Does a man often release the "essence" in the body, will it have an impact?This consequence is waiting for you

There are many ways to contraception, but many men particularly like the method of ejaculation contraceptives. They think that shooting semen outside is everything, and they will not get pregnant at all. In fact, this is a contraceptive method for risk.The contraceptive failure rate is extremely high and will cause harm to the body.

The probability of failure in vitamin of ejaculation contraceptives is very high. There are three reasons. One is the top of the penis. It often has a small amount of semen out of semen due to the contraction of the vascular tubular contraction. It may contain tens of thousands of sperm. Once it enters the vagina, women will conceive.Another situation is that when it is about to reach orgasm, when the penis is drawn, it will be delayed due to excessive attachment pleasure, causing some semen to enter the female vagina, which will cause contraceptive failure.The last situation is that after the in vitro ejaculation, men touch the female genitals by their hands to make them reach orgasm, and the semen on the hand may enter the female vagina again.In addition, ejaculation of ejaculation can also affect male sexual ability, because it is about to be interrupted immediately when the orgasm is about to reach the orgasm, which will cause the cerebral cortex to fail, and it will easily cause sexual cold for a long time.

1. Male condom

Men’s condoms are directly put on the penis to prevent sperm from entering women’s vagina, which can not only increase the contraceptive rate, but also prevent sexually transmitting disease infections. It is convenient and cheap to carry.Most people may be allergic to rubber materials, and incorrect use may cause condoms to fall off or damage.

2. Short -acting oral contraceptives

Short -acting oral contraceptives are hormone contraceptives. Women start one tablet on time every day from the first day of menstruation and take 21 days in a row.The ovarian ovulation is inhibited by hormones, the cervical mucus becomes sticky, avoids the combination of sperm and eggs, promotes endometrial desertification, and affects the fertilized egg bed.High validity, convenient to use, and not affecting sexual experience.However, some people may have side effects after medication, such as nausea, excessive emotional fluctuations, breast bloating or changes in menstrual cycle.

3. In -the -palace health device

Placing the uterine ring in women’s uterus can continuously release trace elegance, making cervical mucus sticky, blocking sperm movement, and thinning the endometrium.The validity period can reach 3 to 5 years at a time, and it can be removed at any time. After removing, the fertility rate can be restored to normal immediately. At the same time, it can also improve the anemia, excessive menstrual flow, and dysmenorrhea.However, vaginal bleeding and breast pain may occur 6 months before the uterine ring.

4. Emergency contraceptives

Emergency contraceptives are a remedial measure of non -protective behavior. It is best to take it within 72 hours. The less the medicine is taken, the better the contraceptive effect.However, it contains a large amount of hormones, which may cause headache nausea or vomiting, etc., and may even disturb the menstrual cycle.

5, subcutaneous buried planting

The subcutaneous burial is buried directly under the skin with a contraceptive device with a drug, and continuously releases progesterone to achieve contraceptive effects. This method is simple and long -term.However, some women’s physiological periods will change for a long time, and irregular bleeding may occur.

Kind tips

There are many contraceptive methods. You can choose the right contraceptive method according to your own situation, but you must ensure the safety of contraception.In fact, the best contraceptive method is to wear a condom, which is high and can prevent direct contact with gender organs.Do not adopt a safe phase of contraception, in vitro ejaculation contraceptives, and menstrual period contraceptives.

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