Don’t be deceived by film and television dramas!These look are "normal" breasts

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Are you satisfied with your breasts?

"Sagging, not enough"

"My chest expansion"

"Very asymmetric"

"My nipples are too big"


According to the survey, up to 71%of women are not satisfied with their breasts.

So why do we have so many standards for the organs of the breast alone?Is there a "perfect" breast?My breasts are not normal, how can I change it?

In the second episode of "" in the 6th Hall of the 6th, it reveals the secrets of the breast for everyone.

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The birth of "perfect breasts"

Where do we see "perfect breasts" and find the "defect" of our breasts?

I believe that most people will say that on TV, "perfect breasts" in film and television dramas, symmetry, and appropriate size, make us mistakenly think that it is what normal women should look like.

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However, we were deceived!

Those "perfect breasts" were deliberately selected and shaped.

At the beginning of the show, the host, Creio, interviewed the senior Hollywood casting director Sander Elesey. Sander Elesey has worked in Hollywood for decades.Creative.

In her eyes, looks are the most important factor. Breasts must be perfect.

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In particular, it involves the lens of the naked upper body. Choosing a perfect pair of perfect and character -in breasts has become the most important job of Sander Elixi.

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What should I do if I encounter actors who are very consistent with the character and great acting, but the actors who are asymmetric in the breast?

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Unfortunately, she couldn’t get this role.

That’s it. All screens and media have created a pair of "perfect breasts" for us. Its shape is very upset, moderate in size, and good color, as if it is the only criterion for female breasts.Not good -looking "" imperfect "and" defective "breasts.

The evolution of "single" bra

When the breast has the only standard, the bras will become "single".

Do you dare to believe it?When the chest was patented for the first time in 1914, they turned out to be average!

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In the 1930s, a cup system appeared in the bra. According to the size of the breast and the bottom, it can be divided into several different sizes.

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However, it is still difficult to satisfy the world’s world of tens of millions of different breasts by being divided by the cup, which makes every girl face all kinds of distress:

The shoulder strap is Taile’s shoulder;

The back is too painful;

The steel rings are to the ribs;


Fortunately, more and more people have realized that there is not only one "perfect breast" in the world. There are tens of millions of breasts, and each pair of breasts adapt to underwear is different.

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The host Creio interviewed a emerging underwear brand founder Heidi Zach. She decided to create a more humane underwear brand because she could not buy a suitable underwear in Victoria’s Mi.

She and designer Real Cohen found that up to 50%of women’s breasts were asymmetric, but there was no underwear brand to consider their needs, so they decided to use more detailed tools to help customers customize personalized bras.

They divide women’s chest shapes into 9 types, and recommend suitable underwear according to different chest types:

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Asymmetric type: The breasts on one side are larger than the other side. This kind of chest type can choose to have the brapable chest pads;

Sports type: more wide and stronger breasts, such chest types can choose T -shirt bras without steel rings;

Bell type: narrow on top, wide breasts below, such chest types can choose full coverage and wide shoulder straps;

East -west type: breast expansion, nipples are facing two directions. Such chest types can choose bras that cover and gather effects;

Subconsciousness: Tissue relaxation, nipples down, such chest types can choose half cups, wide shoulder straps, and bras supported by steel rings;

Round type: The same full breasts at the top and the bottom. This kind of breast type does not require too much coverage and support. Basic all styles are available;

Side type: The distance between the breasts is large. This kind of chest type can choose bras with high coverage, strong support, and gathering effects;

Slim: thin chest and nipples down. Such chest types can choose to increase the bulge bras that can improve the shape of the chest;

Tear type: similar to round type, full bottom, but flat on the top, this kind of chest type can choose half covered bras;

Here, the floating cannon must remind sisters: These nine types of breast types are not good or bad, and round types are not as "noble" than east -west types. They are all normal breasts.More suitable underwear.

If your chest type does not belong to one of these 9 types, and you don’t have to be anxious and panic. There are tens of millions of breasts in the world. It can only show that the classification standards need to be further improved. You can refer to similar chest types to choose the right selection.Underwear ~

At present, the branches are constantly developing. I hope that in the future, more and more intimate designers will create more humane and more comfortable underwear for us!

Breast trouble

Not only do the chest shape differently bring us anxiety, the size of the breasts, or even the absence of or not, it will become a part of the trouble …

Lid Bridge has hoped that he was flat chest since his adolescence.Because TA feels that he is a non -binary gender (non -binary gender means that TA feels that he is neither a boy nor a girl, but in the middle).

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For those who have their own gender identity and the body cannot match, the breasts will continue to remind the linked soul and body links of the TAs, which will cause serious distress to the spirit and life of the TAs.

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As a result, Ride began to "hide" his breasts in various ways: large T -shirts, bandages, even tapes, and corset.

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In the end, Ride began to consider to do gender confirmation surgery to remove breasts.

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Of course, in addition to those who have gender identity and the body cannot match, many girls have breast troubles in their lives.

Some girls can only be customized because their chests are too large, and they are often laughed at by friends.

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In the end, she had a chest shrinking surgery. Although she left a scar, she prefers her current breasts.

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Some girls feel that they are too small and have no feminine.

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It can be said that among one thousand people, there are a thousand kinds of "breast troubles", and people who are worried about the big breasts are not just you …

In this regard, some people choose breast augmentation, and some people choose to shrink their breasts.Here, the floating cannon will give you a simple popular science breast augmentation surgery and chest shrinkage surgery.

There are two ways of breast augmentation surgery: fat breast augmentation and prosthetic breast augmentation.

Fat breast augmentation is to pull out the fat in other parts of the body and inject it into the breast after treatment.There is still a certain hidden danger at autologous fat breast augmentation.The biggest problem is that after fat transplantation, it is prone to a series of problems such as fat cell necrosis, liquefaction and secondary infections.

Moreover, there is a problem with high fat absorption rates in autologous fat breast augmentation. If you want a larger bust, I am afraid that multiple operations are needed.In addition, the adipose tissue is difficult to shape, and the postoperative shape is unstable, so fat breast augmentation is more suitable for sisters who do not need to change the chest shape and only increase the bust.

Relatively speaking, the safety of silicon gel prosthesis breast augmentation is relatively high and stable in nature, and it will not affect the fertility and breastfeeding after women, which is basically suitable for all breasts.The prosthesis is roughly divided into circular, water drops, convexity, low convexity, large discs, small discs, small discs, and can be selected according to its own conditions.

The pure prosthesis breast augmentation is more suitable for women with a basic base on the chest. The prosthesis is better compatible with its own tissue.But for the sisters with flat chest, if people are thinner and thin, they can easily show the shape of the prosthesis.

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Therefore, you can also choose a prosthesis+fat breast augmentation, first implant a prosthesis that matches your own size, and then fills the edge of the prosthesis by filling autologous fat to achieve a natural effect.

But note that prosthesis breast augmentation is not permanent!Silicone has a problem of aging. After aging, it will easily break.Therefore, patients with prosthetic implantation need to be checked each year for more than 10 years.

There are two methods of breast contraction surgery based on different reasons:

One is that the breasts are large due to the accumulation of fat in the chest, and the method can be achieved with liposuction and other methods;

One is the breasts caused by too large breast glands. This situation is relatively complicated. To remove a part of the gland, the surgery is not easy to do, and there are many complications. Generally, patients are recommended to end breastfeeding after giving birth, and surgery is surgery, and surgery is surgery, and surgeryAt the same time, the hyperplasia lesions can be removed.

Note that we here are definitely not a girl who advocates dissatisfaction with their breasts to change ourselves through surgery.On the contrary, we want to objectively introduce the surgery and related hidden dangers to let the sisters look at the problems rationally, and make more cautious choices.

"Perfect" breast itself is a media scam. Do my breasts need to satisfy the expectations of others?Is it necessary to bear the relevant security risks in order to cater to the aesthetics of others?I want to change my breasts, is it for my own health or for the eyes of others?

What does normal breasts look like?

In addition to those questions mentioned in the film, we often have readers’ messages in the background and asking whether our breasts are not normal. Do you need to go to the hospital? It can be seen that everyone’s "breast anxiety" is serious.

Here the floating cannon lists 5 common problems. Take everyone to know "normal breasts" to relieve your anxiety!

Breast asymmetric

Many girls are troubled by asymmetric breasts. If it is congenital, excluding dysplasia or diseases, it can be treated without treatment. Under normal circumstances, it is difficult to achieve symmetry on both sides of the breast.

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If the situation of the asymmetry is particularly obvious, the girls are very concerned about this, and it can achieve the effects of symmetrical and uniform sides through simple surgery, such as fat injection, fat breast augmentation, etc.

Breast size

Regarding the size of the breast, most of them are inherently inherited. Various tutorials or breast enhancement packages on the Internet are either simply useless. Otherwise, they have long breasts and belly, which will not help improve the size.

Every girl must remember that, regardless of the size, you are born with beautiful. It is important to learn to accept and love your own body, and discover your beauty.

Beola color

The isola color is different from human and human development. Adolescents are usually rose red. As age grows, ovarian development becomes mature, ovarian hormone secretion function has basically entered a stable state, and then pigmentation will appear pigmentation.Deposition, the color of the breasts darker.

The above are normal areola colors ▲ Picture source: Eleventh diagnosis room drawing

After pregnancy, due to the rise of sex hormones, the color of the areola will be deepened, accompanied by the increased diameter of the areola.Generally, the color will become lighter after breastfeeding, but it will not restore the original color.

Sometimes the underwear is not good, then the underwear will continue to rub the areolas invisible, and it will also cause the areola to be dark.

Some people always feel that the color of areola is caused by too much sexual life, which is very ignorant.Because there is only one factors that determine the shades of color: the precipitation of pigments.


Small bumps appear on the areola. If there is no allergies and inflammation, and there are no symptoms, most of them are some Monte glands.The Menglian gland is a large sebaceous glands in the breast. It has a certain secretion function, so most of these small bumps are a normal physiological phenomenon.

Long hair

There will be hair follicles around girls’ areola. In most cases, there will be some fine fluff. Occasionally a two -haired figure is also normal. Some are caused by genetic.It is normal, and you can ignore it.

Of course, some breasts are also due to the polycystic ovary syndrome. In most cases, this patient will be accompanied by high androgens, which leads to hair hyperplasia.However, such patients generally do not have long hairs in the breasts, which will accompany problems such as acne, skin transformation, and low menstrual flow.For patients with this part, it is recommended to go to a gynecological department to check whether there are polycystic ovary syndrome.

So don’t be anxious anymore!Normal breasts can be large or small, can be tilted or relaxed, the shape can be asymmetric, the color can be dark, and the surface of the skin can be uneven and sweaty.As long as it is not a disease problem, they are all "normal breasts"!

For a long time, the breasts have been carried too much. It symbolizes women, symbolizes charm, symbolizes sexy, and also symbolizes motherhood.At the same time, there are countless voices on the outside that the perfect breasts should look like. This is why we have higher and higher requirements for it, and "breast trouble" is increasing.

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So, starting from today, let the breasts return to the original body organs, just like to protect your face and your hand, love our own breasts!

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Finally, please forward and share with sisters with "breast anxiety", let them know that their breasts are normal!

I love this world.

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