Does cervicitis affect pregnancy? Six major hazards must be careful

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Today, I will talk about gynecological inflammation. There is a disease in gynecological inflammation. We have to mention that cervicitis is a common gynecological disease. Its appearance will not only affect the patient’s normal life and body, but also to female friends.The psychology will also cause harm. We must pay attention to it, and we must also pay attention to positive treatment.Does cervicitis affect the six major hazards of pregnancy.

Does cervicitis affect pregnancy?

The function of cervicitis affects breeding mainly depends on the severity of cervicitis. Mild cervicitis does not have much effect on fertility. If it is not treated in time, it is very likely that it is very likely to cause female infertility.In addition to cervicitis, in addition to affecting women’s pregnancy, they may also cause abortion of women. If women suffer from cervic inflammation before determining pregnancy, they need to be born after treatment.Women should pay attention to hygiene in sexual life, and women’s care liquids with PH4 weak acid formula are more suitable.During the treatment, intercourse is prohibited.

Because the cervix is located at the junction of the uterus and the vagina, the sperm must pass by the binding of the fallopian tube and the egg.The increase in sticky leucorrhea in the tube, and the increasing leucorrhea will become the insurmountable obstacle of sperm, which is not conducive to sperm penetrating the cervix.In addition, in patients with severe cervic inflammation, some female friends often have disorders of endocrine function, and multiple factors are added together to be unfavorable to conception., Affect conception.

Harm of cervicitis

1. Infertility: Cervicitis is harmful to women’s health. To say what harm of cervicitis to women is undoubtedly affected by women’s fertility.

2. The quality of sexual life of husband and wife declines: Although cervicitis is a common gynecological inflammation of women, this does not mean that the impact of disease on women is small. On the contrary, cervicitis has a great impact on women. In addition to enhancing patients’ discomfort, it will enhance discomfort.In addition, it will also affect the quality of the sex life.

3. Abortion: Women need to do a health check before pregnancy, that is, pre -pregnancy examination to understand whether their health is suitable for pregnancy.

4. Cancer: The cause of cancer in many patients is to suffer from varying degrees of cervical inflammation before, and the disease deteriorates due to their negligence or treatment.

5. Causes other gynecological inflammation: Women’s reproductive organs are adjacent to each other, and a organ lesion will inevitably affect the health of other organs.Women suffer from cervicitis, and the disease will affect the health of the surrounding organs, leading to the occurrence of other gynecological inflammation, such as pelvic inflammatory disease and attachmentitis.

6. Psychological burden and affect family harmony: Due to the complexity of cervicitis, it is easy to recur, and it is difficult to treat.Therefore, it will bring a certain psychological pressure to patients.Some patients are always worried about transmitting to their families and being known by their families.Misunderstanding of suspicion between husband and wife will affect family harmony.

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