Does it affect the baby after taking the medicine in the early pregnancy?

In the clinical gynecological clinic work of Changsha Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital (Changsha Eighth Hospital), such a part of female friends in consultation often encountered such a part of female friends. They did not know that they had been pregnant in the early days of pregnancy., Will the treatment of acne or have a recent medical examination? Will it cause harm to the baby in the abdomen? Will the baby be deformed and whether it needs to be aborted.

Faced with such questions, we answered the doubts of pregnant mothers in detail one by one.

Question: Recently I found that I was pregnant by accident, but last month, the unit’s physical examination took the chest X film. Can the baby still ask?

A large number of clinical evidence at home and abroad shows that in the early pregnancy (note: here is a special time before 4 weeks of pregnancy, that is, within 28 days from the first day of the last menstruation), or accept X -rays, the baby in the belly, the baby in the stomach, the baby in the stomachThere are only two results: the first result is that the baby accepts all adverse effects and naturally abortion; the second result is that the baby is not adversely affected and naturally grows normally.This is currently the theory of "all or nothing" in the internationally recognized early pregnancy.

Because in the early pregnancy stage (that is, before 4 weeks of pregnancy), sperm and eggs have just been combined, and they are busy in the uterus.At this time, the fertilized eggs only performed a simple cell division, which achieved the increase in the number of the same cell, but it has not differentiated different cells and the tissue and organs have not been differentiated.Formation on the organ is formed, so it will not give birth to the abnormal baby that people worry about.In addition, the embryo has a self -error correction function during the division of the cells. If the cells are split smoothly, the fetus will grow up healthily. If the cell division is not smooth, the embryo will be eliminated naturally.

In other words, if you use medicine or X -rays before 4 weeks of pregnancy, there will be no results of people worrying about having malformed babies.So don’t regret it, maybe a minimum film, let alone take the initiative to abortion blindly.

Scientific research pointed out that a single X -ray irradiation does not cause fetal malformations.Specific mothers don’t have to talk about X -rays "color changes during pregnancy.Although normal X -ray examinations have no significant impact on preparation, after all, it is a hazardous factor, and it is still necessary to minimize the number of radiations.

Question: Doctor, I do n’t know if I am pregnant, I took emergency contraceptives afterwards. Can this baby want it?

The main component of emergency contraceptives is progesterone left pupaeurone (such as Yuting well known).This type of medicine mainly plays a contraceptive effect by inhibiting ovarian ovulation, preventing sperm and eggs, and preventing fertilized eggs from bed in the uterus.Those who have taken Yuting who are also pregnant often doubt that they may have taken fake medicines: how can I still get pregnant after taking medicine?

The success rate of this type of drug is not 100%, but about 80%, so after taking such drugs, women still have a 20%probability of pregnancy.Usually emergency contraceptives take the first tablet within 72 hours of intercourse, and then take the second tablet after 12 hours. ThereforeThe impact of medicine on the fetus is also in line with the theory of "all" or "no".In other words, if contraception fails, then the drug has no effect on the fetus. If there are no other factors, there is no need to do artificial abortion for this.But one point should be noted: once you find pregnancy through the pregnancy test stick, go to the hospital to confirm as soon as possible.Taking this type of medicine will increase the risk of ectopic pregnancy.Excluding ectopic pregnancy as soon as possible to continue pregnancy.

Question: Are all drugs apply the theory of "All or Nothing"?

of course not.Most drugs are suitable for the "all or nothing" theory mentioned earlier, and will not cause harm to the fetus, but it is not necessary to ignore that there are very few special drugs that are not suitable for this theory, such as LibaweerForest, different vitamin A acid (once used: different vitamin acid), as well as vaccines to prevent measles, rubella, and mumps.

Because these special drugs have a long period of removal in the human body, it takes a long time to exhaust the drug completely from the body, sometimes even a few months, and these drugs are clearly deformed. ThereforeIf you take it, you must not be exposed to women during pregnancy, otherwise the residual of drugs will increase the risk of fetal malformations in the body.

Xu Meng, director of the obstetrics and gynecology department of Changsha Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital (Eighth Hospital of Changsha City), reminded that if you do not clearly take drugs disabled during pregnancy, do not easily make decisions of termination of pregnancy.Excellent education inspection is important.The current obstetric inspection technology is quite mature, and the fetal development can be learned through B -ultrasound, amniotic fluid puncture, and other aspects of examination methods.In case the fetal development is detected, it is too late to stop pregnancy. Don’t easily sentence a life to a life.

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