Do you know you are pregnant?12 symptoms tell you

Men disclosure, vomiting, easy fatigue, and loss of appetite are all common symptoms of pregnancy, but what other symptoms are overlurred besides these pregnancy?In fact, there are still many obvious changes in the body are symptoms of pregnancy. As long as you pay attention to these symptoms, two or more indicate that you may be pregnant. What are the signs of a woman’s pregnancy?Let’s take a look.

1. The breasts become larger and sensitive

One of the signs of early pregnancy is breast sensitivity and pain, which is caused by the improvement of your hormone level.This pain is very similar to your feeling before menstruation, but it is stronger.This sign of pregnancy will significantly improve after 3 months of pregnancy, and your body has adapted to the changes in hormones during pregnancy until then.

2. Tired

You will suddenly feel tired and even feel exhausted.No one knows what caused the symptoms of fatigue in early pregnancy. However, the level of rapid increased progesterone (also known as "progesterone") may make you feel very sleepy.

Once you enter the middle of pregnancy, you will start to feel more energetic than early pregnancy, but in the late pregnancy, tiredness usually appears again.Because at this time your weight will increase significantly, and the common discomfort during pregnancy will also affect your sleep quality at night.

3. Imfusion bleeding

The signs of early pregnancy may also be manifested as a small amount of vaginal bleeding.Around 11th to 12 days after conception, when you found that you missed menstruation, some women would have a small amount of vaginal bleeding.This vaginal hemorrhage may be caused by the implantation of fertilized eggs into the endometrium with rich blood, and this process begins after 6 days of fertilization.

The amount of bleeding in implanted bleeding is very small, manifested as some red blood spots, or pink, reddish brown spots, which will last about one or two days.However, if you find that the amount of bleeding is larger than this, especially with pain, you must go to the hospital for treatment, because this may be a sign of ectopic pregnancy.

4. It is more sensitive to odor

If you suddenly become very sensitive to the smell, you can also ask yourself: "Am I pregnant?".If you are just pregnant, you may not be able to stand the smell of oil fume or the smell of tea, and some fragrance will make you disgusting.Although no one can be determined, this pregnancy signs may be caused by the rapid increase in estrogen in your body.You may also find things that you usually like to eat, and suddenly it will make you feel disgusting.

5, frequent urine

Shortly after pregnancy, you may find that you always run to the bathroom.Why is this so?Mainly because during pregnancy, the amount of blood and other liquids in your body increased, causing more liquid to be discharged into the bladder through kidney treatment and become urine.

Frequent urination may have begun to appear as early as 6 weeks of pregnancy.With the advancement of pregnancy, babies who grow up constantly put more pressure on your bladder, and frequent urination symptoms in early pregnancy may continue, or even more serious.

6. Menstruation does not come

Is menstruation pregnant?If your menstrual period has always been regular, but this time has not arrived on time, you may have done an early pregnancy self -test before you detect the above pregnancy signs.But if your menstruation is irregular, or you do not remember your early menstrual cycle, nausea, chest tenderness, and frequent pregnancy of going to the toilet, such as you realize that your menstruation is not coming, it indicates that you are pregnant.It’s right.

7. Nausea and vomiting

Nausea and vomiting are the most common signs of pregnancy.If you are like most women, pregnancy will only appear after you conceive.A small number of lucky women will not be pregnant throughout pregnancy.However, some women will start to feel disgusting before that.Pregnancy vomiting not only appears in the morning, but also may happen at noon or evening.

Almost half of women with pregnancy vomiting will no longer appear nausea and vomiting after the beginning of pregnancy.Most of the remaining women may need to wait about 1 month, and the symptoms of pregnancy will be reduced.

8. Bloating

The changes in hormones in early pregnancy may make you feel flatulence.Some women also feel this before menstruation.This is why when your uterus is still very young in the early pregnancy, you will feel that the waist of your clothes is tight.

9. The base temperature is not high

Pregnancy can also make the human body temperature higher.You might feel a little hot, so he suspects whether you are cold.At this time, you should measure your body temperature to see if it is higher than normal body temperature.

If you have tried to conceive and want to be pregnant (pregnancy is a very difficult thing, but some people must go through it), your doctor may suggest that you record your daily body temperature.If your body temperature is slightly higher than usual and it lasts for two weeks, this proves that some changes are happening in your body.You may be pregnant!Continuous body temperature has prompted you to consult your doctor.

10. Stomach pain or constipation

The expansion of the uterus causes the uterus to squeeze the stomach and other organs when the uterus is expanding, causing stomach pain and constipation.In addition, the increase in hormones will cause slow digestion and hinder the digestion function of digestion of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.Take some prenatal vitamins and mineral nutrition medicines, which is important for the development of the fetus.

Slowly gastric digestion can cause gastric acid to digest food with more gastric acid, which leads to the occurrence of stomach pain.Soda or hot water can reduce stomach pain.Small meals are easier to digest.Drink water, eat more fruits and vegetables, raisins, and coarse grains can help digestion.There are also some daily vitamin supplements that contain digestible ingredients.The above can help pregnant women digest.

Before you take any anti -acid agent, you must consult your doctor.Because anti -acid agents may contain elements that should be avoided in aluminum, etc.Stomach pain and constipation will continue to appear during your pregnancy.

11. Emotional and irritable

With so many symptoms of pregnancy to be treated, and the sudden increased hormones, will you still be surprised by pregnant women’s often emotional and irritable?In addition, women have to adjust their emotions to accept new responsibilities.Their world has changed.Although some expectant mothers have carefully arranged their own pregnancy things, they will inevitably have problems such as their careers, economy, insurance, and the relationship between mother and child, and even future life.

It is natural for pregnant women to feel complicated. Whether they are surprised or melancholy, happy or sad, whether it is laughing or tears, it is the natural expression of their complex emotions.The partner may be confused because of this, or even less supportive.Pregnant women need to explain to their partners: emotional ups and downs are caused by pregnancy, and they need the understanding and support of the other half.

12. Early pregnancy self -test is positive

The results of early pregnancy tests should be the most accurate sign of pregnancy.But no matter how to write the packaging, many early pregnancy self -test agents can measure most of pregnancy after women miss menstruation for one week.So, if you are testing before, and you get a negative result, in a few days, you can test it again.Once you test your positive results, you must go to the hospital for further examination.

Increased leucorrhea during pregnancy is normal. You do n’t need to worry if there is no leucorrhea odor, abnormal color, etc., but you need to do a good job of cleaning. It is easy to infect gynecological diseases during pregnancy.

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