Doctors pregnant in May, sudden gastroenteritis, gastrointestinal liquid liquid bags to get a bit of work

Doctor Li Xin’s head -of -head liquid bag was dripped, and pictures of insisting on working with illness were hot in friends.Network screenshot

China News on January 16th, in the past few days, the pediatrician of Shenyang Maternal and Infant Hospital’s pediatrician infusion bag was dropped.In the Internet, the doctor who insisted on working in the job was rated as the most beautiful children’s doctor.

Photo protagonist, Dr. Li Xin, said that the photo is a colleague secretly taken and sent to the circle of friends. She is a prospective mother who is 5 months pregnant. The night before the incident, she had a sudden non -contagious acute gastroenteritis.More than 39 ° C.Although she promised her family to take a leave for a day, in the end, she secretly ran to the hospital.

Dr. Li’s approach was admired by the hospital mothers, but Dr. Li’s colleagues were distressed.Dr. Li said that many doctors will encounter similar situations. At that time, her colleagues helped take the ticking frame. In order not to delay the work in her hand, she put the infusion bag on top of her head.

Sudden gastroenteritis in 5 months of pregnancy

The female doctor carried her family to work

In the past few days, a parent doctor’s head of a doctor’s head was dripped, and the pictures of working with illness were hot. The circle of friends was hot. It was praised by countless netizens.At 1 pm yesterday, when the reporter contacted Dr. Li, she had just walked out of the operating room and had not had lunch.When it comes to this photo, Dr. Li has always said that this little thing will not expect to cause such a big response. In fact, every doctor will encounter similar things.

Dr. Li, 33, has been working for 4 years. She told reporters that she had a sudden non -contagious acute gastroenteritis on January 8th.On the morning of the 9th, he had a high fever of 39 ° C and spit it up and diarrhea.Although she promised her family to take a leave for a day, in the end, she secretly ran to the hospital.

"The mood of the family can be understood. I promised my husband to ask for leave, and then he went to work with confidence. The husband also cared about me, but we were missing people.When he came back, he would not find this. "Dr. Li said.

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