Do you want to have the same room after pregnancy?Scientific experts: two great benefits hidden in the life of husband and wife

It takes a while to conceive the pregnant mother in October, and the pregnant mother takes a period of confinement. Naturally, the husband and wife will not be able to stand different houses within a year. However, due to the safety and health of the fetus in the stomach, many expectant parents will suppress their desires.The same room is often prohibited.In fact, as long as your physical condition is good, as long as your physical condition is in good condition.because–

1. The first three months of pregnancy.On the one hand, due to the uterine wall connection between the placenta and expectant mothers at this stage, the progesterone secretion is insufficient, and the embryo cannot be strongly maintained; at this time, the same room can easily cause the uterus to shrink and cause abortion.So in this "dangerous period", it is best to spend it steadily with the baby.

2. 4 to 6 months during pregnancy.At this time, the placenta is gradually formed, the development of the fetus has been basically stable, and the early pregnancy response of the pregnant mother has passed. The appropriate room will not affect the fetus. In additionThe fetus was effectively protected.At the same time, it is also beneficial to the healthy development of husband and wife.

3. After 7 months of pregnancy.The fetus grows rapidly, and the cervix of expectant mothers becomes sensitive. Even if a mild impact on any foreign stimulus, it will easily cause uterine contraction, leading to premature birth or in -official infection. It is best to avoid the same room.

First, promote the emotion and physical and mental health of couples.The number of times it should be 1 to 2 times a week in the middle of pregnancy. It helps the husband and wife during the pregnancy through hugging, stroking and kissing, and the husband and wife will not be left out of the husband.

Second, help the fetal intellectual development.In the process of husband and wife in the same room, the fetus has the role of uterine protection and amniotic fluid to reduce shock absorption. Normal fetal membranes are not easy to break and are very safe.In addition, the fetal baby likes to feel slightly swaying in the uterus, which will make him full of joy and effectively promote the brain and growth and development.

The above two points are only for pregnant mothers who are healthy, and the same room can promote the intellectual development of the fetus.However, the prospective father and expectant mother still need to be careful:

1. Do not squeeze the abdomen, it is best to wear a suit, which plays a protective effect on the fetus and pregnant mothers.

2. The movement should be light, avoid too intense, and control the number of times, so as not to cause discomfort from pregnant mothers.

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In addition, if pregnant mothers have the following situations, it is best to prohibit intercourse, so as not to hurt the baby in the belly: such as abdominal pain or vaginal bleeding, abortion or premature delivery experience, too many amniotic fluid, pre -placenta, incomplete cervical atresia and the heart of the heart with the heart.Pregnant women who are sick should not have a husband and wife life, and prospective dad should understand more.


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