Do you really understand painless people?

At the age of 24, for the first time, he experienced the whole process of people.

I was still studying research. I found that my aunt was delayed in the future. I bought a pregnancy test stick. I did not expect that I would get pregnant. I was panicked but also faced with reality at the same time.

Search a lot of information about the flow of people on the Internet. Most people adopted the drug flow may clear the palace, so after discussing with her boyfriend, they decided to have abortion surgery.

But whether it is the flow of drugs or abortion, the damage to the body is huge. Healthy people will never perform surgery for no reason. As long as the surgery is performed, the human body function will be damaged.

A series of inspections followed. For the first time, they encountered this situation, even if they were at a loss, they could only face the scalp.

Blood drawing, electrocardiogram examination, gynecological examination … In the preparation of the early stage, a lot of costs were invested.In the operating room, the doctor saw the nervous me and said helplessly: "What is the use of nervousness, you have to pay for it wrong."

After the anesthesia, it was an hour after being awake again. The doctor told me that the flow of people was like a small confinement, and the next two months had to protect myself.

Can’t eat spicy, don’t touch cold water, eat and wear warm …

After walking out of the hospital, the pain came from the lower abdomen, and the pain started to pain as soon as it passed.After that, the body was extremely weak, and the dissertation and projects during the graduate period were also put on hold, which delayed many things.

Since then, my body has been weak and weak, and my aunt has become less and less.

Regret can only be a post -word.And too late to regret it, you can only slowly condition your body, but the puppets in your heart can’t be solved.During that time, it was tortured and sluggish.

There are flood -like painful advertisements everywhere, but it is really harmful, but we know very little.

The lack of Chinese sex education will make many teenagers go astray. Is the abortion surgery just as simple as painless, fast, and cheap?

The damage caused by abortion surgery to women is far more than that, irregular menstruation, no more pregnancy in the uterus, and even during the surgical process that may cause uterine perforation … These are the harm of real existence.

The survey showed that 45% of the repeated abortion interval among women who experienced abortion are only 0.5 ~ 1.5 years; 13.5% of people have more than 3 people.

In other words, if you don’t pay more attention, flow surgery will become the norm!This is a very amazing number. If you often have abortion surgery, then when you think about it, everything is too late.

Habitat abortion is the sequelae of abortion surgery. The fertility ability is greatly reduced after abortion, which is an indisputable fact.

Responsible for yourself, responsibility for new life, indulgence at the wrong time will not bring benefits, and the sexual behavior of taking good safety measures will bring a better sense of experience.

Some pains, men can never realize, so only to protect themselves, act with caution, keep the bottom line, and do not have a fluke, is the best way for themselves!

—— "Love Organization" Fan submitted

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