needed to ensure the health of the fetus and the physical condition of pregnant women.Due to the many and expensive pregnancy items, many pregnant women may ignore some necessary items in order to save money.This will lead to an increase in the incidence of neonatal deformity or disease.

To avoid this situation, the state sets some necessary pregnancy examination items to be free.Pregnant women only need to fill in some proofs in the local hospital to enjoy the right to free examination to ensure the health of the fetus.

· Second, work position retain.Many women are afraid of being discovered by the leader and affecting their jobs after pregnancy.However, according to my country’s laws and regulations, the work unit cannot fired women because of pregnancy.In addition, after 7 months of pregnancy, women should reduce their workload. When returning to the company postpartum, the original job can be retained.If the work unit fuses employees because of pregnancy, pregnant women can protect their rights and interests through legal channels.

Third, paid maternity leave.By the third trimester, the body of pregnant women will become more heavier, and work efficiency will be affected.Therefore, the state stipulates that women can enjoy a 90 -day paid maternity leave.If it is difficult or multi -birth, maternity leave can be appropriately extended.

· Fourth, ride the rights and interests.There are special seats for pregnant women on the bus and subway. These seats are located in a convenient place to get up, which can make pregnant women more convenient to ride.Even without a special seat of pregnant women, ordinary people will actively give up their seats when they see pregnant women’s ride, which reflects the quality of citizens and the progress of society.

In addition, because the security equipment usually uses ray testing, it has a certain impact on pregnant women.Therefore, during a subway or aircraft security check, pregnant women can choose artificial channels.Pregnant women can enjoy the above rights during pregnancy. Specific mothers must understand these rights and protect themselves when necessary.

This is here in this small class. Follow me to take you to learn more about gestational small knowledge next issue.

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