Do you like to eat sour during pregnancy?This rumor is not reliable, I want to have a boy to see this

Caixia was in the past few months of pregnancy, and she wanted to eat sour every day. Her mother -in -law couldn’t do it happily, and she bought hawthorn and was a plum. She smiled and served her deliciously. Cai Xia was taken care of.Comfortable.According to her mother -in -law, I want to eat sour explanation that there is a male doll in the stomach. Cai Xia has always thought that she was pregnant with a boy, and gave the baby a name "Xiao Jian". A big family was convinced of this.However, the due date a few days ago, Caixia unexpectedly gave birth to a daughter. Her daughter was cute and cute, but Caixia always felt that her mother -in -law would disappoint some disappointment. Their family was not a little male and female, but they could not accept it for a while.She looked at the new clothes and new shoes prepared by the family for the whole family.She didn’t understand. Everyone said that the representative who wanted to eat sour during pregnancy was a baby baby. The girl who wanted to eat sweetly was a girl. Why was she an exception?

In fact, these claims have no scientific basis.

It is a normal phenomenon that Baoma wants to eat sour during pregnancy, just like people who want to drink water when they are sweating. It is a natural physiological reaction.First of all, because of the lack of gastric acid during pregnancy. Generally speaking, most Baoma will have the phenomenon of insufficient stomach acid in the first three months of pregnancy, especially the first three months.Empty.Secondly, like eating sour or spicy food is closely related to the region. Chongqing in Sichuan generally eat spicy food, which does not mean that most women.Finally, it depends on the taste of hot and sourness. Many Baoma likes to eat spicy food during pregnancy, which has nothing to do with the gender of the fetus.

So, what is the decision to have boys and women?

The medical community believes that the male and pregnant women are determined by the chromosome provided by the father.If the sperm that enters the egg is X chromosome, the mother is pregnant with a female baby; if the Y chromosome is a male baby.In addition, the gender of the fetus is also related to the environment around the fertilized eggs.

It can be seen that Bao Ma wants to eat sour food during pregnancy is a common situation.Acid food is good for the body of the fetus and the mother, but it is not as long as it is acidic, nor the more acidic foods eat better.Hawthorn or hawthorn products cannot be eaten more, which also causes the risk of miscarriage.You can eat fruits such as kiwi and pear containing a lot of iron to effectively prevent iron deficiency anemia.Vitamin C in fruits can maintain the function of Baoma’s body organs and increase resistance.In addition, bayberry, dates, and tomatoes contain enough water and fiber, which can mobilize Baoma’s appetite and increase appetite.Effectively relieve the pressure of constipation to fetal and uterus.

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