Dogs will also come to "aunt"?Will you have dysmenorrhea?Three related issues are clear at a time!

Many people were very surprised for the first time that dogs came to auntie. They thought it was a dog.

As a result, I learned, "Dogs will come to my aunt?"

Although this phenomenon, we are all called "menstruation".

But you may be disappointed, because we think that menstruation and dogs are completely different!Intersection

The "menstruation" we know is caused by human menstrual bleeding because the ovulation period is not pregnant, and the endometrium that is thickened is caused.

But how did dogs come to "menstruation"?

First of all, the dog’s aunt should not be called "menstruation".

This stuff only occurs only twice a year (once every six months), at least it should be changed to the "half year"?

Secondly, dogs are not necessarily blood, they just look like blood, which is actually some red secretions.

A small number of dogs will cause blood dripping, because its uterine blood vessels are congested, and a small amount of red blood cells will exudes!

Generally speaking, female dogs will enter adolescence in 6-12 months, and then dogs will usher in the initial tide, which is the first physiological period.

Each physiological period will last for 18-24 days.(Really long!)

Although the physiological period is also a sign of estrus, it is also divided into two stages:

Around 9-17 days, the vulva will gradually swell and flow out of some red secretions.

After this time, it will usher in the next stage.

About 3-9 days, dogs become like to go out, leaving information with urine, the secretions will become pink, and the vulva will become smaller.

At this time, the female dogs really enter the estrus period. If you don’t want to be super generation, you must pay attention!

01 physiological characteristics

02 Psychological characteristics


Prepare physiological pants

If there is a little princess at home, you can use pets for pets.

However, you can also use "sleeping pants" or diapers to cut a hole in the shovel officer who wants to use it by yourself, so that the dog can extend the tail.

There are even genius netizens who invented the aunt’s napkin, which is very convenient to use.


Take care of them

Although there will be no serious pain, Mao children will still be unhappy.

The shoveling officer can put on the dog, and use a warm handbag to warm the dog.

Conditions can wash the vulva with warm water before changing "night" physiological pants.


Can choose from sterilization

Do not want dogs to experience the "big aunt", nor do you want the dog to get pregnant, which can make dogs not in the estrus period sterilize, which can greatly reduce the probability of uterine pus!

have to be aware of is :

Some shovel officers are afraid that the dog is very painful, and choose to give the dog analgesic medicine.

Please do not!Intersection

"Acetaminol" in painkillers can cause dog liver failure, which is fatal to dogs!

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