Does the post -uterine throne affect pregnancy?Quick GET’s pregnancy preparation skills

When many women are checked during pregnancy, the uterine position will be displayed on the single. It is often heard that the front and rear positions of the uterus will affect the chance of conception. This is confused about women who are preparing for pregnancy. Will the posture of the uterine really affect pregnancy?Today we will talk about this issue.

It is more common clinical uterine position, including uterine backward and uterine flexion.If the vertical axis of the uterus remains unchanged, the entire uterus is dumped behind, causing the cervix to be upturned, that is, the uterus is leaning back.If the cervix position is normal, the uterine body is inverted backwards, which is called the uterine back flexion.

① Inflammation of the uterus, fallopian tube or ovarian causes tissue adhesion between the uterine body and the rear rectum, so that the uterus is disconnected from the original position and dumped backwards.

② Due to the inherent development of the uterus, the uterine ligament is relaxed, causing the bottom of the uterus to the back or the left and right sides.

③ The artificial abortion has been performed many times, or the pelvic infection cannot be recuperated after abortion, which causes the uterus to dump the backward.

After normal sexual life, the semen is easily accumulated in the vaginal dome after sexual intercourse ejaculation, which is convenient for the cervix to soak in the semen, so that the sperm is easy to pass through the cervix and meet the eggs and conceive.

When the uterus is the back position, the back or back uterine can easily make the cervix uplift, so that the cervix is not easy to soak in the semen pool and affect the conception.Pregnant.

Careful friends may also find that at different times to check the position of the pelvic ultrasound, there may be different changes.It is because the position of the uterus can be affected by the surrounding organs. If the bladder is full and the rectum is full, it can also affect the position of the uterus.

When you check or do pelvic ultrasound, you find that you are just the position of the uterus. When the position of the uterus is the post -position, as long as the pelvic environment and ovulation are normal, there is no evidence that it will reduce the chance of normal pregnancy.

However, the position of the uterus caused by the disease changes, and the primary disease will cause infertility, and the treatment of primary diseases is necessary.After the husband and wife, the woman immediately changed her sleeping posture and slept for half an hour in the prone position, which could make the semen flow to the front of the vagina.After the same room, the woman can pad a cushion or small pillow with an appropriate thickness, so that the hips are raised, allowing the ejected semen to concentrate the vagina behind the vagina, and continuously raised the hip to bed for 20-30 minutes.This makes sperm easier into the uterine cavity and increase the chance of conception.There is also a way to exercise both the body and lose weight. Do more to wipe the ground and pay attention not to bend your legs.

[Reminder] If women usually have no other physical condition and normal pregnancy, take a certain posture to conceive.

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