Do you want to read a graduate student?Has the retirement time after studying?

More than one brother has been consulted with me. How can he calculate his retirement time after reading graduate students?For example, he graduated in 15 years, studied in 17 years, and returned to the unit at the end of 19 years.

He could ask this question, and it has already explained that when he retired in the second quarter, their unit did not report him, and the answer given him by the unit was that the examination time for the examination was postponed, and the organization was needed, so he could not leave.

Regarding the postgraduate entrance examination, I specifically consulted the people in the assets of two people. The answer they gave me still had some involvement. For example, the 15 -year -old brothers I mentioned just now. One of them said that Da Ling, studying postgraduate, studying postgraduate, studying postgraduate, studying postgraduate, studying postgraduate, studying postgraduate, studying postgraduate, studying postgraduate, studying graduate postgraduate, studying postgraduate, studying postgraduate, studying postgraduate, studying postgraduate.It does not affect Da Ling, but because of the temporary provisions, graduate graduates have stayed in the troops in principle not less than 3 years. It is estimated that the brothers did not leave just now, because of this regulation, not the three -year age of graduate students.

Another brother said that it was postponed, but at present I have not found the regulation of the proven.For the time being, the statement of putting on hold is one thing that everyone is recognized, that is, the patch of the new policy has made the entrance examination who want to retire from the age of the postgraduate, which is not so easy. That is to sayAfter studying outside, enjoying leisure for several years, it is not easy to retire from home to retire after returning to the original unit.

Moreover, because of the provisions that cannot be left within 3 years after graduating from graduate graduates in the temporary regulations, in these 3 years, if there is no accident, many people will be promoted, at least promoting to the level of the captain, 9 years and 40 years old, 40 years old, 40 years old.The rule of age allows the captain to have more time to serve in this unit to consider promotion or retirement.

Therefore, if you do n’t consider it clearly, you have to do n’t realize the practice of studying and leisurely. It is a bit unrealistic. The subsequent intervention policies and units needs will allow many people to stay in this unit for a long time.

Another brother said that if the graduate graduation is 6 years in the "6+3" threshold, it needs to be postponed for 3 years?He was worried that he had graduated from graduate students. The lieutenant for 8 years has reached the title, but for three years, he was studying. He was worried that he would not be a dry time in the past three years.3 "caused unable to retire?

On the one hand, it is 8 years of military scripture, and on the other hand, it is not satisfied with "6+3". Who will he listen to in the end?I did not find the regulations after consulting the information, which means that the situation of "5+3" will not occur. The 6 years here are any time to do it., So do n’t worry about this “6+3” threshold. Basically, you will meet the retirement threshold.

Do you want to study back?

Of course, it is also possible to solve some problems through research or study in research. For example, a comrade I mentioned before, because I encountered a bottleneck in the promotion of the original unit, I went to study. I published a lot of papers and in the school.Scientific research members, currently he is also very positive. If the policy allows policy to be allowed after graduation, consider reading the blog. To do it in this group, it is best to retire.

There is also a brother unit on the border. It is inconvenient to have a family member once, so he has not been able to get pregnant for many years. For this reason, he took the postgraduate entrance examination to a college in Changsha, Hunan. During his studies, the family members arrived in Changsha.After a child, he also graduated from a graduate student and returned to the original unit, but now he is thinking that he can reach the age and end the separation of the two places back to his hometown. He is currently waiting.

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