Does fever affect the fetus?Come to listen to obstetric experts

Does fever affect the fetus?


A new pregnant woman was received in the ward. I was pregnant for 30 weeks, but unfortunately died in the palace.

The pregnant woman was in her early thirties and had a premature birth two years ago because the fetal chromosome was abnormal. This time I was very careful.Three -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound did not find abnormalities.

One day before admission, the pregnant woman suddenly had a fever, and her body temperature rose to more than 38 degrees. Because she was afraid of affecting the fetus, she carried her no medicine.At night, I felt that the fetus was not moved. I hurried to the hospital to check the color Doppler ultrasound and found that the fetus had died.

In desperation, she had to undergo the induction of labor. When the dead tire was discharged, the doctor was surprised to find that the fetus’s neck was tightly around the four -circle umbilical cord!This should be the cause of fetal death.


Is this fever really burned to the fetus?


You need to know if fever will affect the fetus, and it must be analyzed from different gestational weeks.

, Within 4 weeks of pregnancy, if pregnant women are not high, the general problem is not big.However, fever within 14 days of conception may cause embryo to stop.If the fetus develops normally, it can be observed closely and regular check.

周 Between 5 and 12 weeks of pregnancy, it is a sensitive stage of embryonic development. Pregnant women are high -heat and last for more than 48 hours, which may lead to an increase in the incidence of certain birth defects.

In the middle and late pregnancy, the fetal development has been relatively stable. Coupled with the existence of the mother’s fetal barrier, the duration of the mild fever is short, and it generally does not have a great impact.However, continuous high fever can cause frequent fetal movement, increase the fetal heart, and even have hypoxia in the fetus, and life is threatened.The severe fetal movement may cause the umbilical cord to be tightly wrapped, aggravating the fetal hypoxia, leading to death.


Will the fetus infected with the new crown virus infection?


Whether the fetus is infected with the new crown virus infected by everyone is infected.The data provided by the recent WHO Global Women’s Health Cooperation Center, only 1.8%of the 1,4271 babies infected with mothers were positive.Therefore, the proportion of infections in the fetal palace caused by the new crown mother is not high.

Warm tip

The fever causes mother’s discomfort, and high fever can affect the fetus. Therefore, pregnant women should not carry fever, and should not be carried hard.


What are the antipyretics used by pregnant women?


Taking a single component for acetylphenol during pregnancy does not cause adverse effects on the fetus.If you can’t buy acetylphenol, try to choose a component as simple as possible, and other ingredients other than acetamol are also safe for pregnant women.It should be noted that you should not choose drugs containing the following ingredients: diamond alkyl, alienoprinbinolin, ANeno, Libavirin, artificial cattle and yellow, etc.

Regarding the choice of related symptoms of pregnant women, as shown in the table below:

Whether pregnant mothers should go to the hospital, divided into production and non -production factors.

Obstetric factor, that is, discomfort caused by pregnancy. These situations must be gone to the hospital:

(1) Repeated irregular vaginal bleeding, or increase bleeding;

(2) Sudden headache, increased blood pressure, abnormal fetal movement, etc.;

(3) There are signs of childbirth in the third trimester.

Non -producing factors, the situation of medical treatment includes:

(1) Long fever time or high body temperature, exceeding 38.5 ° C, or fever after the symptoms improve;

(2) Headache, ear pain, sinus pain, severe throat pain, and no improvement after symptomatic treatment;

(3) Difficulty breathing, breathing, purple lips, chest pain, or heartbeat accelerated;

Severe nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain;

(4) Nasal congestion, runny nose, cough for more than 10 days without relief or nasal congestion, runny nose, cough seriously affect daily life such as sleep rest;

(5) Other circumstances that are worried or not grasped.

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