Dogs with "worms" in the belly usually have these 6 performances. I hope your dog does not

Everyone who has raised dogs knows

Dogs are very easy to infect parasites

So removing dogs is a very important part of raising dogs

So, do you know that there are worms in the dog’s belly, will there be any performance?

The following editors have compiled 6 common performances for everyone

I hope your dogs are not

[1] Dog’s abdomen is enlarged

If your dog’s body is normal

But only if the abdomen is abnormal

In the case of excluding it and obesity

That’s its belly full of bugs

When your dog appears like this

The owner must not ignore it, and help the dog to drive insects in time

Otherwise, the more you drag, the more serious the situation will be

[2] Dog’s eyelids are white, gums are swollen

Normal dogs, eyelids and gums are pink

But if your dog’s eyelids and gums are white

Then it may be the body infected with the parasite

Symptoms that cause it anemia

When you find that your dog has this situation

It is best to take it to the hospital for examination and treatment

Otherwise the situation will become worse and worse

[3] The more you eat the dog, the thinner the more you eat

If you find that your dog’s food is very large

But if it eats thinner and thinner

It shows that there are many bugs in its belly, and the food that eats is absorbed by the bug

As a result, the dog’s body has no nutrients

So even if you eat too much, it cannot absorb

Naturally, the more you eat, the thinner

[Four] Dogs constantly bite and scratch themselves

It is normal for a dog to scratch yourself occasionally

But if your dog always bites and scratches himself frequently

Explain that its body has worms, fleas, etc.

So it feels very itchy and uncomfortable

It is recommended that the owner open the dog’s hair to see if there is a large number of red or black spots,

If so, it means that it grows full of bugs

It is recommended that the owner helped it deworm and clean it in time, otherwise it will hurt the dog’s skin very much.

[Five] Dogs have been diarrhea and vomiting

Dogs and dogs are occasionally diarrhea and vomiting are normal

But if you find that your dog has frequent diarrhea and vomiting

And there are insect eggs in the discharged things and vomiting

Explain that there are worms in your dog’s belly

It is recommended that the owner need to help it in time

If your dog refuses to take insect repellent

The owner can stuff the medicine in the snack and coax it to eat

But the premise is that the snack should be selected from some healthy, no additives

This topic will not be expanded here

If you are interested, you can click the blue font below to find out

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【Six】 Dog and dog hair is getting more and more dry

If your dog’s living environment and daily diet have not changed

But its hair is getting dry and dry

And if the hair loss is also very serious

It is probably because of its body infected with parasites

As a result, it causes malnutrition or dehydration

It is recommended that the owner need to help it in time

If the dog is still dry and rough after the dog is deworming

The owner can give it some salmon appropriately

Or foods such as egg yolk

Dog food that dogs usually eat, it is also best to choose some beautiful hair ingredients

Conclusion: Does your dog have the above performance?

How long do you usually help the dog drive a worm?

Welcome to share your dog breeding experience with you in the comment area ~

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