Do you want to change your facial cleanser for pregnant women?Careful stepping on the pit!2022 New Raiders for Maternity Washing Milk

Facial milk is an essential step for daily cleaning. For the special group of pregnant women, you must be cautious and cautious in choosing!

In fact, although the condition of the skin condition is a part of it, for the special stage of pregnancy, the impact of hormone secretion on the skin during pregnancy is more serious. Due to the unstable hormone secretion, some pregnant mothers dare not use skin care products.As a result, the skin is getting worse and the pores of the face are blocked, and it is particularly important to make daily cleaning steps.

And a reliable, suitable for pregnant women’s facial cleanser, I seem to be the key to gently cleaning and keeping comfortable in pregnant women!

Let’s enter a good thing sharing below to share with you the facial cleanser products that are suitable for pregnant women.

1. Koch (DR KOCH) skin -friendly cleansing and cleaning honey

There are very few facial cleanser for pregnant women in the market, and there are fewer facial cleanser for the brand’s reliable quality.If you really want to say which facial cleanser mother can use it with confidence, I first promoted this Koch folic acid facial cleanser!

This facial cleanser is very healthy. The eight major are not added. It does not contain alcohol, does not contain flavors, and does not contain preservatives. It is to make the pregnant mother’s peace of mind.The incense series, even pregnant mothers with very serious pregnancy, do not have to worry about it.

The core focuses on 100%of Switzerland imported folic acid. Folic acid believes that pregnant mothers should not be unfamiliar. Use folic acid in skin care, which not only has a strong moisturizing effect, but also gently nourish the surface of the skin.The content in the ingredients is very high and the concentration is very strong. Therefore, the entire product will appear pale yellow. The low folic acid adding is not to reach this color. It is necessary to say that the moisturizing operation of the Koch family is really strong.

Corch’s facial cleanser is a surplus of amino acids. It is very mild, not irritating after the face, and the moisturizing degree after washing is also very good.Essence

2. Clarins Poem Facial Washing Milk

Clarins are no strangers than pregnant mothers. They are not dedicated to pregnant women, but their facial cleanser pregnant mothers can still use it. The ingredients contain 1 flavors+1 risk ingredients+3 preservatives, and this is an amino acid resumeIt is more comfortable to use with soap base milk, and it is clean.Pregnant mothers suitable for oily skin.

3. Ke Run Run soaked moisturizing and clean face foam

Japanese Flower’s products, developing and developing dry sensitive muscles.Safe in ingredients, no fragrance, alcohol, etc.The ingredients are added with anti -sulfonic acid potassium potassium, which has certain anti -inflammatory and anti -allergic effects.

Press the design and press the pump head to directly squeeze out the foam. It is really convenient to use. The foam is very delicate, but it is a bit less. You need to press twice.The face is gentle and not irritating. It needs to be rinsed multiple times. After washing the face, you can feel that your face is particularly smooth and the moisturizing effect is good.Oil skin will feel insufficient cleaning.

4. Fa Lei Shi soybean fine cleansing condensate

This is also an amino acid facial cleanser, which is rich in soy protein, amino acids and soothing plant ingredients.Among them, soybean phosphoricate can protect the skin from stimulation and can clean the pores well.

The texture is a transparent gel, and the feel is very delicate and smooth.It is also a low bubble type. It will not slip after washing and it will be a bit dry, but it is not dry and tight, or that natural skin feel. If the skin itself is more moist, you can stick to it for about an hour.Draw up.

In addition to the faint rose fragrance, it tastes a little bit of grass. I personally feel that it is not unpleasant.However, this facial cleanser is quite controversial, because it contains 4 kinds of preservatives and the safety factor is not high, it is likely to cause a series of skin problems such as acne and allergies for pregnant mothers.

5. Parents and nourishing cleansing milk

Domestic brands are not well -known.As a special facial cleanser for pregnant women, the hydrolyzed soybean extract can promote the growth of fibrous bud cells, lock the skin’s moisture, and play a role in moisturizing and antioxidant.There are not many active ingredients, and the risk of acne risk accounted for one -third of the risk of acne. I think the pregnant mother who loves to get acne during pregnancy is to avoid using it as much as possible.

If the preservatives are athomone, I think it is still good, and the price is good and the fruit is also good.Although there is no strong effect, it can also achieve the most basic moisturizing.If you have already started, you can consider it after pregnancy, or use it for your husband.

6. Belli clear soothing cleansing milk

Lili, the United States, focuses on the safe makeup brand of pregnant women, is mild and not hurting the muscles, and can be used during pregnancy.However, the stimulating preservatives iodine glycolic amino acid ester can cause nerve and liver toxicity after inhalation.

After the birth of pregnant mothers, the baby will also have the impact of innate deficiency and low IQ, which is almost fatal for pregnant mothers and fetuses!However, one thing to say, sodium lactate, as a natural moisturizing factors can treat skin dysfunction very effectively, moisturizing the skin while preventing wrinkles from the production of wrinkles.

As a kind of fruit acid, lactic acid is often used in eye cream, which can effectively remove wrinkles and fine lines.Although the wrinkles are not obvious, the tender skin is still quite obvious.

Domestic prices are much more expensive than foreign countries. If you want to enter, you can consider Haitao or reliable purchasing (of course, the sensitive muscle pregnant mother, I still don’t recommend it)

7. Winona Shu Xiu Min Milk Milk

Winona’s sensitive skin should all know, pure natural plant extraction, without any spices, pigments, preservatives, but this facial cleanser adds the risk of acne risk, as well as preservatives benxoxyl ethanol ethylene alcohol, Pregnant mothers with sensitive muscles need to pay special attention.

The fragrance personally feels strong, and it tastes a bit of detergent. Pregnant mothers with serious pregnancy reactions still have to be very careful. It can only be said to be quite satisfactory in the foaming. The cleaning ability is fine, the foam is delicate but not dense, and the overall sense of use is not bad.

The above is all the contents shared today. If you still have better facial cleanser during pregnancy, welcome to share in the comments area!

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