Do you know why you are more afraid of hot after pregnancy?

We all know that fat people are more afraid of heat, but there is another group of fear of heat, that is, pregnant mothers, they often sweat a little bit, and their body temperature is higher than normal people.The weaker the endurance of the heat. Although there are electric fans and air conditioners now, the pregnant mother still suffers a lot.

Why are pregnant mothers afraid of heat?

First, hormone effect

After pregnancy, the hormone level in pregnant mothers will rise, and a large amount of progesterone, estrogen, luteum hormone, etc. will secrete a large amount of progesterone, estrogen, luteum hormone, etc., but the body temperature regulation of the human body is very sensitive to the luteal hormone. ThereforeThe body temperature is kept between 36.9 and 37.2, and the body temperature is very high, and of course it will be easier to be afraid of heat.

Second, the influence of metabolism

With the increase in pregnancy time, the size of the baby in the mother’s belly will become larger and larger, and the blood flow in the pregnant mother will increase because of this, because pregnant mothers not only need to meet the needs of their bodies, but also provide enough to provide the baby with enough enough to provide enough to the baby.As long as the baby is not born, the baby’s nutrients and exhaust substances must be transported by the mother. On the whole, the metabolism speed of the pregnant mother will accelerate, and even the fears will be feared.

Third, internal heat constitution

Some pregnant mothers are internal heat before pregnancy. After pregnancy, they will only be more afraid of heat, dryness, and sweating. They may also have more serious skin problems, such as urticaria and acne.

How to relieve heat during pregnancy is safe and reliable?

First, eat some summer fruits

Watermelon is the summer fruits that we all know. It is sweet and cool, and it is really delicious, so it is very popular, but the watermelon is too high in sugar. Pregnant mothers are not suitable for eating more.

Especially when the blood sugar is high during pregnancy, you should eat less or even eat it. In addition, grapes and cucumbers are also better summer fruits.

Here is a reminder that no matter what kind of fruit, you must pay attention to the amount. Some fruits are cold in nature. If you eat too much, you will also cause a greater gastrointestinal burden on pregnant women.

Second, drink plenty of water

It will sweat, and sweating will cause water dehydration, so you must pay attention to replenishing the water in time. It is generally recommended to consume 1,500 to 1800 ml of water per day.In this way, the body can better metabolize calories and make pregnant mothers more comfortable.

Third, as comfortable to wear as possible

After pregnancy, be sure to pay attention to it. It is best to choose the clothes of cotton and linen, because their sweat absorption effect is better, and the clothes style should not be too complicated at this time.It will feel comfortable, and it is better for the baby in the stomach. Here you can focus on your pants. It is not recommended to wear tight -fitting. This is easy to compress the belly and the waist is the best.

Fourth, you can choose to go to Yuyin Park during leisure

Summer is really hot, but pregnant mothers cannot always blow air conditioning and fan. At this time, choosing to go to a park near home at this time is a very good choice. Pregnant mothers can not only dispel heat and breathe, but also play a exercise.effect.

Summer is hot. It does make the pregnant mother feel comfortable when blowing the air conditioner, but you must pay attention to the temperature should not be too low. The temperature difference between the indoor and outdoor is too large to catch a cold. It is recommended to blow the air conditioner for 1 to 3 hours in a row. It is best to open the window. It is best to open the window.Turn off the air conditioner to breathe and improve the air quality. In addition, the hot weather will cause the pregnant mother to feel irritable. At this time, you must adjust your mood and mood, otherwise it will cause the baby’s restlessness in the stomach ~

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