Does sleeping in the middle of pregnancy unconsciously lying on the fetus?

After pregnancy, due to changes in hormones in the body, the body of the pregnant mother also begun to change.And with the pregnancy time to the pregnancy, the pregnant mother will become tired and want to sleep.So does sleeping in the middle of pregnancy unconsciously lying on the fetus?

1. Does pregnant women sleep flat on the fetus?

Pregnant women can sleep flat. In the early pregnancy, the sleeping posture can be casual. As long as they do not sleep on their stomachs, or holding pillows, cloth dolls, etc., it does not matter. It is also suitable for lying to sleep flat.But pay attention:

1. In the middle and late stages, it is best not to choose to lie flat, which will cause the pregnant woman to have difficulty breathing. Because the head of the fetus is down, the heart of the fetus is on the right side, and the pregnant woman’s heart is on the left.Therefore, in the middle and late stages of pregnancy, it is best to sleep on the left side, which will help the fetal development.

2. Especially when pregnant women are about to give birth, they must pay attention to the usual sleeping position, so as not to affect the fetus.

Second, the impact of pregnant women sleeping in the middle and late pregnancy on the fetus

1. The uterus causes compression to the vein

Lying and sleeping in the middle and late pregnancy will make your abdomen up. Although this will not cause compression of the fetus, it will adversely affect the lack of pregnant women.

Flating the uterus will cause compression of the lower cavity vein of the pregnant woman, and it will adversely affect the blood circulation of women. For a long time, flat lying will also lead to veins in the lower limbs and vulva parts of women.

2. Causes brain ischemia

Lying down and sleeping in the middle and late pregnancy will cause blood circulation to be affected by the compression of the uterus, and it will not allow blood to return to the heart and brain. This will cause the pregnant woman’s brain to have ischemia and hypoxia.Ischemia and hypoxia make pregnant women unable to rest better.

3. What should I do if pregnant women sleep unconsciously?

1. Choose the right pillow.

2. Try to lie on the left side of the rest and develop habits.

3. You can choose a pregnant woman’s pillow.

4. Change a mattress. As for the materials and fabrics of the mattress, the use time of the mattress should not be too long. After 10 years, its elasticity will be reduced by 10%to 15%.Just choose according to your preference.

4. How to sleep more comfortably in the second trimester

1. Use the sleeping position on the left side, and properly change the left and right

Experts suggest that it is best to use the sleeping position on the left side in the middle of pregnancy.On the one hand, for pregnant women, the sleeping position on the left side can effectively eliminate fatigue and muscle tension, which is conducive to ensuring the good sleeping status of pregnant women; on the other hand, the left side will not cause compression of the large blood vessels in the pregnant woman.It will not affect the condition of blood flow.

In addition, experts remind that while the main sleeping position on the left side is mainly adopted, some adjustments can be made appropriately in sleep. The map can be used to alternately use the left and right side positions, or you can use flat lying and other postures to make the sleep not so as not to do so.Too hard.

2. Select comfortable bedding

For prospective mothers in the middle of pregnancy, the mattress is too soft and is not good, and a brown mattress or a less thick cotton pad is a good choice.The pillow should also use soft, hard, hard, and moderate to ensure a good sleep state in pregnant women.For the complicated maternal bedding in the market, experts or doctors can be purchased as appropriate after consultation.

Based on the above, pregnant mothers can improve the occurrence of this situation by improving their habits to replace more comfortable sleeping tools, reducing the number of flats.

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