Does irregular menstruation affect pregnancy?Women who are preparing for pregnancy may wish to take a look

With the improvement of people’s pursuit of life, the pressure is getting greater and greater. Women’s pressure will cause endocrine disorders, and endocrine disorders will cause irregular menstruation. Moreover, in today’s society, infertility, the phenomenon of infertility is too common.In, there are many healthy young couples who ask for children and anxiety, and sometimes even make couples discord. This will inevitably make many irregular menstruation girls worry that they will affect pregnancy due to irregular menstruation.

Does irregular menstruation affect pregnancy?Can I get pregnant as long as I have menstruation?Or only women with normal menstruation will become pregnant?

What exactly is the answer that many women care about?Then continue to look down.

The answer is yes. About 5%-8%of husbands and wives in developed countries are affected by infertility.The number of people is about 80 million to 1.11 country’s general inspection is 6%-10%.

Due to the pressure of learning and employment to increase the age of fertility, and the increase of sexual transmission of diseases, the surrounding contamination is aggravated, and the incidence of infertility has a trend of climbing.Ugly menstruation is also a direct cause of infertility.

Patients with egg production disorders are often accompanied by low menstrual flow, latter pushing or secondary amenorrhea.Western medicine believes that it is ovarian dysfunction. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that most of them are caused by the deficiency of the cell palace and insufficient qi and blood; the monthly menstrual dysfaidal infertility patients often manifest as more menstrual blood clots, darkness darkness, and poor blood.

According to relevant statistical studies, irregular menstruation of women is also a direct reason for infertility, and it is also an important reason for the increase in the frequency of infertility in my country in recent years.

Irregular menstruation does affect pregnancy, so unmarried or married female friends who have no children should pay attention to their physical adjustments, maintain a optimistic heart, minimize their pressure, so that their endocrineIt is normal to change, and drugs need to be adjusted to adjust your body if necessary.

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